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Hello guys and gals! I am a 19 year old young adult who has been developing games since 2014. Any pronouns are fine. I am currently working on the Chronicles of Chronicles series, a massive, inter-connected universe with many games included in it. In that series, I am currently working on the Meteo Trilogy of games, which includes Meteo Chronicles, Zero Gear Chronicles, and Ebony Chronicles. All three are reboots of my first three RPG Maker games, (Chronicles of Light, Zero Gear Fighters, and Dragon Ascension) completely re-made in both story and gameplay from the ground up, all set in this new universe. I also have many other projects planned, including:

-Genesis Chronicles, a visual novel/RPG hybrid that tells the story of the origins of Zutara and the first major conflict that world faces.

-Unreal Chronicles: Tactical Realms: A strategy RPG loosely based on "The Realms of the Unreal," a series of written literature and art from the late Henry Darner.

-Elvengard Chronicles: A game set on the far-off continent of Elvengard which takes place between Unreal Chronicles and Meteo Chronicles in the days leading up to the fall of the Crimson Meteor. Tells the backstory of the four Oracles of Gortoro from Meteo Chronicles and how they became Baron Ozma's scions.

-Meteo Chronicles Epilogue - Crypt Challenge EX: A major update for the previously released Crypt Challenge DX which completely overhauls the game entirely in a brand new RPG Maker Engine, MZ.

-Firebrand Chronicles: An retro-styled metroidvania action RPG with 12 playable characters, an epic story, an open world, multiple endings, fluid fast-paced gameplay, and a massive world to explore. My magnum opis.

-Boltman Chronicles: A 7-part episodic game series with gameplay inspired by Xenogears and Legend of Dragoon which features a group of super-humans fighting against various supernatural threats. Based on earlier stories and
universes from my youth which I created long before I started using RPG Maker.

-Secret Burrough Chronicles: A 4-part episodic sister-series to Boltman Chronicles. Features a bunch of intelligent animals battling evil forces. Often intersects with Boltman Chronicles and is relevant to the plot, especially Episode 2 which ties in directly to Boltman Episodes 3 and 4. Features the same style of gameplay from Boltman Chronicles.

-Gaiden Chronicles: A collection of short sub-games that tell various short stories of events that happened between the events of Boltman Chronicles Episode Extend and Sakura Chronicles.

-Sakura Chronicles: A sci-fi metroidvania set in the year 9999 that is heavily inspired by Megaman ZX, but is actually good. (roasted!) In this game, you are able to transform into various different humanoid dragon-like forms to defeat
enemies and solve puzzles. Can you climb the 100 floors of EXODUS INC and defeat it's evil CEO Johannes Crowley?

-Sakura Chronicles 2: A direct sequel to Sakura Chronicles that directly follows it's events. Travel deep within Zutara into the Underdark to stop Johannes from harnessing the everflow, an infinite source of water that he can use to flood the planet. Along with the returning dragon forms, you can now steal and harness the powers of various enemies and even bosses to take their form and wreck havoc.

-Remnant Chronicles: The first turn-based RPG since the Boltman Series. Play as a young man who's sent 10,000 years into the past in the body of a forgotten goddess, who must fight a diabolic cult in order to save both their worlds.

-Super Sonichu Tactics - War of Dimensions: A strategy RPG based on the life and times of Christine Weston Chandler and her delusions. In this game, the realms of reality and fiction collide as the insane CWC uses a lost relic known as Zohar to merge her waifus and fantasies into reality. Can Zeke, now fused into the body of Asuna from Sword Art Online, defeat CWC, find the goddess of restoration, and restore the world to it's previous state? Or does he want to keep the world the way it is? Find out, in this epic SRPG by KrimsonKatt Productions!

-3:33 - Countdown of Destruction: An Megaman-X-styled action game where while you begin already at full power, you only have exactly 3 hours and 33 minutes to complete the game! Can you defeat the 8 Dark Dragons of Quazakali, storm the mothership, and defeat the Quazul Empress before time runs out? You decide!

-Delusions of Capricorn - Final Chronicles Part 1: A real-time RPG styled after Xenoblade that takes place in a post-apocalyptical world where an evil cult that worships sin itself has taken over the entire planet. Play as two young adults who must battle with the forces of hell itself in order to free the world from the grasp of the Cult of Elzakalas and it's fanatical leader El Shaddai, and to prevent the fated resurrection of the Evil One and stop the end of all things.

-The Last Dawn - Final Chronicles Part 2: Brought from across time by a desperate plea, can the 12 Heroes of Dawn defeat the Evil One and save all of existence?

-Super Terraria RPG: An RPG adaptation of the indie game "Terraria."

-Boss Busters: Fight various bosses from across gaming history!

-Sonic Adventure Quest: Play through the events of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic 06 in RPG format.

-Chronicles of Arena: A fighting game featuring the cast of the entire Chronicles of Chronicles series. Will receive consistent DLC.

-Yume Nikki - Azure Vermillion Re:Union: An adventure game set in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe. Heavily inspired by Yume Nikki and tells the story of a human who must choose the future they want to lead, azure or vermillion.

-Kingdom Hearts III Re:Birth: A PC Mod for Kingdom Hearts III that completely rewrites the story with brand-new cutscenes, bosses, and voice acting. Also includes a brand-new ending that instead of sequel-baiting, makes the perfect conclusion to the saga we all wanted but didn't get.

My interests include Video Games, Nintendo. PlayStation, Mythical Beings, internet drama, horror, Anime, Manga, DnD, Webcomics, Politics, Drawing, Writing, Game Development, YouTube, Blogging. I hope you enjoy my games!
Meteo Chronicles
A calamity from ages past returns...

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