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Hello guys and gals! I am a 17 year boy with many disabilities. Despite this I will continue to make many games using RPG Maker MV. Due to technical difficulties, Generic RPG Quest 3 will now be put on indefinite hiatus. It is not CANCELLED per say, it will continue, but due to various problems I would have to restart the project from scratch, and as of now that isn't really worth it for me.

Since Crypt Challenge DX is now complete I will now work on the first true game set in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe, Firebrand Chronicles. That game will be a professional level commercial game on steam, and due to that the game will likely not be released for many years as I have to create the assets and obtain money to commission music, art, animations, and possibly get some voice actors for the FMVs and for voice clips in the cutscenes.

In the meantime, I also have plans for three other games in the Chronicles of Chronicles universe made in RPG Maker MV. They are all complete re-imaginings, or RE:Births as I like to call them of my first three RPG Maker Games: Meteo Chronicles, (Chronicles of Light) Zero Gear Chronicles, (Zero Gear Fighters) and Ebony Chronicles. (Zero Gear Fighters 2: Dragon Ascension) You can expect those to release from mid-2020 to early-2021. After that I plan to work on the "Genesis Saga," the "Sakura Saga," the "Boltman Saga," and the "Final Saga."

The Genesis Saga includes the games Genesis Chronicles and Unreal Chronicles. Genesis Chronicles is a visual novel with some fights that tells the backstory of the world of Zutara as well as the first hero Ryu and the war against the fallen dragon Mordrake. Unreal Chronicles is an adaptation of a bizarre and mysterious collection of art and manuscripts called "The Realms of the Unreal," written by the late Henry Darner in the late 1890s and early 1900s. It is a traditional RPG only about 4 hours long or less.

The Sakura Saga includes 4 games, Generic RPG Quest III: A Realm Reborn, Sakura Chronicles, Sakura Chronicles 2, and 333:Countdown to Destruction. GRPGQ3:ARR is exactly as it sounds, a remastered version of Generic RPG Quest III sorta like what was done with Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, hence the title.

Both Sakura Chronicles and Sakura Chronicles 2 are 8-bit styled metroidvania games similar in mechanics to the Megaman ZX games, albeit heavily upgraded with a better map, better game mechanics, and a larger scope. 333: Countdown to Destruction is a fast-paced 2D Platformer in which you have all your abilities from the start. The catch? You only have exactly 3 hours and 33 minutes to complete the game. Are you up to the task? Sakura Chronicles 1 and 2 as well as 3:33 will be made with GameMaker Studio 2 instead of RPG Maker
MV and will be commercial titles.

Then there is the Boltman Saga which includes 10 games. (yes, that's a lot!) It includes Boltman Chronicles 1-3, Titanium Chronicles 1-3, Secret Borough Chronicles 1-3, and Boltman Chronicles Xtend. They tell the story of a millionaire turned superhero who defeats villains and explores space, time, and even his own identity! All the games are all about 4 hours long or less and pretty short, varying wildly in gameplay and tone while still keeping the same systems intact.

Finally, there is Final Chronicles, the final game of the Chronicles of Chronicles games. A post-apocalyptic RPG that asks one simple question, when does self expression go to far, and how far can it go before the world crumbles before you? Featuring all the Chronicles of Chronicles characters in a world corrupted by evil and filled with false prophets, will the heroes be able to stop the revival of the ultimate evil Elzakalas and the destruction of all of reality? Find out! (In a really long time lol.)

Some of my favorite games are Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Sports, Mario and Luigi, (RIP) Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley, Starbound, Castlevania, Smash Bros, Megaman, Zelda, Xenoblade, Bloodstained, Hollow Knight and Teraria. I hope you'll enjoy my games!
Crypt Challenge DX
Meteo Chronicles Continues


What the heck is with the Generic RPG Quest Series?

