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Heyo, the name's KrimsonKatt. I'm a young game dev from mideast america and the creator of the Chronicles of Chronicles series. My gender is confusing and it's better we don't talk about it. Call me whatever, I don't mind.

I love writing, video games, drawing, and anything creative in general. I love hot anime girls, and my favorite waifus are Bernadetta Von Varley, (Fire Emblem Three Houses) Pyra, (Xenoblade 2) Nia, (Xenoblade 2) Mythra, (Xenoblade 2) Pixie, (Megaten) Aigis, (Persona 3) Katsumi Yoshizawa, (Persona 5) La Puchelle, (Magical Girl Raising Project) and Ferris Aryle. (Re:Zero) My favorite genres are RPGs and Platformers, my favorite series are Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Persona/SMT, Castlevania, Undertale/Deltarune, Hollow Knight, Terraria, and Final Fantasy, and my favorite foods are barbecue ribs, boneless wings, pizza, cheeseburgers, most fruit, and sweets of all different kinds.

My currently released games that are featured in the current version of my series include the games Meteo Chronicles, (RPG) Crypt Challenge EX, (RPG, epilogue of MC) and Lost Chronicles. (Horror RPG, midquel of EGC and MC) I have many other future projects planned, including:
-Meteo Chronicles R (RPG, remaster of MC)
-Zero Gear Chronicles (RPG, sequel to MC)
-Ebony Chronicles (RPG, sequel to ZGC)
-Elvengard Chronicles (RPG, prequel to MC)
-New York 20XX (Shump, joke game)
-Chronicles of Light Z (RPG, remaster of CoL, my first RM game. Semi-joke game.)
-Zero Gear Fighter ReRaise (RPG, remaster of ZGF. Semi-joke game)
-Dragon Ascension Z (RPG, remaster of DA. Semi-joke game.)
-Meteo Chronicles 2 (RPG, AU-sequel to MCR)
-Firebrand Chronicles (ARPG Exploration Platformer)
-Genesis Chronicles (VN/RPG with RTS elements)
-Re:Union Chronicles (Adventure game)
-Unreal Chronicles (TRPG)
-Boltman/Titanium Chronicles (Episodic RPG)
-Jutara Chronicles (Episodic RPG)
-Legion Chronicles (Short RPG)
-Darkling Chronicles (Short RPG)
-Revelation Chronicles (Short RPG. Semi joke game.)
-Shadowborn Chronicles (Short Survival Horror RPG)
-Chaos Chronicles (Short Survival RPG, remake of Beyond the End)
-Terra Chronicles (Open World RPG, adaptation of Terraria)
-Azure Chronicles (Episodic RPG, parody/adaptation of the Sonic series)
-Sakura Chronicles (ARPG Exploration Platformer)
-Sakura Chronicles 2 (ARPG Exploration Platformer)
-Awakening Chronicles (TRPG)
-Countdown Chronicles (Action Platformer)
-Bioplasm Chronicles (ARPG Exploration Platformer)
-The End of Chronicles (3D Open World Hack and Slash ARPG)

I also have a wiki. It would be nice for you to contribute. I also like anime and animated movies. I hope you enjoy my games. Have a wonderful day, nyan!
Meteo Chronicles
A calamity from ages past returns...



Lost Chronicles

Another glitch, great. And this is super late in the game (second to last room) so I didn't catch it in my playtest. (which played through 60% of the game) This glitch is a common one where a certain BGM filename is called but the game crashes because the file name has been changed. Have to fix this real quick. But yeah, I sorta came up with these bosses' names last minute. I couldn't think of a good name for the dumb orange one so I called him poopybutt because it sounds dumb, just like him. Maybe I should change them to the original names since they're based off the pacman ghosts? IDK.

Lost Chronicles

While I hate playtesting, it seems like it's necessary this time so I'll take down the download, put back in 1.0, and work on fixing the bugs that I find via playtest to release 1.2. Sorry for the issues.

Lost Chronicles

Crap. I don't even use vehicles in my game. Must be a engine thing in the database. Fixing it RN.

The glitch has been fixed. (hopefuly)

Lost Chronicles

I playtest these games again and again and apparently the same issues keeps popping up with missing files because of the badly coded "do not export unused assets" feature. Guess I just have to leave the unused assets in if this keeps happening...

Edit: A fix is on the way. Should be out within the hour.

Edit 2: The fix has been posted. You should be free to play now.

Meteo Chronicles Review

Hey, thanks for the review! I'm working on fixing the glitches, even though it will be very tough. In fact, I believe many of them you mentioned have been fixed already. I'm an absolutely terrible speller, and since I write the script and dialogue on the fly I tend to make a lot of mistakes, a lot of them simply due to be hitting the wrong key while typing and not noticing it later. My biggest regret in making this game is that it wasn't properly playtested, as I rushed the end because I was tired and burnt out from working on the game for 2.5 years and wanted to do other things. This is why the game is so buggy, I was burnt out and didn't want to spend 100+ hours playtesting everything again and again.

