Oh yeah!

...and so begins the armature's epic spriting saga! Level up!

Good Day to All


That was a nice review, I hope you review more stuff!

I agree, and welcome


It worked as long as the arm thats up is the opposite as the leg thats up and vise versa, This is a template I managed to make after like 100 trial and eror atempts. I found a nice site that showed me how to take pixel lines into thought.
Derekyu's Pixel Tutorial
Its a good tutorial for more of the larger kind of sprites or pixel art but still helped with some good tips. Might be irrelevant for skilled pixel artists thought.

Might have him fleshed out by tomorrow...maybe. It's a bit subtle in the animation so you need to look at it for more than 10 seconds but I feel good with this one...

The projects we regret

I made a joke/troll game called the Legend of Cockmeister. It had jokes about genitalia and black people and all other sorts of dumb shit.

Yeah... I regret making that >_>

lol, Legend of Cockmeister sums it up. Bet most of the jokes where like the
"... my balls" kind I used to find so amusing but now their really stupid.

The projects we regret

I made a VX game and submit it somewhere in the archives or rpg palace called dimension it was supposed to be a horror but its on of those games thats too over the top its no longer scary with alot of unessesary demonic reference to boot, my mom found me wokring on it once and we had a talk about how I should't join cults lol, unfortunetly it never uploaded properly or it was soo bad I got virtually no feed back or anything. I'm actually glad no one managed to play it or say anything about it since it was embarrassing and the title was not as cheesy as the story.

Lets Talk 3dMAX

This will be good for those who wanna add models made in 3d studio max into RPG Maker (hints: panorama and .obj texture files)

Credits to mellytan for posting this video at Meridian Dance :)

Panorama and object texture files? really, looks interesting but also complex. Why does meridian dance have all the cool stuff, I went their a while ago and it was so awesome I was very intimidated...Like yeah I'm still here suffering with a bit of spriting and some guy makes a 3d battle system on 2k3! Wtf!

3DSMax is pretty awesome. I learned a bit about it during my first semester at school.

I even did a replica of my washroom.

If you can get into it, it's grand fun.
Is that really 3d? It looks so real if it is. if it isn't then duh...

True, that looks photo real, great job.

The Great Stay: 2k3 For Life

I'm a rm2k/3 forever. I hate scripting.
Yes the majority of scripts I use always give me headaches and 2k3 has it all already! ( side view battles scripts are like the only ones I use mostly but its alot less hassle in 2k3 )
Its more fun and understandable making your own features with common events than trying to understand rgss1/2.
author=Yellow Magic
why do all VX games look the same to me :(
The rtp literally killed creative mapping but it's possible to tweak it a bit so its not too status-quo VX.

author=Deacon Batista
Is this topic one more pathetic try to start the "rpg maker engines vs each other" war for the 1 millionst time?
I never took part nor paid attention to those discussions, because they are pointless waste of time.

Like kentona once said: Just use the goddamn engine you want!

RM95 for life.

DAMN RM95!! OLD-SCHOOL! Dude thats good for you...


You got the movement of the arms wrong. Pretty much if the left arm is moving the right leg should be the one moving along side with it and vice versa.

Thank you very much! (^_^) thats it, its been bugging me but it makes sense. I feel like starting from scratch though with something more fantasy looking. Oh baby! Spriting EXP +10 Level up, Emanzi is now at level 2! Walking Animation Skill Learned!

What's the new Featured Game?

Mario and the Moon Base gets stuck at 3.9MB/20.2 for 5 hours!? maybe its just a bad April fools joke thats not funny or my internet's crashing again...-_-


yes the long part of his hair sucks :<

I like this!

(those aren't tattered wings? u.u)
No...it's a very long ponytail :<

Might take forever but it would be easy to tell if you animated it with his pony tail and hair swinging slightly in the wind, I'm saying this as I asume you're a skilled spriter so it shouldn't be hard for you...