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Hello guys and gals! I am a 17 year boy with many disabilities. Despite this I will continue to make many games using RPG Maker MV. Due to technical difficulties, Generic RPG Quest 3 will now be put on indefinite hiatus. It is not CANCELLED per say, it will continue, but due to various problems I would have to restart the project from scratch, and as of now that isn't really worth it for me.

Since Crypt Challenge DX is now complete I will now work on the first true game set in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe, Firebrand Chronicles. That game will be a professional level commercial game on steam, and due to that the game will likely not be released for many years as I have to create the assets and obtain money to commission music, art, animations, and possibly get some voice actors for the FMVs and for voice clips in the cutscenes.

In the meantime, I also have plans for three other games in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe made in RPG Maker MV. They are all complete re-imaginings, or RE:Births as I like to call them of my first three RPG Maker Games: Meteo Chronicles, (Chronicles of Light) Zero Gear Chronicles, (Zero Gear Fighters) and Ebony Chronicles. (Zero Gear Fighters 2: Dragon Ascension) You can expect those to release from mid-2020 to early-2021. After that I plan to work on the "Genesis Saga," the "Sakura Saga," the "Boltman Saga," and the "Final Saga."

The Genesis Saga includes the games Genesis Chronicles and Unreal Chronicles. Genesis Chronicles is a visual novel with some fights that tells the backstory of the world of Zutara as well as the first hero Ryu and the war against the fallen dragon Mordrake. Unreal Chronicles is an adaptation of a bizarre and mysterious collection of art and manuscripts called "The Realms of the Unreal," written by the late Henry Darner in the late 1890s and early 1900s. It is a traditional RPG only about 4 hours long or less.

The Sakura Saga includes 4 games, Generic RPG Quest III: A Realm Reborn, Sakura Chronicles, Sakura Chronicles 2, and 333:Countdown to Destruction. GRPGQ3:ARR is exactly as it sounds, a remastered version of Generic RPG Quest III sorta like what was done with Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, hence the title.

Both Sakura Chronicles and Sakura Chronicles 2 are 8-bit styled metroidvania games similar in mechanics to the Megaman ZX games, albeit heavily upgraded with a better map, better game mechanics, and a larger scope. 333: Countdown to Destruction is a fast-paced 2D Platformer in which you have all your abilities from the start. The catch? You only have exactly 3 hours and 33 minutes to complete the game. Are you up to the task? Sakura Chronicles 1 and 2 as well as 3:33 will be made with GameMaker Studio 2 instead of RPG Maker
MV and will be commercial titles.

Then there is the Boltman Saga which includes 10 games. (yes, that's a lot!) It includes Boltman Chronicles 1-3, Titanium Chronicles 1-3, Secret Borough Chronicles 1-3, and Boltman Chronicles Xtend. They tell the story of a millionaire turned superhero who defeats villains and explores space, time, and even his own identity! All the games are all about 4 hours long or less and pretty short, varying wildly in gameplay and tone while still keeping the same systems intact.

Finally, there is Final Chronicles, the final game of the Chronicles of Chronicles games. A post-apocalyptic RPG that asks one simple question, when does self expression go to far, and how far can it go before the world crumbles before you? Featuring all the Chronicles of Chronicles characters in a world corrupted by evil and filled with false prophets, will the heroes be able to stop the revival of the ultimate evil Elzakalas and the destruction of all of reality? Find out! (In a really long time lol.)

Some of my favorite games are Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Sports, Mario and Luigi, (RIP) Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley, Starbound, Castlevania, Smash Bros, Megaman, Zelda, Xenoblade, Bloodstained, Hollow Knight and Teraria. I hope you'll enjoy my games!
Crypt Challenge DX
Meteo Chronicles Continues



48-owl Gammak thread

Sorry, but I don't think I can do this. Haven't started on my game yet and it's currently 6:00 PM on day 1 in my time-zone. I also still need to complete the assets for my game, so it doesn't seem like I can do this event anyomre. Sorry!

A Rant

Before you asked, I posted this to my status instead of the CCDX blog because of it's more mature content. Please understand.

A Rant


OK, so I just saw the final rating for this game am I am not happy. I'm confused as why liberty only game my game only 1.5 stars, as she herself in her stream of the game: "This wasn't the worst game I've played, but at least it's fun. It's like a dumb puppy. Stupid, pointless, but fun." Why would someone who thought the game was fun give the game the same rating Zero Gear Fighters.

