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Emanzi, maybe you should tell her, you know, that crush might be important. If you see anymore crushes on anybody, please contact the CrushCenter@gmail.com for more information on crushes. Just crush me, bro.

lmao, I downloaded Leo and Leah and have been playing it for the most of today really slowly without a break, do you think I'll be o.k? lol

What's up with the damn profanity?

if its funny whats the problem? It's not like every rpg maker game has a PG limit.
If you bother to read any of the other comments above you, you will see that the issue is not the fact that swearing is used but that it is often used inappropriately or in a jarring manner.

Oh, sorry. That does get annoying, I think its a phase, I used to swear for everything when I was like 12 but then it got boring.

I don't mind swearing in moderation or for impact. When a character's every third word is "fucking" I usually get bored quickly.

I actually find the fantasy/medieval objection interesting, because although people have always sworn, the ways they've done so and the words they've used have changed over time. For example, blasphemy packs a lot less punch nowadays. It can be tricky to pull off the right atmosphere with an audience that doesn't necessarily realize that change, especially viscerally. At least if you make up your own swears here people won't be feeling "'Damn'? Couldn't he have picked about 200 more forceful things to say?"

(I've also read, though not from any particularly reputable source, that medieval oaths were more likely to occur as part of actual sentences and not the interjectory "Oh shit!" sort of thing.)

Yeah their like 100 other words that can bring the same feeling other than "oh shit", but in effect its also less expressive to swear in a very polite manner in an extreme case or vise versa, swear words should be reserved for intense situations only otherwise it seems like someone's just trying to sound bad ass but pulling nothing off.
good example lockez, pretty much felt the intensity

Hey! Girl here!

terrifying muscles

them some gunz I think he'd smash your head trying to stroke your hair, his vains are so huge his white blood cells cant hear the echo anymore, I bet he'd sqwort for a dook and the world would rip its pants off!...wait this is getting gay.

Hey! Girl here!

I'm guessing no body noticed she hasn't posted in like 2 weeks.

he figured and went someplace else, apparently she posted a picture in the picture thread thats invisible so I'm just not seeing it...

If she really was a girl that pic of Batista must have scared her off (X_X)...

author=Deacon Batista
...said the Pokemon fan kid?
do you want me to point out everything wrong here or shall i just post a photo of this guy

I'd be pretty freaked out too!

What's the new Featured Game?

MOON BASE (^0^) I don't know what game that is but anything with Moon and Base sounds great!


I made a miniture sprite thats suposed to look like me a bit, i think it was pretty cool as it was my first sprite from scratch. Un-fortunetly I had to get a haircut a week ago -_- school rules go figure...

I took a crash course lesson at usui.moo ( kadaku vx battler sprite resources ) as I idealize this guys stuff almost to the point of obsession

Also damn it why are you guys so skilled!

Hey! Girl here!

Now that you mention it I had a hunch this whole time but decided to keep it to myself, I mean who says "Hey I'm a girl, Hey I'm really cute" its kinda suspicious, real girls at least the ones who are usually on gaming forum sites hardly make an effort to state their a girl if they feel like they don't make a thread about it. But then again its an introduction thread so "she" might not be hear for games or might be attention seeking or might be a lonly 40 something year old man behind a computer trying to pull a prank or something for kicks. I don't know whatever lonely 40 something people are into these days

Hey! Girl here!

huh? how is this thread at all related to wrestling?

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Here's a pic of me having a great time! Yup, I'm a girl who makes games ^_^
Strangeluv, you are too fucking pretty for the internet
This is why we can't have nice things.

strangeluv i think I have a crush on you

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If I look tired that's because I am... Exam season friends... Crunch time...