The K is for Knowledge, because I'm smarter than all you suckers.
Hello guys and gals! I am a 18 year old young adult with many disabilities. Despite this I will continue to make many games using RPG Maker MV. Due to technical difficulties, Generic RPG Quest 3 will now be put on indefinite hiatus. It is not CANCELLED per say, it will continue, but due to various problems I would have to restart the project from scratch, and as of now that isn't really worth it for me.

Since Crypt Challenge DX is now complete I will now work on the first true game set in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe, Firebrand Chronicles. That game will be a professional level commercial game on steam, and due to that the game will likely not be released for many years as I have to create the assets and obtain money to commission music, art, animations, and possibly get some voice actors for the FMVs and for voice clips in the cutscenes.

In the meantime, I also have plans for three other games in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe made in RPG Maker MV. They are all complete re-imaginings, or RE:Births as I like to call them of my first three RPG Maker Games: Meteo Chronicles, (Chronicles of Light) Zero Gear Chronicles, (Zero Gear Fighters) and Ebony Chronicles. (Zero Gear Fighters 2: Dragon Ascension) You can expect those to release from mid-2020 to early-2021. After that I plan to work on the "Genesis Saga," the "Sakura Saga," the "Boltman Saga," and the "Final Saga."

The Genesis Saga includes the games Genesis Chronicles and Unreal Chronicles. Genesis Chronicles is a visual novel with some fights that tells the backstory of the world of Zutara as well as the first hero Ryu and the war against the fallen dragon Mordrake. Unreal Chronicles is an adaptation of a bizarre and mysterious collection of art and manuscripts called "The Realms of the Unreal," written by the late Henry Darner in the late 1890s and early 1900s. It is a SRPG with 32 maps divided into 2 parts.

The Sakura Saga includes 4 games, Generic RPG Quest III: A Realm Reborn, Sakura Chronicles, Sakura Chronicles 2, and 333:Countdown to Destruction. GRPGQ3:ARR is exactly as it sounds, a remastered version of Generic RPG Quest III sorta like what was done with Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, hence the title.

Both Sakura Chronicles and Sakura Chronicles 2 are 8-bit styled metroidvania games similar in mechanics to the Megaman ZX games, albeit heavily upgraded with a better map, better game mechanics, and a larger scope. 333: Countdown to Destruction is a fast-paced 2D Platformer in which you have all your abilities from the start. The catch? You only have exactly 3 hours and 33 minutes to complete the game. Are you up to the task? Sakura Chronicles 1 and 2 as well as 3:33 will be made with GameMaker Studio 2 instead of RPG Maker
MV and will be commercial titles.

Then there is the Boltman Saga which includes 3 games with 3-5 episodes each. It includes Boltman Chronicles Episodes 1-3, Titanium Chronicles 1-3 plus an epilogue, and Secret Borough Chronicles 1-5. They tell the story of a millionaire turned superhero who defeats villains and explores space, time, and even his own identity! All the games are all about 4 hours long or less and pretty short, varying wildly in gameplay and tone while still keeping the same systems intact.

Finally, there is Final Chronicles, the final game of the Chronicles of Chronicles games. A post-apocalyptic RPG that asks one simple question, when does self expression go to far, and how far can it go before the world crumbles before you? Featuring all the Chronicles of Chronicles characters in a world corrupted by evil and filled with false prophets, will the heroes be able to stop the revival of the ultimate evil Elzakalas and the destruction of all of reality? Find out! (In a really long time lol.)

Some of my favorite games are Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Sports, Mario and Luigi, (RIP) Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley, Starbound, Castlevania, Smash Bros, Megaman, Zelda, Xenoblade, Bloodstained, Hollow Knight and Teraria. I hope you'll enjoy my games!
Meteo Chronicles
The first game in the Chronicles of Chronicles series!



50 Days of Representation

I'm making an Yume Nikki fangame that I have been planning for a while. It's called Yume Nikki - Azure/Vermilion Re:Union. I had another game planned on this topic, but sadly I could not be completed until both Meteo Chronicles and it's sequel Zero Gear Chronicles were completed since its the third game in a trilogy. Maybe next year?

r/traaaaans but it's RMN

This was never about trains. This was a meme involving trans people, (all meant in good faith however and not trying to be offensive in any way.) I would have posted it on r/traaaans (the trans meme subreddit) but since it had to do with my game I put it on here instead. Enjoy!

Edit: Also yes, I used Gatcha Life. I only use it for the sprites since I can't draw lol. Shut up.

r/traaaaans but it's RMN

Enjoy this funny meme. Don't take it too seriously. Don't get triggered for something petty please.

If you want to go to heaven, don't use the Lord's name in vain. Hell's not cool ya'll. It's more like "Agony Hell" than "Doom Hell" or "Mario Hell." It's not fun.

Very funny. Made me smile lol.

If you want to go to heaven, don't use the Lord's name in vain. Hell's not cool ya'll. It's more like "Agony Hell" than "Doom Hell" or "Mario Hell." It's not fun.

This post was made by the slightly sarcastic Christian gang

Announcing Zero Gear Fighters MV REMIX

Elzakalas destroyed all off the previous 6 universes lol.

-Universe 1
Universe 1 was destroyed due to the sheer suffering inflicted upon Barbello the creator in their young age, creating their "child" Elzakalas made out of the pure negative energy that manifested during that time in Celestial History. Elzakalas upon awakening proceeded to completely annihilate Universe 1. However, upon consoling in the celestial realm, Barbello created another child known as Zophia to keep Barbello away from despair in the meta-physical sense and to limit Elzakalas' power by controlling the universes with her will.

