Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.



Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate Review

@nhubi: Excellent suggestions! :D Thanks for them. I'll see if I can implement them or an equivalent.

@shayoko: Thanks. :) I think I'll leave the fetch quest as it is, since I don't think it came out of whack, but I'll try to add more foreshadowing as to Valoria's nature.


I'll see if I can redo it then. :) Thanks for the reviews!

Astral Transparency: Cole's Gate Review

Thank you for the insightful review and critique! It really helps to know where I am lacking so I can improve as a writer. You aren't half wrong with the fact that the transitioning seemed jarring - i did take a long break between the first demo (which ended when Ray met Cole) and the Valoria part after all. I can't promise I can make massive changes, but I'll certainly try my best to work on the flow!

One of my main themes in the story which I'm trying to cover are the devastating psychological effects of parents pushing their problems onto their children, whether intentional and manipulative or unintentional and passive. This can be seen most clearly through Ray and Irene in the demo, and one of my reasons for letting Valoria leave the house when her father needed her the most (though I do admit it was also partially as a filler to introduce a new character) is to hint at a less-than-perfect relationship between Valoria and her father. And well, I hope that explains why "everyone seems mentally imbalanced" because the four main characters - Ray, Valoria, "Cole" and Tom are all supposed to reinstate this theme, just in different ways. And of course, none of them are perfectly sane or trustworthy at this point. Hope that clears things up.

Again, thanks for the critique and I really enjoyed this review. :)

Six Rules

Thank you for the support, everyone. :) I'm not sure if I'll ever make a sequel, given the obscurity of the setting among Western audiences, but I'll keep it in mind!

[RMXP] Chase scenes

No, just that enemies which I set to "approach" keep doing silly things like getting stuck between tables and all that. I'm using Blizzard's pathfinding script now, but the enemy still gets stuck.

[RMXP] Chase scenes

I'm trying to implement chase scenes done by monsters who aren't, well, dumb and get stuck wherever they go, or stop to smell the roses at some point for no apparent reason. The RMXP "Approach" function can't do it, so I'm trying to use a pathfinding script but I don't know how to let it approach a player that is constantly moving. Help would be appreciated!

Pathfinding script I'm using:


I thought about going for something more conceptual at first, but scrapped the idea because I wanted a more shiny and less gritty title screen. The theme of the story is about grittiness beneath the pretty, after all (which also explains the sudden shift in the logo). :)

Thanks for the advice! I really appreciate it :D

Six Rules Review

Thank you for the review. Credits for the brilliant OST and the art go to my awesome teammates Marc Tabula and chocobikies respectively, however. There was no way I could've done it without them. :) As for the story itself, I truly enjoyed writing it, though whether or not it really deserves 5 perfect stars, I'm not too sure. I'm really happy to see that someone found our work a masterpiece, however, and I will strive to do ever better in the future! :D

Caterpillar Script for Horror Games?

I'm currently working on a plot-based RPG horror game with many playable characters. Hence, you can rack up a party, but not a huge one since perspective changes often. Still, I was wondering - would having a caterpillar in place in a horror game detract from the horror atmosphere because it looks silly? Should I scrap it? Or should I try to implement a caterpillar script where party members follow you, but not so closely that it looks silly?