Just to clarify, Zero Gear Fighters
1: literally cannot be beaten due to game-breaking
2: Is filled with spelling errors.
3: It has a awful, boring plot with pointless and forgettable
4: It has terrible broken mapping.
And finally 5: It has generic default VX Ace gameplay like every other amateur VX Ace game you can find all other this website,, and Steam. Heck, when I made that train wreck I didn't even know about switches! (I learned about that late in development of ZGF/Early in the development of ZGF2)

How has a game with custom assets, a consistent musical style, somewhat decent writing, (especially in Version 1.1 and beyond) original database stuff that isn't just the default VX Ace stuff like ZFG, an a twist that is actually hinted at and eluded to unlike the twist in ZGF (that comes out of absolutely nowhere) or the twist in ZGF2. (Which is absurdly obvious from the first cutscene and is also really dumb)

Like a wise man once said, "If it's not fun, why bother?" That has been my main philosophy ever since I started making games. Zero Gear Fighters 1 and 2 failed in that regard due to poor writing, mapping, and gameplay since back then I was still learning the engine and how the map maker, database, and event maker worked in both VX Ace and MV.

I have been working on numerous failed projects since I cancelled ZGF2, and during that time I have heavily improved both my writing, game design skills, and sense of humor. Gone are the days of me quoting "Dora the Explorer" in Zero Gear Fighters and expecting them to laugh. Gone are the days of awful mapping, dead memes, terrible writing, and generic VX Ace gameplay. Why then, is Crypt Challenge DX considered just as bad as Zero Gear Fighters by the site admin herself, Liberty? She even said the game was fun herself. Why would someone rate a game that they considered fun only a 3/10? The only reason someone would rate a game that low was if they held some sort of grudge against the developers or they don't agree with their political beliefs. Hmm, I might be on to something.

Do any of you remember games like Battlefield V or movies like Ghostbusters 2016? They tried to shoe-horn politics into their media and people didn't like that. They voted with their wallet, and thus, both of those pieces of media failed. I feel like the same thing is being done to my games, but since they are free and open-source, they are giving the games bad ratings in order to make my games fail.

Remember almost a year ago, In December 2018, when I reviewed a little game known as Fiora? You guys might now remember, but I certainly did. In the review I unintentionally said things that some people may have considered homophobic, which was only a response to my expectations being averted to what I expected from the game page, the screen-shots, and the description.

Nowhere in the game-page did it say that it was LGBT themed at all, and only later in my playthough did I realize that I was playing what this website considered as "Gayme" or a game featuring heavy LGBT themes and characters. I thought it was an atmospheric visual novel with some battles thrown in which contained many endings as I have been watching a lot of videos discussing RPG Maker visual novel/puzzle/horror games with many endings and secrets like Yume
Nikki, Dreaming Marry, and the Witches House.

As you can see, my expectations were very different from what I got, and as such I was caught off guard and gave it a negitive review. A later apologized for my actions, but the gays never forget, and I feel like the LGBT members on this website (which includes the majority of the admins) have some sort of vendetta against me, which I know is probably not true, but it sure seems that way with someone who once praised my game, a game with mostly positive reception, (except for bicfarmer who played a dead version accidentally) rated my game so negatively despite the massive improvements I made since ZGF 1 and 2.

You made not know this, but I am a very strong Christian who is also moderate right, a group that has been consistently discriminated on the internet and social media for promoting "hate speech" when people like me, not those abominable white supremacists and neo-Nazis, are just trying the speak the truth. While I do support equal rights for all and other movements, the LGBT community, or more accurately the part of it portrayed by media outlets like the Huffington Post or Pink News, is just what the bible warned us about like what happened in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, abominable. They fetishise
children, try to promote and legalize pedophilia and bestiality, dance mostly naked parading in the streets, brainwash and indoctrinate children, who don't have any sense of complicated issues like sexuality, into being gay like with Desmond is Amazing and that kid from Texas who was being abused and fetishized by his mother.

This boy's parents are divorced and he, at only 5 years old, lives with his father primarily, but sometimes visits his mother for a week once a month. While with his mother, his mom constantly tells the impressionable 5 year old that he is a girl, dresses him up, forces "her" to go to school like that, and calls her "Luna." It is also revealed in a earlier interview that the mother has a pin-up model fetish and that she wanted a girl so she could live out her fantasies, but when she birthed a boy she and her husband divorced out of her anger.

The worst part is that the court ruled that both the mother and father of the boy would continue to have shared custody, but all medical decisions going forward would have to be approved by both parents, as the mother wanted her son to go on puberty blockers and inject him with estrogen AT ONLY AGE 5!

Along with that horrifying story, pride parades are not "a celebration of diversity and inclusion" like the left claim. They are full of creeps dressed in only a thong dancing like a whore waving rainbow flags around, people covered with rainbow colored condoms, and young children dancing around, completely unaware of the creeps around them.\

Against what you might think, I am not against the gays. Actually, I support them. This is, the ones that are sane and are not creeps, and are just ordinary regular people like the two lesbians in my school and the 3 bisexual girls in my class. However, the media doesn't highlight these people, they highlight the degenerates, in the process fueling hatred and fear, causing people to head to the far right and possibly fall into the cycle of hatred that is white supremacy. I want to support these people, I really do, especially the ones in abusive households that don't accept them. However it's sort of hard to have a good impression of them when all you see in the news is degeneracy and blind support.

