Who says evil can't be cute? (0w0)
Hello guys and gals! I am a 17 year boy with many disabilities. Despite this I will continue to make many games using RPG Maker MV. Since the failure of my last two games, Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension, I have started a project called "Generic RPG Quest 3." It will be a parody game of retro RPG tropes with maybe some secret lore thrown in there for good measure. Some of my favorite games are Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Smash Bros, Megaman, Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade, Hollow Knight and Teraria. I hope you'll enjoy my games!
Generic RPG Quest III
A trilogy no one asked for.



Happy (Early) Halloween! (+new profile pic/other updates)

Hello everyone! KrimsonKatt here and as you may have noticed, I
changed my profile pic! This is to celebrate Halloween, the time of
the year all about spooky stuff. But instead of some spooky scary
skeletons of horrifying clowns, I changed my pic to an adorable
succubus! However, this succubus is not out for yo ass, she out for
yo candy! Cool huh? She's actually based of a character from one of
my old fanfics who turns into a succubus at night to save the city
or something like that. (pls don't read them... please...) Anyways
about my current affairs with RPG Maker. Generic RPG Quest 3 has been
put on hiatus due to technical difficulties, and I have begun work on
my magnum opus, Firebrand Chronicles! It is sorta a complete rewrite
of dragon ascension which in turn is a rewrite of chronicles of light.
All those games feature the same characters, but were VERY different people
all things considered. I actually have a lore explanation for this
that was to be explained in GRPGQ3, but due to technical difficulties
with the 0.4 and higher versions of the game it had to be put on hiatus. I might release a visual novel which is basically just a endless lore dump for my extended universe to prepare for Firebrand Chronicles and beyond so watch out for that. I'm making good progress on chapter 1 of FC and it will probably be ready to release it by Halloween. BTW FC is not episodic, just structured like something like Bravely Second or Fire Emblem with different chapters and such. Also be warned that the game takes HEAVY inspiration from the Elibe setting in Fire Emblem, so some names, story events, and locations may be similar. However, I assure you that the world of Firebrand Chronicles (aka Zutara) is it's own world from Elibe with it's own lore and history. Maybe it's a alternate version of Elibe as shown in Fire Emblem Heroes? (Hint hint nudge nudge.)

Connection: Fairy Birthbloom

This game looks fun. Also the fairy on the right looks like Magnolia from Bravely Second lol. That series also has fairies btw but the two ones you meet so far
are evil.


Yeah pretty much. This game was heavily inspired by Final Fantasy 1 if you couldn't tell.

Generic RPG Quest III Review

Good news! I know is is way late. (About a year I think) But I have fixed most of the issues that you found while you were playing in updates since the release of this review. I have gone back to MV, and are continuing to add to and fix the game. The debug plugins that were severely lagging the exported game have been removed, so no more red words or lagging textboxes. Also the dialogue has been completely changed, with some NPCs being completely removed (Like the clown you mentioned) and replaced with different NPCs who tell you where you need to go and give you useful hints. In earlier version of the game, I made the pub area of the inns sort of a "meme zone" where I put completely random stuff like that clown guy, people quoting random memes, and voiceoverpete being present for some reason. I realized later that wasn't really a good idea, so I started not placing pubs in later towns and toned down the memes present in the pubs. However, that sort of fits into the wider narrative which even as of 0.3 or the soon to be released 0.4 is not revealed yet. I can't wait to show you the big twist of this game. It's going to blow your minds!

0.5 Unleash Destiny
Cycle 2269
4 crystals oath to blame
memories sealed within the chains
Darklord hides a secret
Will ascend to end layer to meet it?
Chronicles of Chronicles


This is the old title screen pre-0.3.

What the heck is with the Generic RPG Quest Series?

Huh, that's a nice theory. But then why did the guy who made "Generic RPG Quest 8" not just call it Generic RPG Quest? The mystery continues...

My old games have been re-released! But…

The games are just as buggy as before in their current state. I lost the files to them a while back, but the re-mastered versions would have been completely bugfixed. However, since I made this post (It was a while ago) I decided to let the past be the past and move forward with new projects. Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension are only still up to keep the history alive. Thank you for understanding.

What the heck is with the Generic RPG Quest Series?

So you may know, but I have been working on a game called Generic RPG Quest 3 for quite some time. You may also know that a guy named Seiromem has made another game called Generic RPG Quest 2. Originally, Generic RPG Quest 3 was called Generic Quest, but also some digging, I found a game called Generic RPG Quest 2 so I decided, "Hey, maybe I should rename it. Heck, maybe I should make a sequel (not really) to a RPG Maker game I have never played! That should be fun!" However, what ever happened to Generic RPG Quest 1? I searched and searched, but only found a reddit post for "generic RPG side quest ideas" and a youtube let's play for a mysterious game called "Generic RPG Quest 8." What the heck? why did it skip from 2 to 8? And it seems like each game (out of 2, 3, and 8) was made by completely different people? What the heck? Are there actually 7 other generic RPG Quest games not made by Seiromem or me that have been lost to the void. Did Seiromem actually make Generic RPG Quest 8 and simpilly skipped a couple games as a joke? Did Seiromem or someone else create the original Generic RPG Quest and then delete all traces of it from the internet right before or after Seiromem posted 2? This is all so confusing! I hope that someone in this community can solve this mysterious. Someone do something!


The Truth Revealed!

I still have the backup files, if you would all like playing a bug fixed version in the future. (IDK if it could pass RMN's standards though.)


@visitorsfromdreams @Darken

Thing is I can't get a job right now due to my condition. I've never been employed and probably won't be for a while. You can check my profile for details, but in short I have a lot of disabilities causing me to have various problems in school. My parents are also very protective putting me into classes and camps with people far less mature and smart as me with much more severe conditions, forcing me to be around people who aren't a good example to me maturity wise as well as people not pushing me very hard in those environments. Also I CAN draw, i just can't draw in a computer, which is required for these types of things. I also don't have the art and technology supplies to make my drawings in better quality. If you ever find my DeviantArt page (please don't) all you will find is my hentai collection and a couple drawings of my OCs who are drawn in color pencil and taken with only my phone. Not very impressive, and definitely not fit for an RPG Maker game.

Edit: Also, you would be surprised how many YouTubers do it for a living. I've seen plenty of channels with far less than a million subscribers (5000-80000 subscribers) who do YouTube full time. I think it's foolish for someone to put so much faith, let alone their livelihood, on algorithms, trends, and people's changing tastes. Remember SkyDoesMinecraft? Me too. He was one of the biggest YouTubers during the Minecraft era, rivaling PewDiePie in views. What is he doing now that the trends have changed? Making Fortnite videos getting about 1000 views per upload. He's basically a dead channel compared to his previous fame. PewDiePie would have suffered the same fate during the Let's Player apocalypse of 2016 if he hadn't changed from Let's Player of popular horror games giving fake insane reactions to jump scares to controversial political commentator and comedian who the media (especially Vox Media) wants to destroy.