-Universe 2
Universe 2 was destroyed when Duper XXXX tried to summon forth the power of Barbello the creator in order to be able to see all the video games of the future though visions. However, the experiment failed and summoned forth Elzakalas who destroyed universe 2. The experiment did actually work however. The massive reality waves created from the experiment trickling into the celestial realm gave the creator Barbello in their mortal state vague visions of future video game releases, but only games that were close to her. However, the visions were often obscured in memory in order to not alter the timeline the Nameless One ordained for the Celestial Realm to follow. This is the universe where "Super XXXX Seasons 2-6," take place "Super XXXX The Movie Episodes I-IX" take place.

-Universe 3
Universe 3 was destroyed when the Frost Titan fought with Ultimate Super XXXX and their clash summoned forth Elzakalas due to all the planets they destroyed in their conflict. Elzakalas then destroyed universe 3. After their universe was destroyed, only Ultimate Super XXXX's soul survived due to his sheer power and merged with the soul of Tobias Satori of Universe 7. Since Tobias recently re-wrote history using his time wish power, this created a trans-dimensional bridge between universe 3 and universe 7. Due to this, the bridge caused reality distortions including summoning foes from Universe 3 into universe 7 which is the main conflict of Boltman Chronicles Xtend. Umiverse 3 is the universe where the events of "Super XXXX Re:Birth" aka "Super XXXX Seasons 6-12" and "Super XXXX The Movie Episode X - Episode XVIII," "LEGO Super XXXX - The Animated Series," and "The Adventures of Ninwalk and Aussie" take place.

-Universe 4
Universe 4 was destroyed when XXXX the Zinja (actual name lost to history) fell into a black hole where Elzakalas slept and upon escaping lured Elzakalas out of the black hole. Elzakalas then proceeded to destroy universe 4. This is the universe where the short chapter "XXXX the Zinja Book 1: Adventure Begins" takes place along with "XXXX the Zinja - The Animated Series".

-Universe 5
Universe 5 was destroyed when Universe 5 Ryuuta defeated Terra, the god keeping Universe 5 held together and acting as the living seal for Elzakalas. Terra's death broke the seal, with Elzakalas proceeding to destroy universe 5. All the scenes that take place after Terra is defeated actually take place in Elysium, one of the 12 Outrealms that the universe 5 cast went to with a bunch of replicas of their friends and family after their universe was destroyed. Universe 5 is where the events of Chronicles of Light take place.

-Universe 6
Killing Old Man Notgandalf in Rockmour Cave actually caused a dimensional distortion that summoned 1000 Balrogs from LotR which killed everyone, awakening Elzakalas and destroying the world. Universe 6 is where the events of Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension take place.

-Universe 7
The current universe and the universe that all the games in the Chronicles of Chronicles series take place in, including Re:Births of stories from previous universes. All previous universes are non-canon to the next one as every subsequent universe serves as a hard reboot of the reality I have created in my mind.

Each universe corresponds to a complete reboot of the mythos in my head, which I have developed and worked on mentally since kindergarten. Every time a new universe is created, a new history is born, sometimes containing elements of previous universes, sometimes not. Universe 1 was from 2004-2008, Universe 2 was from 2008-2010, Universe 3 was from 2009-2012, Universe 4 was from 2012-2014, Universe 5 was from 2014-2015, Universe 6 was from 2015-2018, and Universe 7 is from 2018-Current.

Crazy (awesome) lore, right?

(Edit: Heavily edited and added upon for clarity and more detail.)

Announcing Zero Gear Fighters MV REMIX

Never happened lol. Good thing too, because I would have less of a reason to reboot everything in universe 7, aka the Chronicles of Chronicles universe, starting with Meteo Chronicles (a re-imagining of my first game Chronicles of Light) and then Ebony Chronicles. (a re-imagining of ZGF) ZGF and DA took place in Universe 6, and Chronicles of Light (my REAL first RPG Maker game) took place in Universe 5. You don't want to know about the previous 4 universes... (Super ****'s theme song plays in my mind, causing war flashbacks.)

I am a failure at life I am so worthless all of my games are a piece of crap I hate my life!!!

I was so dumb in 2016 lol. Don't mind my depression, it was really bad back then.
Luckily I'm a lot better now! :)

I have made a severe, and terrible, lapse in my judgement.

So basically a few days ago I posted something really dumb on the forums here on RMN on the "Welp Welp" section. I thought it was funny at the time (and still sorta do) but it was really TMI and may have triggered some people. I am very sorry for making that dumb post, it was wrong and inappropriate, and it won't happen again. What I did could fly on some communities I visit on other sites like Reddit (even SFW ones) but obviously it did not fly here, which I did not know. I would kindly request that the rules on the website be made more clear so me and many others could better understand them, mainly the rules on NSFW content which is barely even mentioned in the rules, leading to confusion on what is allowed and what isn't. What I did was wrong and stupid, but I would have never done it if I understood the rules a bit better. Of course, I know about simple things like "Be nice," "Don't hack or troll," "Don't make alts," and "Don't do anything illegal." However, some things in the rules are a bit unclear, namely the things about NSFW content. It just says "Don't post anything unsavory" which the rules give some obvious examples like CP, gore, hentai, stuff like that. Due to what I did, the rules should also say something along the lines of "No talking about personal suggestive experiences on this site." That would be highly appreciated. Thank you for listening and I hope you can forgive me, again.

[RMMV] I literally just fa**d to a RPG Maker MV Character

Yes, you heard me right, fa**d. I literally got hard over a FREAKING RPG MAKER MV GENERATOR CHARACTER I MADE MYSELF IN ENGINE! I need serious help. Here is the picture for funsies. (SFW, I think)

I'm 100% serious with this. Not joking. Though, this is the funniest thing to happen to me since forever. I can believe this actually happened. I nearly even did phase 3. (You don't want to know about phase 3) Please someone help me! I cant do this I can't it's too funny! XD