I lost a friend one time, becasue I support gays and lesbians


In retrospect, what I posted is probably very lopsided against Christians (and other people) without thinking behind it. My experiences are different from others', and my attempt to be fair probably ended up being far from that.

In case anyone was offended by it, I would just like to apologize. I didn't intend to read too much into your words, and I'm admittedly biased, so I will just bow out of this topic for now.

I lost a friend one time, becasue I support gays and lesbians

but the real answer is that it's right up there with tattoos and circumcision on the list of things that I just nod and smile and tell people, "Dude, that's between you and God."

Actually, I don't mind that, it's a good answer. I was just wondering because I've heard these being said before, and they almost always devolved into things like "I'm more human than you because I am natural and you're a freak!" *monocle*

This isn't to say at all that people here mean exactly that. It's just my various experiences talking, I suppose.

Who defines what a "true" and a "false" christian are?

The way I see it, a true Christian is one who actually follows Jesus' teaching of "love thy neighbor as thyself" and does that regardless of what a book tells them. I haven't really been fortunate to meet many of those in real life, though, aside from my father's side of my family, who are all devout Polish Catholics.

I lost a friend one time, becasue I support gays and lesbians

I can't really understand why guy-on-guy or girl-on-girl relations is considered a "sin" or "something bad for your body", though. I mean, I am really glad that most of you are tolerant; this is very heartwarming to hear. But why do these have to be viewed like something akin to making yourself obese?

(please note that this is NOT an attempt to troll or start a fight. I am just asking from a philosophical standpoint, and am curious...)

I'm heterosexual, but I've never actually viewed same sex acts as a poison for your body. Of course, I have no interest in having a romantic relationship with another woman, but I don't see anything "unhealthy" about it either even if I was a lesbian or bi.

(once again I'm not posting this to start a fight...)

to the OP:

That your friend even made a "you're with me or against me" argument really means he was not a good friend to you at all. You should just be happy that he ditched you like this, instead of much later where it could've been much worse. :|

addendum: I should mention that I was Catholic at one point, and I was drilled in Catholic grammar school that LGBTs and atheists were exactly poisonous, and to even be like them would be a sin of the greatest measure. Like, a mortal if-you-do-it-you-burn-for-eternity kind of sin. So, I do apologize if I am taking this too much at heart; that kind of teaching should be absolutely forbidden.

Ban Rick Perry

I wonder how many people would be clamoring "free speech!" if he replaced "gay" with "black" and "serve in the army" with "the right to vote".

iKa tutorials?

ika I think has been abandoned now, hasn't it been? I have not heard anything of it within the last two years, and WIP seems to have disappeared from everywhere.

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

Downloading music illegally is killing music. So is only buying the hit song. $1 for a hit song isn't $14 for the whole shitty album now is it? Its actually killing music labels.

Not to sound all that snarky, and this isn't wholely directed at you -- but -- perhaps artists should concentrate on making better songs along with their "hits", then?

I can't remember who exactly said it ... but there is a quote from the times when audio recording was first being conceived. A guy basically stated that recorded music would be the "death of human memory" and "mass performances would die out in favor of people listening in their homes", or something to these effects. Well, fast forward one century later, and we haven't actually seen the deaths of either our memories, or live performances yet!

If music labels' profits are being hurt, then it is the fault of their current business model. They will need to realize that their customers, not them, dictate what is proper for today's world. And while they can throw as much money as they wish to the courts, no amount of litigation actually changes this fact.

Chrono Trigger: Through The Rose-Tinted Specs

Well, me personally, I loved Chrono Trigger's story, even though I know it sends my inner literary and logical critic into the sun for an excruciatingly hot bath. With its characters, atmosphere, and execution, I just give its extraordinary plot elements a huge pass...

It's probably the same reason as to why I also enjoy the Lunar series' stories, which are arguably just as "cliche'd" or "illogical". :V

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

"Riots" may be much too strong of a word to use in this instance. However, you can probably bet that even more people who are neutral in this whole situation vs. the 1% will begin to sympathize even more with the protestors, if this ever passes. At least, if the content industry really is dumb enough to try and shut down YouTube, Facebook, et al.

Also, let us not forget the fact that initial hearings pretty much amounted to a gang of pro-SOPA lobbyists bullying one lone anti-SOPA member. With that, and the alleged statement made saying the technology industry had little to no say in this bill at all, we can only hope that the judicial branch recognizes this bill for what it really is.

As usual, though, I've noticed nary a word from the American media about SOPA (or even its predecessor, "Protect IP"). It probably goes to show just how much of a joke our press has become, especially with something this serious and violating.

So, you play MMO's?

When I was young (and pretty foolish), I played a very old MMO named "Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds". It had some really interesting concepts that I think would still set it apart from many MMOs today, had it not been more or less ruined by its parent company as time passed, resulting in the loss of 80% of its community. Now, well, its very well-developed world is quite barren.

Oh well... Players do quit when you don't listen to them and their complaints (some of those complaints having existed for years without resolution), isn't that right, Kru?

I also played WoW on-and-off for a few months at a time. It was okay, but never really as engaging as Nexus had been in its prime.

Returned from beyond the never-never

Sheesh ... what a twilight zone experience. I'm glad to hear that everything is stable now though! That really was a bastard move by your friend's family -- hey, he's dead now, free computers for all~!! *greed takes all* Bleh.

And, yeah, smoking LCD monitors are never good either...