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Indie developer. Recovering MMO player. Custodian of random knowledge. Currently polishing Unchained, a 4-hour game for the Floppy Disk Drive event.

Completed Solo RPGS:
Carlsev Saga
The Encephalon
Terence's Tribulations

Other Completed Solo/Team Projects:
Deckiller's Return
Final Fantasy XIII-2K3
Five: a 24 Badaptation
Mario's Mansion 2
Super Doki Doki World
The RMW Chain Game
Zephyr Skies

Completed Demos:
Carlsev Saga II
Legend of Denadel
Radiant Chain
The Encephalon II
The RMN Chain Game
Therese Saves the World

Canceled Projects:
Carlsev Saga II
Legend of Denadel
The Encephalon II
The RMN Chain Game
Winner of the 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Event. Four monsters have been turned into humans!


March Media Madness

March 13 - April 2

Thanks to Tau for the banner!


UPRC - Blackmoon Prophecy Trailer (1 vote. It's nice to see some trailers make the list! LPs are great, but Media is such an encompassing category.)
NicoB - Epic Elf LP (1 vote.)

NicoB - Princess Princess LP (3 votes and my guess many more if I polled IRC. That last video is classic.)

Congratulations, NicoB! We reached our goal of 40 Media Submissions, so everyone who submitted Media during the drive will receive a achievement! Also, I have decided to award achievements to anyone who submitted media from March 1-12. Christmas comes twice a year on RMN!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this! The voting part will probably be eliminated from future content drives unless I can convince someone to help me compile a pretty voting system.


March Media Madness is a media submission drive that will correspond with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament . We will have until 11:59PM Eastern Time on April 2nd to upload at least 40 media submissions. It's the same idea as December Review Challenge, except with media instead of reviews.

If we reach our goal of 40 submissions by April 2nd, each user who submitted media during the drive will get an achievement:

1-4 Media Submissions: 25 Makerscore
5-9: 50 Makerscore
10+: 75 Makerscore

In addition, we will have two bonus achievements worth 75 makerscore apiece: one for the user with the most media submissions, and one for the user with the best media submission during the drive, to be decided by popular vote in the week following April 2nd.

The bonus achievements are stackable: it's possible to win both bonus achievements as well as a submission achievement. This means there's up to 225 makerscore at stake, plus the normal reward for each submission!

What kind of things can be submitted as media? Custom Art, Let's Plays, Video Reviews, Trailers, Custom Audio...anything of the sort! You'll see a list of categories when you submit your media.

Please don't game the system! We'll be using the honor code here. I won't go crazy with rules because I trust y'all...but here are some guidelines. For this drive, qualified media submissions must be of your own creation. If you're doing a long LP, please submit videos in 5-part submissions (or 50-minute chunks). Art and music should be of decent quality; otherwise, please use your judgment and compile low-quality sketches and concept art. Let's make this a fair event!

I do reserve the right to disqualify an entry. Submitting a 2-minute Let's Try might be one such case ;)

What if we don't make our goal? can figure out the answer. The clock is ticking - there's makerscore to be won!

Final Fantasy VII Uncut

So I was watching that Star Wars Uncut thing, in which fans make a 15-second slot of Star Wars A New Hope. What if we did the same thing, in RPG Maker, to one of the most famous RPGs: Final Fantasy VII?

Specifically, we could do the opening reactor sequence. Somebody could make the intro, someone could make the first map with the train, first battle, dead soldiers, "C'mon newcomer", etc; all the way up until the escape sequence. The fun would be in the lack of consistency and the "twists" people add. What if Barret goes from a black macho man to, suddenly, the RTP Moustache Dude?

There would be some logistical things to work out, and the maker would have to be voted on.

What do you guys think?

Misao reminder!

Hi, guys! It's been mentioned in 50 locations already, but this is just a final reminder to vote for Misao entries within the next 21 hours 36 minutes!

Secret Santa Reviews!


Update 12/28/11: Secret Santa guessing has concluded!

However, voting for the review with the best feedback will continue until December 30th at 12:00AM. Please PM me your vote for the review with the best feedback - anyone can do this, even those who didn't participate in the event!

Here is who reviewed what:

Felipe_9595 - Lihtan -
Orias_Obderhode - Return of the Sith -
TehGuy - Magic Quest -
calunio - Incarnation -
Marrend - Draug's Resurrection -
LockeZ - Cosplay Crisis -
SorceressKyrsty - Mystical Princess Ultra -
Ocean - The World is Made of Paper -
Acra - Novella -
orochii - Valthirian Arc -
ganonfrog - Enelysion -
NewBlack - Golden Age: Endless Dungeon - - SENT
Dudesoft - Project: Crusade -
Archeia_Nessiah - Dragon Quest Legacy of the Lost -
yuna21 - The World Between - - I am writing a review basically as we speak! - Deckiller
psy_wombats - DIE2DANCE -
Sailerius - Arbiters From Another World -
eplipswich - Take Down Legacy -
Liberty - Vindication -
pikachu 2127 - Finding Eden -
Killer Wolf - Seraphic Blue -

Gothic Christmas

We’re gonna have a Gothic Christmas:
That is what we’ll do.
We’re gonna have a Gothic Christmas:
Hope you’ll have one too.

Santa’s going to wear a black dress;
Just for me and you.
Santa’s going to grunt in Latin;
And slay a dragon or two.

Rudolph, he will change his name,
’Cause “Rudolph” just sounds really lame—
Now we’ll call him Ragnagord,
The evil reindeer overlord.

