Well, with Yuffie in play my suggestion is to not pick your white mage based on a group cure. Tyro white mage brings Sentinel's Guard or your Minwu has the interrupting nuke. I also think you should get the Devout's double white RM. You should have enough Curaja charges to last an entire boss fight, and that second cast will sometimes be pretty clutch and also generates more soul meter. I don't think a double Holy is worth it without Full Break/Mental Breakdown, however, as the +Holy RM is too vital due to Faith effects being MAG-only... but you don't use Holy anyway.

Eh... Okay. Apparently I only had one dungeon left. These dungeon updates are so small. I decided to just upgrade my inventory to 500. I was close enough anyway, so it only cost ten mythril. I am worried that I'll hit that hard cap before the storage feature is added though, assuming that stored items don't count against the cap.

Looked it up and the warehouse has its own capacity, because obviously we need a new thing to spend mythril upgrading, I guess. Starts at 100 and is expandable to 500, just like the regular inventory. The update also includes new sorting options for gear, including by elemental resistance which should be pretty useful. We'll probably get this in five months at the latest, though we tend to get these kinds of updates earlier.


My plan is to farm greens today, farm XP tomorrow to bring up Cait Sith and Kuja, and then hopefully wrap up the dungeon update on Monday during lunch (I've already cleared FF3 and FF11 and one dungeon in FF12).

Because I have two summoner relics (Lullaby Rod and Aurora Rod), I do have some regret in choosing Flare over Bahamut, but I had R2 Flare before I had either weapon and decided that if I'd gotten that far, I might as well commit to it first. My next goal for NE orbs is Flashing Blade though, since my Sephiroth is pretty dope now.

I would hone Phantasm if I had a strong SB for Tyro. I don't know about Yuffie--I haven't looked at her very closely. She has good base MAG, but there aren't many MAG-based thrown weapons in general, whereas it's not that hard to equip a rod on Tyro. I'm surprised you don't use Yuffie more often though, because Clear Tranquil is dope and her kit is pretty solid, especially down the road when she gets the Ninja and Thief-6 abilities.

Given how it's hard to do a lot of damage with Tyro, Phantasm is a solid option if he isn't filling the WHM or Support role. With the Shadow RM, you're basically always going to do 6.5k damage, which isn't tremendous but is pretty respectable for somebody who exists just to Sentinel's Guard.

My FF13 synergy is entirely through lucky draws and gifts and has a lot of room for improvement, but I probably won't draw on this event.

5+ Vega42s (Sazh)
5 Evil Lantern
5 Goddess's Tribute
4++ Power Glove
4++ Healer's Staff

5 Witch's Hat
5 Wild Bear (Snow)
4++ Silver Bangle

The silver lining is that I can fill some of the gaps with +Element gear without feeling like I'm sub-optimal, like Dark Sword Drunk Cecil and Platinum Shield Basch.


Yes, it's a little less than twice as powerful as the elemental ninja scroll magic, except non-elemental. Let's assume Tyro has 350 MAG with a synergy rod (he can get above 400 with synergized armor and accessories and/or a red/blue weapon, but you won't do it consistently), and compare its damage against different RES tiers (typically 1500, 2000, 2500 respectively), including Full Break but not Mental Breakdown and without any damage boosting RM (you should unlock Shadow's ninja damage RM).

Ability +++ U U+ Time Soul
Flare 5930 5136 4595 1.80 65
Waterja 4449 3853 3447 1.50 50
Phantasm 4975 4975 4975 0.83 60

However, the more MAG Tyro has, the better Flare becomes. At 400 MAG with Faithga, Flare starts doing thousands of more damage than Phantasm because black magic doesn't get diminishing returns until like 750 MAG. Basically, you can start capping Flare with a Faithga and +BLK RM, but you will pretty much never break 7.5k with Phantasm even if you're stacking Faithgas. Waterja will slightly outdamage Phantasm per cast in the same conditions, but even then it's still doing less DPS due to cast time.

Rule of thumb:

  • 1. Waterja vs Weakness
  • 2. Flare w/Faithga
  • 3. Elemental Scroll vs Weakness
  • 4. Phantasm
  • 5. Flare
  • 6. Waterja
  • 7. Elemental Scroll

If you're curious, you can almost cap Elemental Scroll damage with 450 MAG vs weakness, Faithga, Shadow RM, and +Element gear. This is what I did against Cagnazzo a month ago.

Also, I just checked to confirm, but the soul-generating gap is even bigger than I initially thought, because Waterja only generates 50, which I've added to the chart.


You ever consider honing Phantasm for a MAG-based Tyro? It'll hit harder than Waterja against U+ RES (even with Full Break) and has almost half the charge time. Because of the faster charge time, you'll also be generating soul meter more quickly, reducing the chance of a Sentinel's Guard gap.

RMN 9th Birthday Bash!

I haven't decided if I'll do this yet. If it happens it'll probably be tomorrow afternoon before the fights start.


Deltree must've been really upset about that Chameleon Robe, because he hasn't logged in for two months.

I've never gotten a double upgrade from Rosetta Stones. I wonder what the chance is. I've already fully Rosetta'd my Shadowblade and Vega42s because they are my only 5+ uniques. I'm about fifteen augments into Yoshiyuki.

WIN SOME // LOSE SOME - What game did you think would suck was actually awesome, and vice versa?

Final Fantasy Dimensions isn't a licensed RPG Maker game. It's proprietary tech created by Matrix Software who did all of the FF remakes on DS, 4 Heroes of Light, and Nostalgia. The iOS/Android remake (it was originally a feature phone game with graphics/audio a bit closer to FF5) is also the foundation of the FF5 and FF6 versions on mobile and PC.

Anyway, it's a good game and I liked it too. People were mad that SE charged $30 for it at launch, but it's a fully realized SNES-caliber Final Fantasy (with shitty graphics). They missed an opportunity to give the light/dark parties wildly different base classes, though. At least the advanced classes are diverse. Music is dope. Mizuta isn't able to helm a mainline FF game himself, but he did the soundtrack for FF10-2, a lot in FF11 and FF14redo, a fair amount in FF13, and a lot of FF13-2.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I just finished FF9 PC.
How did you like the PC version in comparison with the original?

Is it a good port?

Good, but not perfect. The main problem is that the analog stick isn't fully supported, locking you to 8-directions with no tilt-sensitivity. But if you've never played FF9 on a DualShock this will never both you.

RMN 9th Birthday Bash!

Three hours pretty much demands you use pre-existing code and assets.


Any damage triggers it. Aeris just healed and chillaxed until the arms were broken.