How do you like your touch encounters?

It's being implemented exactly the way I described. I don't really consider it a feature that can be abused, though. It's more a convenience for the player so they don't have to run all over the place to grind a little. It takes the tediousness out of tracking down enemies to fight, and even with other setups, the player is free to fight as much as they want (it's just less convenient).

Errm, to clarify, I was talking about that "press shift to instantly respawn" switch, sorry. I was thinking that could be easily abused if your players somehow found a quick and easy routine for grinding on some specific battle (even if they are randomized, except if those battles have a low encounter rate). But if you can fix this, it's definitely a possibility!

How do you like your touch encounters?

I like the idea. To piggyback on that, I believe escape should always be a viable option (unless it's a boss/fixed fight). Nothing frustrates me more than dying while trying to escape! We live in a time of impatience, after all!

yes, i completely agree with this idea. and to add to this, we should have instant death kittens pop up and counterattack the enemies if they ever dared to hit the escaping heroes. beware the power of kitties! it's dangerous to go alone!

Could do that, too, but I think my current way is more convenient. The player seeking fights can stand under any encounter they wish and fight it as much as they wish without having to move anywhere at all.

I will agree with Deckiller on one objection -- your "infinite" respawn switch -- in that it could be greatly abused if you implemented it poorly. I liked your idea of giving the player a special bonus, if (s)he killed all of the monsters in their current room on time, better. Of course, this time limit can definitely vary between each room!

And your players might consider it an achievement to master as well.

How do you like your touch encounters?

I set it such that, if the monster party is run from instead of defeated, the event still turns transparent. It stays down for a fraction of the time (three seconds), but it's just long enough for the hero to move away.

I recall a Super NES RPG that had implemented something like this part: Robotrek. You could run away from one of its touch encounters, and that unit would strobe flash and act as an impassable obstacle for several seconds, rather than what you proposed. I think your version is a nice improvement, considering there were...uh, some situations in Robotrek where I really would've rather truly escaped from certain battles (i.e. situations where I am three hits away from being dead robotic scrap).

Tutorial design

As my battle system somewhat resembles a RTS game in its controls, I was thinking about taking some pointers from Blizzard's games (Starcraft and Warcraft III, to be more specific). I won't have a voice directing my players, but I considered simply having a message box floating in a noticeable spot on the screen, telling my players what to do. Somewhat like this mini-tutorial from Legend of Legaia, where Tetsu explains to the player what each battle command's function does. I engineered my very first battle to basically require a set routine to complete, so these ideas should serve well enough for my battle system's tutorial.

I'll probably scatter option #3 around the early areas (or keep them in a single area...hopefully in some way that does not break "suspension of disbelief" Dx). I agree with geodude, though: don't underestimate your players! As long as your "tutorial level", however it is laid out (in my case, it's integrated into my game as its prologue) is clear enough for your players to follow, then you should be OK.

Help Saya improve her pixel art

That's a pretty interesting method, Nessiah! (it would save me quite a bit of time with floor tiles...)

Thank you for posting it - I'll have to try it as well sometime.

Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

Well, I really like Folk/Pagan/etc. music...especially if they are sung in some arcane (or completely made up) language. lol

(even though that part of my collection is rather small compared to everything else I have...I guess I haven't listened to enough good ones yet ~_~)

But anyway, some of my favorites!

Loreena McKennit's "The Mystic's Dream":

E.S. Posthumus' "Oraanu" (sung by Luna Sans):

E.S. Posthumus' "Oraanu Pi" (instrumental version):

Faun's "Egil Saga" (German band):

Brian Tyler's "Inama Nushif" from Children of Dune:

ANOTHER gaming company got hacked...

LulzSec has been pretty annoying as of late... They were DDoSing the login servers for both League of Legends and Minecraft, so I randomly could not play them at some points. (Although, in both instances, they did not take any passwords AFAIK.)

Hellooo, nice to meet you all :D

Welcome to RMN, Sheeta!

(May I guess that you like Castle in the Sky? :D)

Help Saya improve her pixel art

As someone who has been around this scene basically since it first existed, I probably can be quick to assume Saya intends to also stick around for years honing her skills. She may or may not. Possibly, I am making a tall order for someone who really is just working in rpgmaker/pixel art casually. It depends what she wants to gain by making original graphics. It can make sense she is learning something about pixel art by tracing, but I just would not include this kind of material in an actual project. If the goal is present these graphics for an audience or to make this stand out among games that use rips, it probably will not go too far on that end.

I should mention that I didn't read Saya's post within the Screenshots topic before now. Yes, I can see why everyone thinks that she wants to use these exact graphics in her game, and I can understand why you're taking this position. It was probably a serious miscommunication or misunderstanding on her or our part...moving on.

Anyway, I agree with you about potential players recognizing those graphics, and it would apply to more people than only us inside the RPG Maker community. If Saya had released a game using those graphics to the outside world, she would have likely been called out for it, and received a much...harsher response.

I don't believe it was her intent to imply that she created all of those tiles on her own, just that we - as people who have played so many games, and created things of our own in the past - kind of assumed this (and I probably would have as well), since she didn't provide enough details beforehand. It isn't a tall order to ask for an "original" aesthetic (I placed that in quotes because the word original is relative - both you and Mog have debated that well enough), but we are all influenced from somewhere, whether we realize it or not.

If Saya does stay as you mention, and continues to practice her work, I'm confident that she will eventually develop her own style from this experimenting.

Well... Here I am, again.

Hi again, everyone!

I thought that I should make a "return" post, since I haven't exactly posted here a lot within the past half-year. I've just recently graduated with my bachelor's degree, so I now have a whole LOT more time now to devote toward my games! Well, that is, until I find a job, but that will come with time, I hope...

I'm currently writing a design document for my RPG (which I will call "Eden" for now), of which most of its gameplay has already been designed and detailed! I made Eden's gameplay the subject of my university thesis, which I suppose is one good way to motivate yourself to complete it...heh. :P

But, it was fun, and I think that I ended with a nice basis for my game.

Aside from Eden, I am also planning to write several game design articles, using my experiences and knowledge from media school. I hope to share anything that could possibly help any of you with your designing needs!