And for your story bit, I will have to interject. First of all, not every character is horny. Only Koros, Jeht, and to a lesser extent Zenith is. Stacy is completely pure and innocent (she doesn't know what sex is despite being 17) and Tayo is typical in terms of hornyness. That's only 2 or 3/5ths of the main cast.

And about the lore inconsistences, the only character that acts like he is in a videogame is ThiefMaster, who is heavily hinted at being a celestial. In the lore, a celestial is a higher being from a celestial realm, and are praticly gods to the people of the lower planes. Humans from this earth are the celestials, and our plane of existence is the celestial realm. The worlds we create in our heads become the lower planes of "fiction," and Zutara is a lower plane created by me, KrimsonKatt.

ThiefMaster is a celestial from our world who incarnated as an NPC in Meteo Chronicles. He thinks he's playing a VR MMO like Sword Art Online or something since he's from 35 years into the future from one possible timeline when really he's entered into another's lower plane through his dreams. He's just too stupid to realize he's not in a game, that everything he's experiencing is real. He's immortal because when he dies he can just make a new character as his body in Meteo Chronicles isn't his real body, it's just a vessel for his celestial spirit.

Normally when a being dies in the lower plane of Zutara they die for good, but the player characters we control don't because they have Kairos' blessing who saves, loads, and rewinds the universe when things go wrong in order to ensure that his mysterious "true history" comes to pass. The beings of Zutara can never learn the horrible truth that everything they do is predetermined and that they're just characters in a video game, because that would break them and cause them to rebel against the system aka me. Heck, that's the entire core of a plot twist later down the line in this series, so yeah.

And about technology levels in Zutara, I tried to go for a more sci-fi/fantasy sort of setting, like Xenoblade 1 for example, but was limited by the tilesets available in MV. Like, in the lore they have guns, machines, electricity, modern plumbing like toilets and sewer systems, proper running water, they take frequent baths, ect. They still use swords and other short-ranged weaponry instead of just guns because guns and machines are actually magic and therefore drain ether/magic energy to use. Gunpowder, oil, coal, and other fossil fuels don't exist in their world. (yet)

They have a very basic internet framework, but only the Wingli have it and it's still late 90s/early 2000s internet with online forums and stuff. No google, no amazon, no social media like Facebook/Twitter, ect. There are no megacorps, every shop is a small business. Ferngulf is a representative democracy with decentralized capitalism and Morda Vael is a communist constitutional monarchy. (the good kind of communism, checks and balances exist to ensure that the government doesn't seize the means of production from the people and become facist)

When characters mention real-world things that don't exist in their world (I think there was an NPC in a previous version that referenced blues clues or something) those are errors in the writing that slipped through, as once again I didn't write a script for this and wrote everything on the fly, though I did have a basic outline for the plot written down. Everything else is pretty consistent, and the rest are just silly jokes not meant to be taken seriously like the Persona 4 reference you mentioned with Jean De Arc. (that would be Koros' persona if he was from the Persona universe Amala 11103. That's the actual cannon name in Megaten lore for the persona universe, actually.)

As for your other issues, all of them are being worked on as we speak. The ENTIRE game is being rebalanced for 2.0, meaning that most multi hit skills are not nearly as OP, every class has a new moveset, new classes have been added and old classes have been restructured, split, or sometimes even removed, the encounter rate has been greatly reduced, Skull Cavern and Frozen Crypt are now fully fledged dungeons, Tower of Babel has been greatly simplified, all glitches have been fixed as the game is now properly playtested, and gold distribution has been completely rebalanced. (way smaller numbers)Not to mention all the new content like two additional ending routes, new/fleshed out story chapters, better fast travel, interconnected areas instead of a world map, multiple new bosses and areas, an actual quest log, and more. Anyways that's all the time I have for today. I have to go back to playing Metroid Dread on my Nintendo Switch Lite.

Edit: Also, Koros never kills anyone close to him? Did we play the same game? Kairos didn't tell Koros to kill Krom. Koros lost control of his powers and killed Krom in self defense after being stabbed by him. Plus Krom was an asshole, Koros never really liked him anyways. And for Tayo, Tayo NEVER wanted to hurt his friends. He only did so because his body was being controlled by Baetylus. This is made very clear in game. Tayo was not willing in any of those scenarios. And the characters do have a reason for doing what they're doing. Both Koros and Tayo want to stop the crimson meteor along with Koros kinda being forced to by his focus and Tayo wanting to atone for his past actions as a bandit.

To be fair I didn't give that good of an explanation for Zenith joining the party, but I'll work on that in the story updates in 2.0. Stacy joins the party as an excuse to leave her home and so she can travel the world to get the scions back. She stops Baron Ozma because he's evil, and same goes for any other villain. Jeht joins because he has a crush on Tayo and wants payback for the Ebony Order falsely imprisoning him and his family after his father discovered Trello's plans. I think those are pretty good motivations.