So you may know, but I have been working on a game called Generic RPG Quest 3 for quite some time. You may also know that a guy named Seiromem has made another game called Generic RPG Quest 2. Originally, Generic RPG Quest 3 was called Generic Quest, but also some digging, I found a game called Generic RPG Quest 2 so I decided, "Hey, maybe I should rename it. Heck, maybe I should make a sequel (not really) to a RPG Maker game I have never played! That should be fun!" However, what ever happened to Generic RPG Quest 1? I searched and searched, but only found a reddit post for "generic RPG side quest ideas" and a youtube let's play for a mysterious game called "Generic RPG Quest 8." What the heck? why did it skip from 2 to 8? And it seems like each game (out of 2, 3, and 8) was made by completely different people? What the heck? Are there actually 7 other generic RPG Quest games not made by Seiromem or me that have been lost to the void. Did Seiromem actually make Generic RPG Quest 8 and simpilly skipped a couple games as a joke? Did Seiromem or someone else create the original Generic RPG Quest and then delete all traces of it from the internet right before or after Seiromem posted 2? This is all so confusing! I hope that someone in this community can solve this mysterious. Someone do something!




Breaking news! The popular artist named Aekashics who makes battlers for RPG Maker MV is soon going to make all his battlers Patreon Exclusive, denying hundreds of potential creators of over 1000 amazing high-quality battlers to use in their game which have been completely free since their inception in late 2016. Once he does this, you will be forced to pay him at least 50 dollars every month to be able to access his collection of over 1000 battlers, which would deny the world of one of the last free RPG Maker resources we have for MV. He is doing this solely out of greed, just like Fallen Angel Olivia and the VX Ace Japanese guy before her. If you are ever interested in developing a game, especially for RPG Maker MV and don't want to pay some Russian guy on the internet $50 every month, make sure to download his battlers NOW. As in RIGHT FREAKING NOW!!! A link will be provided below. Also, to be safe, mass download all of Yanfly's plugins for he will probably be the next one to go to the dark side...

Please save me from my eternal suffering.

I want to die. U just learned from my doctor that I have Neurofibromatosis type 1. The only good thing about it is that it is non-fatal. The bad thing is that it turns you into a disgusting ugly orc like humanoid eldritch monstrosity. I want to die. I want to end my eternal pain and suffering. But I can't. I don't know what will happen when I die. Will I go to the afterlife? Is the afterlife a happy or scary place? Will I be reborn into another body? Or will I just fade into nothing? So many questions, and so much time. I've lost the will to live and want to die, but I don't have the guts to commit suicide, along with the uncertainty of where I'll end up when I die. Please help.






[RMMV] My game was denied for no (good) reason.

So, while I was struggling to get my new RPG off the planning phase, I decided to make smaller games as I make my big game. I wanted to make sort of a parody/callback to the ye old days of the NES RPGs, and make a similar game in MV with a small dose of self awareness. So I posted my game, and waited about a month for it to be approved. This is what I got in response.

I don't really get what went wrong. I had far better mapping than Zero Gear Fighters and Dragon Ascension, yet those game got approved. No sample maps, no default database stuff, no big open maps with nothing in them, correct tile use.
Here is an example of how much I improved.

Zero Gear Fighters: Zero's House

Generic RPG Quest 3: HomeTown

See how much I've improved? If Zero gear fighter's mapping can get by, then pretty much any competent mapper can.

The only thing I really don't get is the "Stolen Asset" part. First, I really don't like the RTP slime monster in MV. It's too ugly and I prefer cute monsters in the early game instead of scary ones. You didn't see the rabbies from "Secret of Mana" have demon eyes and bloody claws, right? So what I did is I simply searched "Cute Slime Monster" into google images, found a good sized PNG, and put it into my game. Zero Gear Fighters and especially Dragon Ascension used a ton of "Stolen Graphics" and they got submitted fine. I see tons of other games on RMN, mostly those terrible joke games, use PNGs of characters like Shrek and John Cena and get away perfectly fine, They even put their "Stolen Graphics" as the cover of the game! What happens? They post their crappy game, get a bunch of 1 stars, and leave this website for some bad RPG maker blog or something. I have just ONE PNG from some steam game called "Slime Rancher" and my game get denied. Okay, that makes sense.

