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How to properly kill off a minor character

Easiest way to make the dead character memorable is to make it possible to save the character from death, but make the option almost impossible to for a first time player to find. And if you really want to hammer it home, have flashback later on that spells out the moment the player condemned the character to death.

[RM2K3] How to modify "Enter Hero Name" form

The form is easy enough to make, but as for getting it to change the character's name...that shouldn't be impossible. Let me give this some thought.

This is probably the closest you can get to what your looking for.

Can't Be Stopped

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Can Be Stopped, apparently.

That's the reason I named the project that in the first place.

I thought the same thing lol. Hope things are going ok.

Everything's fine I just have to redo the entire game from scratch. Y'know easy stuff.

[RM2K3] Can you port your old RPG Tsukuru 03' stuff into the new RM2k3?

Yes you can. When you attempt to open a project with the Official Rm2k3 you'll be given the option of port you project over. There may be an issue if your games used RTP files but other than that everything should be able to port over just fine.

Custom Random Encounter System

There really isn't any good reason to use the default random encounter system because it doesn't work very well.
There also isn't a reason if you're using a Customized Battle System.

Regardless this is a very good tutorial, its very easy to understand, and uses very few variables which is something I like. Cheers.

Would learning to draw help me in improving my aspiring pixel art skill?

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer: Yeah

Lone Star

Art style is fantastic you've just earned a sub.

MV vs 2003 for 16-Bit Aesthetic

I have any old 2002 pc under my bed with 512 Ram that can run Xp just fine (its really slow but it works well enough).

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Feels like an eternity since I worked on new a enemy.

A giant rat the most original enemy ever.

Also you can fight your mother. Or at least test your skills on her.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

<3 Chilly-Pheese-Steak's work.

Thank you. You're stuff is looking amazing a always.

I'm trying to make this work!

That looks fantastic.

Equipment menu. There's only outfits and accessories. Outfits change your appearance and accessories provide a passive effects.