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[RM2K3] Need help with damage ticking

This is how I control the hp bars in my game. As you probably guess this makes the hp meter change numbers instantly, however I'd like the number to tick down 1 hp at a time (even if it was faster than the eye could follow). Is there a way to do this?

I know I could set conditional branches for every possible value of variable 95 and then manually add the appropriate number of subtractions to variable 102 but that seems like it would take forever too do and would probably bog the game speed down.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Chilly-Pheese-Steak:(That's quite the nickname xD) So, I take it that you're working with rm2k/3, right? Are you still dependent to any of the default menu systems? Because it seems like you're trying to imitate that style. However if you can event your own, I think someone with your talent can strive for something less dull and boxy. You game has certain charm to it and I think you could benefit from the extra effort... Unless what you're showing us is still a WIP, in which case, disregard. (Love the animations btw)

Yeah I'm using RM2k/3. I've been slowly phasing out the default menu systems, but yeah I see what you mean about the menus looking dull.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I'm glad everyone likes my screens I was worried they didn't look all that good.
And that's amazing Chilly, is there someone in that garbage can? :o

That's an enemy called the Trash Pixie. It lives in the can a throws garbage at people.

And I just noticed the curtain closing to reveal the selected outfits, that's just brilliant and such a small thing that gives it an OOMPH!
Yeah I'm proud of that. Originally the outfits and appearance window were on separate screens but when I decided to fuse them together I came up curtain idea.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I've been fixin' up my menus. I've finally converted all my characterset based menu movements into pictures.
Here's my clothes changing system in action:

That cheerleader outfit is fairly new. Here's a sneak peek at one of the attacking animations:

Symmetry in Battle Systems

FFT does, but I don't think Pokemon does. Realistically your enemy is another Trainer, and every setup the other Trainer has is a setup you can have. FFT bosses are a little less symmetric than Pokemon bosses because even though their movesets and stat formulas are crafted within the same guidelines as your own, you'll never be able to do what they do.

Pokemon does too it's just more subtle, besides Ratty's example with Trainers having under leveled Pokemon, there exist these things called IV's which are more or less genes that the Pokemon are born with. All the end game bosses have pokes with the absolute best IV's and while the player can get those too the amount of time and effort required isn't something most players are willing to deal with.

Symmetry in Battle Systems

Symmetry Systems aren't used as often because quite frankly they are much harder to keep balanced than asymmetrical systems. You need some kind of gimmick to skew the balance so that battlers with even stats can properly kill each other. Otherwise you'll run into the Tic-Tac-Toe problem where battles could be mathematically solved.

Games like Pokemon and FFT still needed to add bosses with impossible stats to provide endgame players a challenge.

What Do You Think About Text Pauses in Game Dialog?

I'm disappointed there was no Final Fantasy Tactics jokes in here.
You mean other than on the first page?

Ha. Thanks what I get for searching via text instead of using my eyes.

As for my own use of text pauses, on my current thing I'm using a blend of battle styles with side-view battlers accompanied by your typical front-view message box that describe the action. So I tend to throw an \| at the end of most battle messages sometimes a \. in front of it if I need to extend the time bit.

As for regular text messages I put a \. at the end of each line of text except the last one.

Can someone help me?

:) thanks so much for the help ^.^ i appreciate it.

You're welcome glad I could help.

Can someone help me?

Something like this or do you need it darker?

Early Project Artstyle critics

I'd need to see it motion to really give you a good opinion but like LockeZ mentioned I think you added way to many filters to everything.