Also about my Description, it was supposed to be satire/a joke. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously and it was used to introduce the player the type of humor I would be using in the game. (Satire) I said the game was trash, but I was being sarcastic when I said that. I even put a #sarcasm at the end just to inform people that it was satire and it was a joke.

Overall, I don't think this denial was fair to my game, and would hope someone would give me some clarification. Thanks.

Stardust Saga Progress Report 1

Hello everyone! Spirit here and as you can probably tell I've been really inactive recently. That is mainly because I have a new obsession with Animal Crossing New Leaf (don't ask why) and training for Pokemon VGC tournaments. But now after multiple major story changes and technical difficulties combined with my absolute laziness, I have finally started to make some progress on my new game made with RPG Maker MV, renamed Stardust Saga. It will feature:

-14 playable characters, 2 of them optional
-Original Dual Techs and Triple Techs
-An ATB battle system
-A large amount of endgame side quests.
-Dragoon transform skills from Legend of Dragoon (This is a sorta sequel to that game, kinda like FF 4 and 6. They have vastly different stories but almost the same mechanics)
-Actual Original Mapping (no sample maps)
-A smooth difficulty curve (hopefully)
-More occasional memes! (most of them being in the menu and some being RPG cliches done in a humors way)
-over 20 unique elements, divided into colors (like in Chrono Cross)

I will try to add more features. I expect the game to launch around July, but don't get your hopes up. What features would you want in my new game? What do you think I can improve on from my past games? (If you played them) Do you have any ideas for endgame side quests? Thanks!

I'm BACK!!

Hello everyone and I'M BACK! I haven't been on this site in months, and that's mainly because my computer broke. We got a new one and now I can go back on this site! Yay! MV finally now works on my new computer, so I have started working on my new game. I hope you will enjoy it. Bye!

What did you like/dislike in Dragon Ascension?

Hello everyone! Spirit here! Today I just want a little bid of feedback on Dragon Ascension. You can say anything you like. like what you liked and disliked about the game. I would also really want an updated review because the game has changed quite a bit since Corfaisus reviewed it. I has received some major updates, including, but not limited to...

-A class system, change your classes at will!
-More party members!
-3 new secret bosses!
-Tons of bugs fixed!
-More story!
-2 new bosses!
-Updated maps!
-Only 1 major sample map! (blackberry town)
-Less RTP!
-New music!
-New Faces!
-More areas!
-and more!

I would really like some more feedback and another review. Please?

KINGDOM HEARTS III: Kairi's Dark Secret

Hello guys! I have a friend from Afghanistan who gave me a kingdom hearts 3 disk. I played the game casually until something strange happened. (even though it was in Japanese) Then a big white letters came up that said in English, Japanese, and Spanish, Kairi's big secret. I wondered what it meant, but then Kairi turned into Dora the Explorer and shoot a biga fatta LAZAR BEEEEEEEMMMM at Sora that caused millions of John Cena heads to fall from the sky and the meme sound played too in English. Then Sora woke up in Master Xanort's big white castle and then I quit the game to tell you all of this! Just telling you guys, this piece of information is totally legit because the voice actor for Kairi is also the voice actor for Dora the Explorer. Please believe me i'm not lying! Also Sanik is THE BATMAN.

Ideas that YOU want in the Remake of Zero Gear Fighters

Hello everyone! Spirit here! Recently, I deleted ZGF off my profile. Why? the main reason was that it was my first game, so I was BAAAAAAD. Second, once I finish Dragon Ascension, I will make the remake of Zero Gear Fighters, Dark Ascension. I will be a prequel to Dragon Ascension and will have many new features. I already know that I will be using slightly edited MV tiles, remastered story, an ATB battle system, better mapping, NO SAMPLE MAPS, and more bosses, more characters, and overall better game play. I just want to know what your ideas and thoughts are about what I should add for Dark Ascension. Bye!

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