(RMXP) How do make a variable random?

Uh, what do you mean? If you are trying to delay the time between Customer A's departure and Customer B's arrival, then Wait should be just fine for what you want.

(RMXP) How do make a variable random?

Well, RPG Maker processes commands at your CPU's speed. If you want to introduce an artificial delay, you have to use the "Wait" command (it operates in milliseconds, so 1000ms in Wait time would be equal to 1 second, 3000ms to 3s, etc.).

Sci-Fi Series'

"sfdebris" on YouTube pretty much represents most of my opinions on Voyager (and first/second-season Enterprise) episodes quite well. IMO both of those series had quite a lot of potential, but their executive producers' ideas about certain aspects of them really drove their overall quality down, and wasted it. At least in the case of Enterprise, it somehow managed to regain its spark at the end, before the suits finally decided cancel it.

DS9 was really good, yes, but I can't get over the fact that Paramount basically did steal their ideas from Babylon 5. (Originally, Joe Michael Straczynski pitched his idea as a separate series (B5) to Paramount before DS9 was conceived - Paramount then decided to "adapt" his ideas into a new Star Trek series, and then release it one year before B5's pilot.) I still enjoyed watching DS9 through most of its seasons, but that kind of executive thievery always opens a black hole of hatred in my heart, especially since I may have to deal with something like that in my future.

For the OP: Battlestar Galactica is a mostly good series, but I would recommend that you be careful as you reach the end of it... Just, be careful. :)

If you like to watch anime, two really good sci-fi series that you could see are Cowboy Bebop and Planetes. You could also watch the entire Macross saga if you wished, but that is a lot of material to cover. (And if you do, be wary of Macross 7... It has a rather interesting way of dealing with its villains.)


For me, the kinds of boss fights that I really like are the ones with "gimmicks" incorporated into them, because those are just so much more interesting to play against than your standard "one enemy that is just 10x or 100x stronger than any other normal enemy, with the same exact dumb AI" kind of boss. In terms of RPGs with turn-based or ATB battles, I imagine coming up with different gimmicks may be a little harder than, say, doing so with MMO-games such as World of Warcraft, or adventure RPGs like Secret of Mana and Zelda, since you are limited to what you are able to do in order to make your battles less..."monotonous" (for the lack of a better word - such as no dimensional space for PCs to maneuver in for those systems).

Level grinding, maximizing your characters' equipment and stats, etc. can of course make those gimmicks somewhat less useful in the long term - nevertheless, I would still enjoy fighting bosses that require me to think about more than how well-prepared my characters are.

Legend of Zelda: Origin

She means right-clicking your shortcut and clicking "Properties", then clicking the Shortcut tab within Properties, and adding -res 640 480 big at the end of your shortcut in the "Target" text box (i.e. "C:\blah\zelda-w.exe" -res 640 480 big). Make sure that you type it after that last quote, though.

Legend of Zelda: Origin

Oh wow... I am definitely going to have to play this sometime either this week or next! I love the detail that you put into your maps.

Your YouTube videos also really add a lot to generating interest. :)

Best VG Soundtracks + overrated

I play many more RPGs than I do other genres (well, platformers come as a very close second :P), and most of my favorites have already been listed here. However, I would like to point your attention to Lufia 2 and Terranigma for a moment:

Lufia 2 probably has one of the most...emotional, ending themes that I have ever listened to (especially if you know the context behind it). :(

And of course, I must post this live orchestral Final Fantasy VI opera performance:

RPGM2K Game Save File Question

Provided that you made no major changes to your database, as Aten said (resetting your maximum switches, adding more battle animations, ...), then it is probably possible, since your save file (I believe) is just a "snapshot" of the states of your variables, switches, database items, character location, etc. The best way to approach this may be through an event that closes your Version 1, such as:

(events leading up to the end of Version 1)
- Message Box: "Hello, player! This is Dudesoft! Thank you for playing my game, and please stay tuned for Version 2 of _____!"
- Call Save Game Menu
- Return to Title Screen

In here, your closing is controlled, since your save game is set right before the Return to Title Screen command, and you know for certain where your players will be resuming their play. Thus, once you begin to work on Version 2 of your game, you could then replace that old Return to Title Screen command with something much more appropriate:

(events formerly leading up to the end of Version 1)
- Call Save Game Menu
(events that continue your game in Version 2)

I'm just theorizing here, though. I recall some 2K games long ago that took advantage of save file transplanting in a similar fashion, but you may need to do a little bit of experimenting with this. However, again, if you made significant changes to your game's information (outside of your maps), then I'm not sure of how the engine would react to these changes.


Yeah, you do tend to overuse ellipses rabitZ. Your dialogue could be written to somewhat "imply" pauses between sentences or phrases (as would be read in your audience's minds), or you could use alternative devices to show your characters' pauses, such as a hyphen. I will demonstrate here:

Mansel: Wow, Noish! Look at that! We just fought a big Orc, and we won! I can't wait to tell my mother about this. She will never believe it!

Noish: Oh, for crying out loud, Mansel, this is not a game! We could have easily DIED just now!

Mansel: Noish... Why are you such a mood-breaker? You're a really good fighter, but at the same time you are also being a big crybaby. Isn't that a little strange for you?

Noish: Maybe - I guess I do whine a lot sometimes. Perhaps that is why I was never able to woo Selena...

Mansel: Selena? She's also a bitch, you know. Why are you still even thinking about her? [Kat's note: You may also want to include an example of why she is a bitch here. This line felt a bit incomplete to me.]

Noish: ...Let's take this orc skull to the Eastwick Warden, and get this job over with. Hopefully, those murders that we heard about will stop now.

Mansel: ...

I used four ellipses there, but only one of them was intended to be a somewhat of a pause device (the one where Noish completely disregards Mansel's "bitch" comment). I used the first two to indicate "downer" endings to your characters' words (lowering of their tone-of-voice), and the last ellipses indicates Mansel's following silence, probably because he is reacting to Noish not liking what he said (implication of emotion, again, from both).

There may definitely be better ways to indicate these downer endings in dialogue, but I'm no literary major, so someone else may want to add more to this.

What's the last tv show you watched?

I've just started to rewatch the anime Xam'd, since I stopped several months ago because of more important stuff. Currently, I'm up to episode 4...