Also for people who say "How can you believe in the Bible but still support gay people? The bible calls us abominations!" I think you are misunderstanding the verse. Have you ever actually read the infamous chapter that says this, Leviticus 18? Let me quote to you one of the many translations the verse in question holds: "Thou shalt not pierce a man as he would do a woman, for that is an abomination" This is referring to anal sex, which when unprotected (since condoms or butt blockers didn't exist in 3000 BC.) can be extremely dangerous and unhealthy. In the context of that verse, God is referring to the sage Moses about things that they should not do to set them apart from the barbarians living in the region of Canaan, (modern-day Arabia) as if they start acting like the Canaanites they would be corrupted by their false gods, or Baals, (actually elder demons) such as Baal, (yes I know his name is redundant) Molek, and Ashera.

Sex is a lot more than just penetration, so I don't think homosexuality is downright banned in the bible, just discouraged as protection didn't exist yet and they could get aids. (I know anyone regardless of preference get aids too, but historically is has mainly been spread by the LGBT community when they have sex unprotected.) The only other time homosexuality is explicitly discouraged is in Romans, which is the sage's Paul's opinion and not the words of God, so his words are debatable.

In my opinion, being gay is NOT a choice and you are born either or, though straightness is the default as two men or two woman cannot procreate. That is just not how nature, and therefore God, works. This whole movement with "hetronormitivity" is just bullcrap because 90% or more of the world is straight and heterosexuality is just is how humans are naturally designed. The Onyx goes into the Cloyster. Boom, new life is created. In short, gayness comes from sin, but isn't evil just like Autism or an arm or a leg missing isn't evil. Some people are just born differently due to our world being an imperfect one, and that's fine. No one should be mass murdered or imprisoned for things they can't control. Jesus loves everyone, even murderers and rapists, as God doesn't want anyone burning in hell. He wants everyone to eventually be redeemed, though he in his infinite wisdom knows that it is a impossible task. At least, that's my two cents.

Also I DO believe in evolution, but also creationism. I believe that created the world by manipulating everything to work out exactly correctly in order for the world to come into being, and then manipulated possibilities in order to cause stars and planets to form, for those planets to eventually be able to house life, and for those planets to develop life though one or a couple original species that eventually expanded off of one another in order to bring forth every animal in our modern age. Also, I believe the biblical Adam was not the first creature like him, but was the first of any of the animals to discover god, and was granted the knowledge of the divine, or in other terms morals, in order to live out his life as God's chosen race: humanity. However, Eve WAS created by God as a reward to Adam his chosen person as Adam's ideal wife, and for a long time they kept their child-like innocence, as they were unaware of evil's existence. However when the fallen angel Lucifer, or Satan, tricked them into eating an enchanted apple witch broke their innocence and gave them knowledge of evil. Thus, evil, plague, sickness, and natural disasters entered the world, and humanity has suffered even since.

But back to the whole point of the endless rant. I feel like the rating of Crypt Challenge DX is incredibly unfair and would like it changed, as I feel like it's low rating may or may not be due to LGBT people like Liberty holding a grudge against me for my Fiora review that caused LavanderSiren and her kissy-kissy friend to cry.

Please don't hate on me. I respect your opinion, so I respect yours. Please be civil in the comments. Thank you.

48-owl Gammak thread

I'm in. Hopefully my "joke game" won't be to joke-y lol.

Crypt Challenge DX Review

The issues are now fixed in version 1.1.1. See for yourself!

Crypt Challenge DX Review

I also got a request to review this. However, seeing this review and that the balance problem I had with this game is still there, I'm guessing by this point that it's a conscious design choice.

It's not really. I'm fixing it right now as we speak. The balancing issues are not intentional. Please do not spread false information. Thank you.

Crypt Challenge DX Review

Thank you for the review. Just to clarify, I DID credit every song in the game during the end credits. Please do not spread misinformation. Another thing was that the reason I added the "fake loading screen" was because I wanted to draw out the music playing at that time to build up tension. In the next update, I will fix the loading screen and make various balance changes. Thank you.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

I would like to join! Have done this every year since 2015 and this year is no exception. Some good ideas for me.

-A let's play of one of my games from Crypt Challenge DX and beyond.
-Steam codes for various 2D action platformers. I can't get enough of those.
-A review for any one of my games, especially if the game doesn't have a review yet.
-Most of all, custom music for my game. Looking for a good climatic final boss theme against a giant foe as well as a true final boss theme fighting a demonic eldritch force that is also your long lost friend corrupted. Other themes like a desert theme, epic battle theme for normal encounters, a grasslands theme, a swamp theme, a tundra theme, a wastelands theme, a volcanic theme, a boss battle theme similar to the ones in Xenoblade 2, a "superboss theme" similar to the ones in the Xenoblade games, and a "end of the world" like theme for the final dungeon.

Thank you!

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

Social media achievement here we GOOOOOOO!!!

RMN: Review Misao Nominees

Please review my game for this event. It's really short and very fun. I assure you it's much better than Zero Gear Fighter or Dragon Ascension. It's a pretty good indicator on how much I've grown in game design in the past 3 years.