His nose it shall be red no more—
It will be blackened to the core.
His eyes will glow an evil glow,
To guide the chariot through the snow …

We want to wish you a Gothic Christmas.
We want to wish you a Gothic Christmas.
We want to wish you a Gothic Christmas.
We want to wish you a Gothic Christmas.

We’re gonna have a Gothic Christmas:
That is what we’ll do.
We’re gonna have a Gothic Christmas:
Hope you’ll have one too.

We want to wish you a Gothic Christmas.
We want to wish you a Gothic Christmas.
We’re gonna wish you a Gothic Christmas.
Hope you’ll have a Gothic Christmas too.

New rule

Please don't flood my inbox by reporting Kentona for calling you out on a policy violcation. Thanks!

In all seriousness, please don't cry wolf and abuse the report button. Please look at our Code of Conduct - - before reporting as well. Kentona and I slaved over it for days!

December Review Challenge

I am issuing a challenge to RMN that serves as a tie-in to Secret Santa:

As a site, I challenge us to publish 30 reviews of games that have no more than 3 reviews already before the end of the month (including Secret Santa entries)!

The key is that the game must have no more than 3 reviews already; we don't want to beat a dead horse. Demos count - after all, developers could use the feedback as they polish and advance their projects! And yes, quality is more important than quantity, but let's face the facts: we're a lot better than 13 reviews per month (which was last month's rate).

Qualified reviews submitted so far: 33!
Reviews to go: -3!!!

Can we do it? Will there be a reward? I don't know, but I hope so!

Secret Santa Review Event 2011!


Liberty's been having computer issues so I will be running our annual Secret Santa review event!

What it entails
People sign up, exchange games at random , review and on Christmas Eve the reviews are shown anonymously to each other.

Each person that signs up for a Secret Santa will need to supply, via PM, a link to a game or demo that they had a major hand in creating - preferably one with zero or very few reviews, and preferably one that is under 10 hours long. You must also have a download for the game available.

They will then receive a random game via PM to review. Once done with your review, PM me a copy and at the end of the allotted time I'll post it in a results topic. You can post the review on December 26th or later for epic makerscore for both you and the game creator (unless your review knocks down the game average, hehe).

It's Christmas time, so try to be polite yet clear with your criticism (you should really be anyway, but yeah...).

Event Outline
- Secret Santas sign up in this topic and send me (via PM) the name of the game they'd like reviewed before the allotted sign-up period ends on December 10th.
- I will then randomly dispatch games to each Secret Santa On December 10th-11th.
- Each person has approximately ten days to play and review the game.
- On the due date (December 21st) each person sends, via PM, the review to me.
- On Christmas Eve I will post up the results of the Secret Santa in a thread, without mention of review writers.
- Any time after Christmas the original reviewer may add their review to the site. I ask this delay for the sake of enjoying the secrecy of the Secret Santa Review and for those who wish to take a stab at guessing who theirs was. Try to post it before January 1st, though, since we're trying to drum up a ton of reviews in December!

Sign up in this topic and send me a link to the game you'd like reviewed via PM. You need to be the creator of, or a major contributor to, said game. Try to choose a game that has not already been reviewed extensively and one that is relatively short (under 10 hours).

SIGN UP DATE: Let me know if you're interested in this event by Saturday, December 10th.
When you receive your review candidate please let me know if there is any reason you cannot use that game (already reviewed/don't have the system requirements/etc.) as soon as possible.

If you choose to do this you are not only putting out a game for someone else to review but offering to review a game as well (in secret, shhh!).

For tips on how to review, check out this topic and this one as well.

Hopefully you will all receive your game links on the 11th, if not sooner, giving you about a week and a half to play and review. I would like all reviews PMed to me before the 21st. I can be flexible if need be, but ask about that via PM, if necessary.

If you sign up and at a later date can no longer do your review, please PM me as soon as possible! I can try to arrange a fix, or drum up someone else to take over.

So, let's get a list of names happening! If you'd like to join just post a 'Yes!' in this thread.

Any questions, please feel free to ask here.




I have received PMs with game choices from the following users. If your name isn't on here but you posted in the chat, make sure to send me your game:

pikachu 2127
Killer Wolf

If your name is struck out, I have received your review. Remember to send them via PM.

DUE DATE FOR REVIEWS: December 21st!

Participants, expect a PM containing your Secret Santa Game and rules.


As many of you know, it's Thanksgiving Day here in the United States! On this day, we feast it up and think about what we're thankful for. Many of us are thankful for a decent lifestyle, a supportive family, and good health. All of that is certainly more important than gaming, but it's still a big part of our lives.

Let's face it: without gaming, our lives would likely be quite different. We really should still give thanks to it. What are some gaming or game design-related things that you're thankful for? Are you thankful for a certain game idea, a friend who helps you brainstorm, or a certain RMN/commercial game that inspires you?

I'm thankful for this community, mainly because it has challenged me to work harder on my own games. It has also served as network in which I have met a lot of great people. I'm also thankful for the RPG Maker programs: they are tools that are easy to use for someone like me who isn't a programmer. And, of course, I'm also thankful to old school Squaresoft for developing the Final Fantasy series. I might not be a raging fanboy, but that series introduced me to the RPG genre, so that alone is worth some kudos.

And, of course, I'm thankful for all of my friends in this community - and all of you for spending time here!

In the world of gaming and game design, what are you thankful for?

Deckiller's LT/LPs are back!

I have a new laptop, which means I can record again! If anyone has any requests for something to LT, let me know! I'm sticking to LTs for now, since I have a lot of other projects going on.