Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

Also, I may be wrong on this, but the world the game takes place in is full of people with sexual dysfunctions, right?
So maybe the transexuals with a healthy sexual appetite and understanding wouldn't go there?

The game portrays transsexuals all gathered inside a dungeon, as tricksters who dupe you the sexually-dysfunctional player into fucking them and then reveling in your "accident". I'm pretty sure that most people are already aware of this stereotype, and it's very damaging to how society views transsexuals already.

Tranny bashing is never ok, but they deserve to get made fun of just like everybody else.

protip: the word "tranny" is as offensive to transsexuals as the n-word is to blacks. you may want to avoid using it.

Also, this kind of "comedy" is pretty bad, because right now there is already a huge amount of misinformation when it comes to transgenders. Imagine how you would feel if someone had told you that "Birth of a Nation" was an inspirational film, and that it should be held as an example for a good and righteous society.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

I haven't played the game but I watched Strangeluv's video and was disappointed with how transgenders are treated in the game. 30 minutes into the game and we have yet to see any diversity in women(beside fat and hot body), while there are various types of male in the game.

Oh, I was very tempted to write a scathing reply against this game's treatment of transgendered people (what's a "joke" to some is severe transphobia and extremely offensive to many others), but for now I've chosen to hold back on it.

I will say, though, that calunio's work should NOT be treated as representative of how transgenders actually feel about their bodies and identities, and their actions toward "cisgendered" (non-transsexual/biological) people. Mr. Chaud should have also researched this more thoroughly; and being a psychologist himself, he is quite deficient in his knowledge on how this aspect of human image actually works, and he should honestly know better.

Polymorphous Perversity (18+ NWS)

Maybe that's the point. People get so obsessed with sex that a game all about it sounds appealing. Then, after playing even a short while, it becomes monotonous and tedious. Their desire for sex drives them forward, but the game's inherent repulsiveness pushes them to stop!

Um even still, games are supposed to hold your interest throughout them, otherwise why are you even playing it? That would be like saying "I made a boring movie about someone masturbating for an hour, and it represents the banality of being alone and a virgin. Enjoy it all!"

I found its concept pretty boring after awhile, myself, and I couldn't really "get" its Freudian themes either. It just seems like it is more "4chan the sex RPG" than an actual satire of sex itself.


lmao, count me among those who were confused. orz

I think this is a good idea. You will be able to reach more players this way, and you basically already have your assets finished.

Maybe instead of being "cancelled", it should be on hiatus?

A Music Simulation Game? Good idea, or bad?

This is probably not related in any way to what you are thinking about, but I thought I would share a musical beat game (it's a platformer) in here. Maybe it could provide you with some inspiration:

Inside My Radio

It was made in a recent 48-hour Ludum Dare event, and I found that it utilized rhythm in a pretty original way.

Commercial games are not allowed on RMN

I can understand why you are taking this position, kentona, especially from an administrative standpoint. Thank you for clarifying it!

There was one thing I read that kind of confused me, though...

What is allowed, however, is people soliciting and/or receiving donations. (This practiced is not encouraged, and most people don't like it anyway, but it is not strictly disallowed at this time).

I know that you don't really have a stance on this, so please don't misunderstand me! However, I was under the impression that most of RMN was past this? Is it really still considered to be a faux pas, here, to ask for donations for one's game?

I just found it a little strange that this had to be mentioned. I guess it's for clarity, since some people may misunderstand donations = COMMERCIAL LOL.

Chapter One Release

If anyone wants to only install an OGG codec (and not an entire codec package), you could download an installer from this site:


This should work for you if you get a billion error boxes.


Hiyo, I thought I would post this linky here too:


This is a pretty simple codec package that you could install on Windows, it will allow RPG Maker to play OGG files without crashing with a billion error boxes. :P

It's just an OGG codec; it isn't a whole codec pack.

Gay Characters

Ah, I didn't know that this topic was still alive! Really sorry for my late reply - I haven't been visiting RMN's forums much recently.


hey did you know that sexuality is something that can completely come out of nowhere, since it's just which genitalia you want to rub and not a set of actions (despite hollywood "coding" of gays, and also san francisco's existence)

I'm pretty sure that this was aimed at me, so I'll address this. I guess I worded what I said before improperly - when I mentioned "not hinted at" I should've said that it is hinted, but not really focused upon so much. I didn't want to make it her central defining characteristic...more like a part of her backstory that would influence her interactions with other people. So no, it doesn't exactly come out of nowhere! It's more like the reasoning for why she makes certain decisions, and how she would react to some situations. (which culminates into her revelation before their suicide mission)

Cases in point, two examples:

The first appears subtly in the beginning, when she integrates herself within a village for nearly one year. Some of the boys in the village had previously tried to court with her, but in each time, she had constantly rejected their advances. She did not exactly dislike them - she did think that most of them were sweet (yeah there were some...uh, weird/creepy ones) - but she was just not interested in them.

When questioned about this by another girl in the village, she isn't exactly sure how to respond to it (her thoughts would be reflected as speech here - "((Um... How should I answer this?))", or something to that effect). She eventually just tells the girl that none of the boys in the village really held her interest, and she later comments to herself that it's such a half truth. There was more to it than just that, but she was kind of afraid of even saying it out loud!

A second example happens when she talks to another (male) character about his own feelings toward a (female) character; both of them have been traveling together with her. He is an academic while his love interest is a noblewoman of some sort. He pretty much confesses that he does love that character, but he is afraid of the status differences between them. She responds with a don't worry about that! speech, but again she comments to herself that she is a hypocrite. She remembers her own mistake at that moment (maybe represented as a flashback or more mental words, but I didn't work on this extensively yet), and just goes silent.

There are more situations, but the main "difficulty" that I guess I face is that I might be writing this with the same thoughts as a heterosexual relationship. That is, you might be able to replace any of these situations with her and a former potential male love interest. I want to write her as how she is, with her homosexuality as a character trait that is eventually explained - I really dislike the Hollywood stereotypes of gays and lesbians, because the gamut of personalities between all homosexuals is just the same as with heterosexuals!

What I do try to concentrate on is that she is really trying her best to say some kind of statement, but at the same time she is holding herself back. She had not exactly revealed her secret even on Earth, so even on this new world she feels like she might be in danger of very bad consequences. (and it's probably justified too, since a lot of people on this world have ideals from between the 12th - 19th centuries, long before homosexuality was considered to be natural and accepted)

TLDR: I should've said that it was hinted at, but the hints aren't supposed to be "in-your-face-lesbian"; rather, there are clues for the audience to piece together. I want her to eventually accept who she is, and this takes form in a big coming-out before her and her friends' potential grisly deaths. In addition to writing about her potential relationship, I also want to write that she is hiding something else within her words. She is trying to tell something to her friends/my players, but she is held back by her own fears at the same time.

Interracial Relations

Some of my friends are within interracial relationships. I really hate the fact that certain humans still have this need for racial "purity"... As if by marrying someone of a different race, you are tainting your bloodline and spelling out doom for your children. -_-

It's rather ironically...and sadly...funny as well, because even science says that children of two races are more likely to have better genes and less physical problems than children of a single race. Where's this "racial purity is better!" thing now, hmm?