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The RPG Checklist

Pokemon exactly, I forgot to mention the cute-annoying-tag-along-but-never-helps-much sidekick but LockeZ took all the good ones

Oh right, derp, I guess my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning.

- inexplicable monsters have recently started appearing in every imaginable location
- adorable useless mascot either joins the party or is the spunky rebellious princess's pet
- evil empire either constantly referred to or literally named "The Empire" to help you realize that it's evil
- main villain takes his shirt off and grows wings, no explanation given

The RPG Checklist

you know what I love? Earthbound is outside of almost everything on these lists

thats why its also one of my all-time favourite rpg's

Back to the list:
> Very annoying dungeons ( grinding at its worst, 2 steps and your attacked! )
> Saving the not that great-full but apparently hot* princess ( pixel-hot* )
> Smashing pumpkin heads ( this is absolutely mandatory! )
> A Side kick brother with a sexy green-outfit...wait this is sounding alot like Mario

Looks like the world will end on Saturday, May 21st

I was looking forward to sharing a bong with Jesus for ol' times sake ( he's like the ultimate hippie, just check out his hair and how he's all about love and spreading the word... ) Guess I'll loot me a couple games to get me by till October. Looks like the worlds in chaos though so who knows if its true or not...

If the world really ends won't any of you guys feel regret ?, you know all that bacon flavored mayonnaise you went easy on, all those times you could have done something fun but had to think about tomorrow.

Anyway most likely this guys just some old bored mathematician who's trying to get a cult going for self esteem/egoistic purposes or whatever mathematicians want. I'm sure when October comes he'll be like:

" I forgot to carry the one and divide everything by root 666, re-calculations tell me December 21st bla bla "
until he's had enough of a laugh...then goes back to solving simultaneous equations. Most mathematicians are either weird antisocial geniuses or just completely insane.

Uh? Do you guys listen to music?

The Open Mind - Magic Potion

You have to watch this video and tell me its not a trip...

Sonic Youth - Shadow of a Doubt
She looks like New Blacks profile picture, Hey New Black same person?

Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon

I heard this of a radio show a while back

I think you saw the whole of the moon! how do you feel? lol

Looks like the world will end on Saturday, May 21st

I cant wait...I hope we fall in a void where its Saturday forever!

I'm pretty sure I'll be disappointed, anyway if the world ends I'll kinda miss this dump

Bin Laden Defeated

yeah your right , I was very insensitive, I apologize. I should learn to cool-out a little.

Oh hey dudeskis. What's up?

I'm pretty rad.

yes yes you are...nen

Bin Laden Defeated



Bin Laden Defeated