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Heh. Yes, I also do enjoy how vocal people are over here. :)

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When do you think is a good time to be able to change your party?

Actually, I can think of one RPG Maker game that had managed to characterize its PCs very well, while still maintaining a small choose-your-own-party system throughout some of it: Kinetic Cipher. Although, it was somewhat more limited than what the OP is proposing (I think - I cannot remember the specifics as to why right now, since it has been awhile), but KC is still an example for him.

(Help)Making a game restart

Well, in what way would you like it to restart? Resetting a game usually entails placing your character back to their starting point, and setting all or most of your variables/switches back to their initial states. How much work you do here depends on to what extent you want to restart the game.


Hello! Well, don't feel TOO bad about not having completed a game before... I haven't done so either, and I've been using RPG Maker for nearly a decade now. x_x

But, welcome to the site!


Instead of completely ridding it from your dialogue, you could also use a simple "Sleep well!", "Have fun, good night!", or anything else similar to those, to convey his rushing end to that conversation equally as well.

Also, I noticed a slight logical error in their conversation:

I was born in the slums of the Imperial Capital Citadel. I was the youngest born of 5 brothers.

I knew the first part but not the second. You never told me you had brothers.

Yeah. All five of them, along with my mother, died when I was a kid. My father died before I was born.

By what he said first, he should have been dead as a child long ago with his second sentence. :P

A way that you could take "advantage" of this error (unless you already meant this with it), is that you could turn it into a kind of a subconscious, metaphorical slip. He may have also internally "died" during that time period, and that would be a slight reference to this fact. I'm just throwing ideas out here, though.

Well... Here I am.

Hehe, I completely don't mind Mary. =P

Well, everyone here on RMN does tend to speak their minds with regard to other people's material. Whether or not they are "humble" with their opinions isn't really what is important to me, but if they could provide me with some kind of helpful criticism, then I am satisfied. It is quite refreshing from just simply hearing "looks good so far keep going!" or witnessing endless circlejerks most of the time. (Of course, civility still goes a long way!)

Besides game-making, I am also interested in writing, drawing, and photography...neither of which I have really been doing lately, because of a lot of other more important personal matters here in real life. I do have a DeviantArt account lying around, but it is currently empty; perhaps I should post some of my work there soon. :)

Oh, and if anyone was curious, my avatar originates from this manga published in Japan by the US military. Yes, you've read that right! It is truly a work of "kawaii propaganda".

Identify this bugged Zelda midi!

This actually sounds like a remixed version of the Tal Tal Mountains theme from Zelda: Link's Awakening. I'm not sure if you will be able to find another MIDI exactly like this one, but I hope that is a start for you.

RM2k3 - Changing ATB

Unfortunately, there is no possible way for you to change the ATB system of RM2K3, into RM2K's turn-based system, since that is actually hard-coded into 2K3's engine. I believe RMXP and RMVX are both prebuilt with a turn-based battle system "by default" (I say that since you can always alter it, of course), so if you want to use that kind of a system (with functionality better than what is present within 2K) I would recommend that you use either one of those two.

Well... Here I am.

Hi everyone,

My name is ElectricalKat, and this is my second venture into the RPG Maker community! (My first was quite a long time ago, I think back in 2001 - shortly after RPG Maker 2000 was released.) I left the community back then for...a number of reasons, but now, I have a completely renewed interest in game making. Primarily, I chose to start again with this site because it seems much more interesting than other sites of its nature... At least to me. :P

Currently, I am planning a medium-sized platformer game kind of similar to Castlevania in its gameplay mechanics, but of course with different material. The engine that I'm scoping out for this guy is called Scirra Construct, which I hear is a bit like Multimedia Fusion in its workflow. If anyone has questions regarding it, please feel free to ask me!

Also, I have to confess to something that I may have done wrong, already. (Ugh!) I created two accounts both yesterday, and today ("Electrical_Kat" and "Dragon_Angel") thinking that I could add a space in between the two words, but I guess the registration form did not like spaces. I even thought that my account existed within some kind of weird quantum state of existence and non-existence! (Well, I know better now...) I'm very sorry about that little accident there. If you site admins want to purge my extra accounts, I would rather like keep this one.

The Electrical Kat