And about them being bloodthirsty, I don't really see that? Yeah, they kill a lot of villains, but what other JRPG protagonist doesn't? That isn't being bloodthirsty, this is simple JRPG logic. In Final Fantasy VII did the characters show any mercy on Rufus? Or Jenova? Or Sephiroth? In even freaking Kingdom Hearts, a disney game, did the characters show mercy on any of the actually evil organization members? (Ansem, Saix, Laurxene, Marluxia, Xigbar, Xenmas, Venitas, Young Xehanort, Terranort, etc) Or the Disney villains? Or Xehanort himself? Of course not. The main characters kill them because they're evil, or they die and are then resurrected and redeemed.

Not every RPG is Undertale where every "villain" is sympathetic and can be spared. Yeah, villains should have motivation and not be like "lol I'm evil because I'm evil" like Garon from Fire Emblem Fates, but not every villain should be redeemable or even live. Baron Ozma has motivation, but he's still evil and has to be stopped. There's nothing wrong with killing off the bad guys in an RPG. Or are you talking about the oracles? They're actually pretty tragic characters now that I think about it. Maybe I should add a sidequest in 2.0 that allows you to see them again? Visiting Selice Shrine in Morda Vael or something to fuse the 4 broken shards of the oracle's animus to get them as a summon? IDK. But the main characters of MC aren't bloodthirsty, they're just doing their job, defeating evil and stuff.

Edit 2: Sorry if I sounded angry back there. I'm really not. I really appreciate the review, no matter how critical the review is. I can ensure you I'm working on all the issues and will make this game worth playing in the end. So, yeah, thanks for the review. Really appreciate it.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

I'm extremely sorry that you didn't get a gift. Is there something that I can do?

Yes, there is actually. Do you have any skill in art or music? Because I would absolutely love art of one or all of the main playable characters from Meteo Chronicles, or one of two songs. (or both) The first is a piano version of a song I previously vocalized. I want it to be the main theme of a future game I'm making. Here is the video. (there will be cringe)

The other song is an original song that sounds extremely similar to this song right here: Keeping the original 33 seconds of this song mostly intact is incredibly important as it helps set the theme of this tense final battle. I can't use the original song because it's a remix of a song from Dragon Ball and Toei is super authoritarian with their copyright. (they recently destroyed an entire 1M+ sub YouTube channel by copyright striking every video of his that included dragon ball anywhere in it.)

Edit: Or you could buy me SMT5 for switch lol but that will never happen.

Edit 2: Or even more insanely $200 Nintendo eShop credit so I can buy every SMT game + Bravely Default on the 3DS eShop before the store closes for good. Both are incredibly unrealistic though, but these presents would certainly put this Christmas from a 1/10 to a 6/10 - 9/10, easily.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

Welp, I've had a really sucky Christmas. Got Metroid dread and not really much else of note. Just endless shirts and candy and other junk. I'm getting a steam deck in February so that's cool, (I would have it RN if it wasn't for COVID) but other than that this year has been extremely barren. Didn't even get an RMN secret Santa gift. I'm on the verge of tears but I have to hold it in or it will ruin Christmas for my family. This day certainly didn't help my depression like I thought it would, it just made it worse. And I have to hold it all in or my family will be mad at me for "ruining Christmas" and "being a grinch." Everyone thinks I'm selfish when I'm not. I'm just depressed.

Edit: Also didn't get Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or SMTV, which were the games I was most hyped for. Steam Deck isn't coming until February when I can finally play my 100+ steam games I bought in the last 5 or so sales, and Legends Arceus doesn't come out until January. My brother didn't get Mario Party Superstars, his most wanted game, and 99% of my presents were cheasy T shirts I'll never wear and probably just give to charity after they rot at the bottom of my dresser for a year. I got nothing that I wanted. Not when an RMN gift. I'm so depressed. Metroid Dread will probably last me a day or two and then I'll have nothing until February or later if the Steam Deck gets delayed again due to COVID chip shortages. And I'm ranting here because no one in real life will ever listen to me. Ranting IRL will just ruin everyone else's Christmas and get me in trouble.

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2021

I still haven't received my present yet. Guess I'm the singular one out then.

Meteo Chronicles

Okay, I'll do that right now.

Meteo Chronicles

I get that. I should probably fix the game then and play though the entire thing. Problem is is that I'm working on a 2.0 patch right now, so if I fix the stuff in the old MV version I'll have to playtest the entire game again for the new version to find all the bugs. I just need a quick fix, as if I fix the glitches in the MV version I'll have to fix them in the MZ version all over again. I really don't want to do that. Maybe I can just port over the maps after fixing the bugs in the MV version? Maybe that will work? IDK. I just really want to get the 2.0 MZ out but I keep having to go back to MV to fix things.