Submitting an engine?

Hey Tom! I was going to try and mention RMN to Scirra at some point, but it seems like you've found us anyway. :P

There is one other thing that I think should be mentioned: Construct 2's export system is extensible, so there might come a future when it may be capable of exporting into other formats (like Windows, MacOS, etc. binaries). So that is always a possibility!

Anyway, it's pretty awesome that Construct is recognized on RMN now.

MP3 to MIDI?

Just as an fyi, while you may probably receive a lower file size from converting an MP3 to an OGG (I'm not sure how much you can save; it depends on what OGG's compression algorithm strips out of your file, if anything at all...), you will almost always have your file's sound quality reduced. This is because MP3 and OGG are both lossy compression techniques, which means that any information that is stripped out of them -- in the name of compression -- is lost forever and ever. (as opposed to "lossless" compression)

In most cases, it is probably not even worth it for you to transcode between both codecs.

The fire always burns

Common sense
... This isn't the site's fault it doesn't interest you anymore. This is your own fault for joining this site in the first place, ...
The way you stated it on your one topic, makes it seem like this site isn't any good, and it is it's fault and maybe the other members, when it is 100% your fault for even coming on, and contributing like you have with this project. You really should've just looked away and not done a single thing, if you give up on sites so easily. ...

I don't follow this... Why do you speak with the air of someone who has contributed a great deal to this community, when you have not? And why do you try to paint one's presence on RMN as a kind of a long-term commitment?

I don't believe that you have yet earned the right to patronize someone as you have tried now. Also, I find it funny that it is now a "fault" to contribute something. By your logic, no one should even try to sign up for RMN, because most incoming developers would have a very high chance of turning over.

Do you kill bugs?

I used to be a "kill every insectoid" kind of person, but now I usually let spiders off the hook (in areas that are supposed to look ugly, like our basement and garage), since they help us with other more annoying bugs. I also have cats (six cats...), and they just love to kill bugs too, so we usually leave pest cleaning duties to them...

Otherwise...well, I don't show any mercy to anything. Especially things that can sting you, bite you, poison you, infect you, ...yeah.

Did you want to make an RPG/Game? Be honest!

Oh god, where to start...

I think my gamemaking days began in random notebooks that I drew area maps in. I used to go nuts writing adventure stories, and imagining myself playing them with the gameplay of a 16-bit Final Fantasy entry. My cousins and I always built worlds with Lego blocks and imagined ourselves playing a kind of weird D&D-style game (there were no real "rules"..we just had a blast ^_^), and when they lived in a rural area at one point, we sometimes LARPed in a nearby forest.

I also had some experience with Forgotten Realms: Unlimited Adventures, but at that time I didn't really have a PC (my cousins had it on theirs). It was fun to use, but it wasn't really when I honestly began to make my own games...I attribute that to the StarCraft campaign editor! I also played around with Clickteam's Klik and Play a little, but it didn't quite work well on my PC back then...from what I've heard about Multimedia Fusion 2's problems today, it seems like they have not really improved too much.

I've probably played more StarCraft RPGs than actual StarCraft games themselves (even more so than any other custom games either lol ._.). Toward the end of my StarEdit days, I was on my way to creating -- and finishing -- a very long RPG on StarCraft, when I was told about a fangame to a MMORPG that I also played back then (Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds) created in RPG Maker 2000. Needless to say...I was really impressed by it. I almost immediately abandoned StarEdit (actually, StarCraft entirely...) and downloaded RPG Maker, joining Don's forums and various other little RM microcosms in that world.

When RPG Maker 2003 was released later on, I eventually migrated to it, not really finishing any other games on RM2K either...heh... I didn't really stay in the RM community for too long after that, though (it began to grow too poisonous for my tastes). I continued to play other random games, but I didn't really restart on planning/creating games until maybe mid-2007, when I was inspired to create a kind of sci-fi RPG. That idea has long since been converted into something far different now...but it probably marked my reentry into the gamemaking world.

It is also when I really saw that I wasn't interested in my current college major (Mechanical Engineering, if you're curious), and I converted it into a Digital Media major. I wanted my future to be with...the games... I don't regret having taken M.E. as my major beforehand, though; if anything, it has made me much more aware of the laws of physics than most other people. A few years after that, I started to look into the RPG Maker world again, and I found that most of the places that I had known have long since disappeared. Most of today's RPG Maker communities didn't really impress me at all, but RMN stood out from everything else, so I decided to create an account here.

Now, however, I'm learning a completely different tool...Scirra Construct...having found RPG Maker to be a bit too limiting for what I want to accomplish. Supposedly it is rather hard for someone to create an RPG in Construct, but I find its eventing system to be remarkably similar to StarEdit's trigger events. As you can imagine, we have been getting along very well together thus far, so it looks like I will probably not return to using any RPG Maker anytime soon. :P

Forced Goodbye :c

Felipe...I wish you good luck. My mother and I have been attempting to avoid a similar situation as of late, so I totally understand what you're going through. Take care of yourself, and keep working on your game! (with pen and paper of course)

Ark: I will just say this, frankly... You're a worthless dick.


Ahh very well... I likely missed something in the tutorial then, which might also explain why Jawbreak was not working for me either.


I've found some bugs as well...this may help you to find your combo issue.

1. My combo finishers sometimes failed to chain with certain skills...such as three Headbutts were always able to chain into TriDrills, but if I tried to do so with three Cleaves it would constantly reset itself. I also attempted to use Jawbreak, but in its case my combo gauge would always reset itself as if I had never received it.
2. Sometimes, if I tried to use either AquaShot or EyeGouge after executing a TriDrill (I think this would also happen if I tried any permutation of these), the red/blue indicators would not reset, probably thinking that I was still trying to use my previous combo.
3. I don't really know when this happened -- or if it was on my combo list at all -- but at some point AquaShot had mysteriously disappeared without a trace. I could still execute it, however, so it wasn't as if I had completely unlearned it...

Capture Software

I've used CamStudio before to record some of my League of Legends games...it is okay. I would imagine that FRAPS is better (I haven't used it myself, so I can't really say), but that costs money, so if you are on a very very tight budget then CamStudio should be good enough for you. Just remember that -- as it records into AVI files -- it is limited to a maximum of 4GB total file size. If it records above 4GB, then your file might as well not exist.

Religion in games

I was talking with a friend yesterday about video game stories, when all of a sudden, we started to discuss religion as a central theme of a story. I proposed that it can help to add depth to a story if it was done correctly, but he countered that religion was beginning to become overused in video games as a "cheap" element. Kind of like how Xenogears and/or Evangelion used massive Christian symbolism as an exotic form of "coool!", which I found hard to disagree with.

As my game's storyline is QUITE religious in its nature, this subject interests me greatly. What does everyone think of how religions are handled in video games, either today or before? In what way could writers who create religious stories (in general I guess -- not just video games) improve upon them? Aside from what I mentioned before about cheap symbolism, which is something that I didn't understand about both of those stories I mentioned above (and something I don't understand about their fanbases in general...but I digress, this is unrelated).