I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Ohai, Kloe here, I dunno what to put here...
Kloe X Harold! :D

Also PM me if you want to, my inbox is open to talk :P

Also apparently I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident... I just hope that doesn't make me the Phantom of the Klopera!
Remie and Alana
Confessions of Love appear as a duo of Magical Girls save the world!



RMN Diplomacy [Winter 1906]

Sooooo um... Do we just say what we wanna do with stuff and where we wanna move?

RMN Diplomacy [Winter 1906]

I was hesitating as it seems really tricky and complicated and stuff, but if you need someone and nobody else will take the slot, I'm in.


Cute girl with nice boobs saying "I will even do it for free" sounds like the best Monday night ever.

Testers wanted for "Proof of Concept"

I'll test it if you want, it looks really fun and cool! :D


Um, a few bits of feedback on this map:

•The non-rtp stuff, I think if it's Pandamaru's that you've saved it wrong as it seems really Jpeggy and low res compared to what it should look like.
•Stick with one type of sand, don't change between the darker stuff for the middle and the lighter for the cliff edges as it's really jarring, either edit the cliffs to have the sandy texture or use the lighter sand throughout.
•The bridge supports don't work like that, they're used for going in the water, if you're gonna have the bridge up that far, it probably have huge beams to hold it up, but don't have floating supports. The bridge on it's own would suffice in this RTP style.

Heroes of Alore

This looks and sounds like a fairly interesting game from what I've seen so far, I'll give it a go, congrats on the demo and good luck on the rest of development!

p.s I left feedback on a bunch of images on the gamepage.


I love this map the most of all the maps I've seen of yours, my only complaint would be that it looks like you could walk around the soldier, so I personally would move him up a tile so he looks more like he's blocking the entrance.


This... is a dungeon I guess? I'd reccomend making it look a bit more natural if you're going for a foresty-bushy kinda place, as nature doesn't have many straight lines, so you don't want perfectly square rooms.


Oooh, this map is a lot nicer than the other, more default-looking maps that are images on the gamepage. Though the bushes by the house on the left look weird, like 5 seperate individual identical bushes in a row is a bit odd... Also the stairs on the right don't really match the rock used for the cliff and don't extend quite to the very top. I like the map as a whole though.


Um, I think you're using the wrong set of Ækashics battlers, those are the normal enemy ones not the SV_Enemy ones, which is why they're backwards... they should be facing the party, not away from it.