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Carlsev Saga II
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The Encephalon II
The RMN Chain Game
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Steam Workshop

For those of you who are looking for something kind of like RMN but on Steam, the folks over at RPG Maker have released an awesome integration with Steam Workshop! Check it out...but plz don't leave us, 'kay? Hello? Anybody left...?

In all seriousness, this will give you guys some even bigger reach beyond RMN. If you want to improve and get feedback, it's always good to expose your games to as many audiences as possible :)

Happy birthday, RPG Maker!

Today, February 15th, is RPG Maker Day!

In short, it's the day in which we are celebrating RPG Maker's 24th birthday. Obviously, we are celebrating with the "RM Venture" contest, which wraps up in just over a day! There's a lot more going on over at RPG Maker Web, though! Here's a run-down:

The main thread for RM's birthday bash: click here

RPG Maker Free Game Bundle 01: click here

RPG Maker Reflections Event: click here

Also, check out some various other updates at the RM Blog!

Good design choices in Lightning Returns: FF13

I've only played a couple hours due to being busy and all, but so far I can say with confidence that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the best game of the trilogy from a gameplay perspective.

One of my favorite design choices is a limit on the number of potions/phoenix downs you can carry into battle. The limit starts at six, though I think it gradually increases. Why is this awesome?

Well, first of all, it helps balance the game. Final Fantasy 13 battles are all about attrition, and LR is no exception. Enemies have high HP and defense and you have to identify weak points. Sometimes an enemy will be susceptible to massive damage while they're charging up an attack; other enemies may be really weak after you block one of their moves. Still, it can take quite a while to figure this out. And if you don't? Well, get ready for some nasty attrition.

Attrition in RPGs can suck because restoratives, healing moves, etc. are usually plentiful, and enemies never really get harder as the battles progress. Basically most RPGs are just delaying the inevitable so they can post their shiny 40-hour completion times. Lightning Returns fixes this issue with the aforementioned limit on recovery items. If you try to outlast an enemy in a battle of attrition, you will fail. You'll either burn through all your potions (and they're quite expensive relative to an enemy's gil drop) or die before you can deplete a strong enemy's HP bar. This FORCES you to master the system, use strategy, and put though into when and how you heal.

I actually enjoyed going into battles in this game because I knew the enemies would put up a fight. I wouldn't just need fire-all materia linked on my bangle or whatever.

One minor gripe I have is that I'd like to be able to buy more than 6 restoratives at any given time. This way, if there's a long dungeon I can just replenish my six slots from my larger inventory selection. As it stands, I have to keep running back to town if I want to progress deep into a hostile area.

I love this system so much. This game is outstanding. It's hard and rewarding.

Too bad the story and characters aren't up to par (as has been the trend in Final Fantasy for the last 12 years).

New Submission Rule

Hi there. Just a quick thread here to explain a new submission rule.

If I see something like this: one of your screenshots, I will have no choice but to deny the game instantly. It's a default RTP faceset being used as a screenshot. There's nothing wrong with using these in your game, but they don't exactly need to be featured in game page screenshots. They do not serve any use in marketing and promoting your game, thereby defeating the purpose of the gamepage. You want to display effort on your gamepage - you want people to actually play and critique your work.

Please reserve screenshots for things like custom facesets, mapshots, special things, concept art, and, most important, in-game captures of the actual game.


While I have nothing against the faceset generator, please don't submit numerous images of character facesets created using this tool. If you would like to display them, please add them as a composite image or in the context of an in-game screenshot, or as small images for your character descriptions.

Thank you :)

[Poll] All Hallows' Event 2013: Voters' Choice

Practically nobody voted on the event page, so we're gonna have to do a re-vote! From now until Midnight UTC on Christmas, we'll be holding this poll. Vote for your favorite entry! The winner gets their choice of ANY ONE THING from the RPG Maker Web store!

[Poll] All Hallows' Event II: Theme Poll

So we're going to be starting up the second annual All Hallows' Event soon! Once again we have some awesome prizes to offer:

A Steam Key for A-Train 8, sponsored by Degica.

An RM license for the DS+ Resource Pack, sponsored by RPG Maker Web.

Anything from the RPG Maker Web store, sponsored by RPG Maker Web.


A 100-dollar Steam gift card, provided by yours truly.

(Expect prizes in mid-late November after judging is complete)

But we need themes! This year, we were thinking about offering a choice of three semi-narrow themes, but we have a whole bunch in mind! The top 3 answers in this poll will be our three choices. Please vote away!

All Hallows Event II will be launched on September 30. Poll expires at the end of the day UTC on the 29th.

My inconsistent activity

Hey, guys:

So as many of you have probably noticed, my activity level for the last few months has been fairly sporadic, and I've mostly been focused on behind-the-scenes stuff when I get the chance. I haven't been able to be on IRC much at all. Submissions have not been as lightning-fast as they were when I started, and I apologize for the inconvenience. I have been doing what I can to make sure that they are cleared in as reasonable an amount of time as possible. Solitayre and Kentona have done a great job filling in when things have gotten really hectic, and the former continues to be amazingly diligent in keeping on top of reviews and articles.

Due to my necessarily packed schedule, I have been bouncing around the idea of including someone else on the submissions team to help out.

With that said, I'd like to announce some things on tap from my end :)

- Mario's Mansion 3
- Events with some sponsored prizes
- A comprehensive article on game standards

Sorry again for having not been around as often as I usually am.

Mario's Mansion 3?

We've had some demand for an interlude community event between Super RMN World and Super RMN World 2. October is upon us! Mario's Mansion 2 wasn't really a commmunity-focused event because we wanted to make a focused game, but Super RMN World proved that an open community game can have a legit feedback process and be great.

Who would be down to participating in Mario's Mansion 3: a ghost house/spooky-themed Mario community event that would run for all of October?

Mario's Mansion 1:

Mario's Mansion 2:


Every now and then we like to get a gauge on things. How do you feel our inclusion standards are for games, reviews, and so forth? Are we being too tough on newbie games? Putting too much emphasis on competent mapping? Not enough emphasis on things? What about reviews? Articles?

Let's have a discussion on this!

Why are Radiohead fans so rabid and obsessive?

Seriously. They're human. They're not perfect. Just because an alternative rock band decided to experiment a bit doesn't mean that other bands were doing the same thing in progressive, fusion, and krautrock. An alt rock band decides to get the stick out of its arse: doesn't make them the best ever. Kid A is decent. Paranoid Android is a great is Pyramid Song. The Bends has some moments. But they didn't "reinvent rock" or anything. Just because the 90s were a stagnant and mediocre decade for rock music doesn't mean one good band should be elevated to god-like status.

Perhaps my annoyance stems from from this otherwise awesome site:

It's a community site, too. 4 Radiohead albums in the top 20? There WERE bands not called "The Beatles" before 1993.