I hate RPG Maker because of what it has done to me
"College is fun as long as you don't die."
- L, Death Note
Ruby Quest: Undertow
Guide a lost rabbit out of hell.



Second trailer and new release date.

Keep trucking :3

Ruby Quest: Undertow

Hi Miimii, Fidchell says it's okay.

Set Discrepancy

Ahh, I'm happy you put up with the game-breaking bugs, I know the most recent release of this project isn't exactly in a clean state. I have been continuing this game but the newest version is probably going to have a much different story, if it has a story at all. It might turn out this game is more suited as a sandbox/simulation/rougelike game. But we'll see.

The Longing Ribbon Review

Oh my. I agree the story is silly, it was a Long Ago First Project. But thank you for (trying to) persist and thanks for the review :)

Set Discrepancy

To you also :3

Trailer and steam page. Took me six years! D:

Awesome news buddy :)


Befuddle Quest VII: Advent Children

is it almost done?

Set Discrepancy

Thanks for the comment :3

The way this project is going it's becoming almost a space station simulator more than an RPG, so it might be more appropriate to have sandbox-style gameplay instead of a structured story, which sadly means not as much room for characterization in the writing. But I guess I'll see when we get there.

Not sure how crafting from scratch will look, but I plan to make weapons n' equipment highly modifiable where part of the game is to discover new ways to improve performance ... for example, performance of guns will be based on the muzzle length and you're free to set whatever muzzle length you want, and part of gameplay would be to find the optimal muzzle length either by experimenting or by finding in-game documents about the equipment etc


I don't get what the reference