I enjoy playing and creating games (mostly RPGs) and have a love of story and characterisation above graphics. I've been into RM* since '96 and have used all makers - started on the PSX makers, found and used a patched version of the SNES RM, then moved to RM95. When I found RM2K I finally decided to join some forums and I've been a part of the community ever since.

Absolute Justice

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[RM2K3] Marvel rpg game spriters help needed

Not really, if you're ignoring us as much as you've ignored their rules. Here are the rules for this forum:

When requesting for someone's help:

1) Be specific in your request, and give examples where relevant.
If it's a request for a resource, give a brief description of what you're looking for and be patient. Do not rape the topic by bumping it incessantly.

2) If you're hiring for a project, you'll need to be very thorough.
Give examples of your previous work, a link to images/information on the game, and tell us why we should care. Remember, you're trying to sell the project to people - they won't help you if they are uninterested. Also specify incentives/payment for helping with the project, if you are willing to give any. I have noticed a problem with these sorts of topics - IF YOU DO NOT CONFORM TO THESE RULES, YOUR TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED.

When asking for help OR making requests:

1) Be courteous and type so people can understand you.
If you don't do this your topic will likely be locked. This forum is not an online bathroom stall.

2) Be patient.
People will respond on their own time, and making yourself look like an ass by bumping your topic will make people less likely to help out now and in the future.

3) Keep the number of questions/requests per topic reasonable.
Do not post further/unrelated questions/requests deep into a topic. Also, do not turn a help thread into a request thread, or vice-versa. Making a topic confusing when it doesn't need to be is a waste of everyone's time.

4) Thank the person(s) who helped you out, either by posting in the forum, PM/IMing them, or emailing them.
I'm not asking for great netiquette here, but I've noticed a disturbing lack of 'thank yous' in this forum. Do this and people will like you more.

5) Do not ask for OR post any links to ANY kind of illegal software (warez).
This includes RPG Maker 2000 and 2003. More then one offense will equal a ban.

Fame & Anonymity In The RM Community

It always throws me a little when I see someone refer to nessy as Archeia. I'm like "who da... oh right, nessy"

Fun fact - blame ocean for ringing me here. GW was falling and we'd not talked much but he was cool about my thinking he was a girl thing, and sent me a pm telling me about this place. I'd already poked around here previously but kinda shrugged at it and never signed up, but after that I decided, eh, why not? So I threw in and am still here and have had the pleasure of knowing so many great people just from being here. X3


I always love the dialogue in your games. It's so great.

In other news, that bookshelf and wardrobe are 3 tiles high in a 2 tile high room... (;.;)rz

Internet Drama

As has already been said, we have a filter for things like revenge/hateful/justplainbad/jerk reviews. Every one has to go through that first before it's accepted. If, after that, they think it slipped through the cracks they can appeal and we check to make sure it's fine or not, but if it is, we're not removing it because someone's feelings got hurt. Sorry, but don't share shit if you don't want opinions on it, especially on a site about developing.

If people can't deal with critique they can take their paintings and go cry to momma that people thought their stick figures weren't quite good enough to win best art prize in the fair and momma can hang it on the fridge for them instead.

Fame & Anonymity In The RM Community

There's a reason I've scrubbed all mention of my actual name off any accounts tied to my game deving. Not that I use other social media or forums much, but still.

Why? Because I've been harassed on other social media by fuckwits before and I'm just glad that I never tied my real name to that shit. Some of you know my first name, you all know my second name, and that's all I'm happy to let you know.

I know that yanfly doesn't want to engage with the community more than he does because even though there are good people who don't abuse peoples' boundaries as the norm, there are a lot of people who would (and have) harassed him on various places to help them with their issues with plugins and scripts (most of them things that have been explained a billion times in a million places).

It's the same with other 'big name' people - letting the horde in allows for problems to arise and an overflow of demanding whiny babies who are old enough to know better but think they're entitled to their attention.

This is why a lot of people just like to keep the two halves - personal and online persona - separate. If they need to just deplug, they can, and if they feel like talking to others, they cherry-pick those who don't make a big deal about them and who don't act like they're the second coming of christ or make a huge fuss when they turn up somewhere (it's always surprising to see how people react to these 'celebs' when they pop in to a discord to say hi or weigh in on something that someone said earlier or answer an easy question).

But yeah, I don't need to know more about them than they're willing to let me know and I feel that should be the norm. They're entitled to their privacy and I'm glad I'm not one of those people who need to know every single thing about a person. XD

Allowing people their anonymoty also allows for them to feel safer to express parts of themself they might not be able to in their real lives, like sexuality and gender identity, mental and emotional stability and the like. It can be for the worse, in the case of political and religious beliefs, but it can also be for the better, too.

Allowing that free space with no ties to their persona offline gives people a freedom to explore themselves and each other without having to wonder if the person they're talking x/y/z.

It can also help open the door for people who are afflicted with -isms and -obias to see others as real people before putting them in those shitty little boxes they like to use for their hatemongering.

[RM2K3] Marvel rpg game spriters help needed

[RM2K3] Marvel rpg game spriters help needed

Practice. I'd recommend finding some sprites and editing them first, see what you can do and where you're at, level-wise.

There's a ton of easily-googleable tutorials out there, too. Get graphics gale or even and mess around with stuff like the RTP and free-use pixelled stuff first. Try doing stuff like recolouring hair, making poses and small changes. See what other people do.

Check for some streams or videos where people did pixelling art, too. There's a lot out there if you just look. And be patient. It can take a while before anyone has time to help you out, but it will also take time before you get any good at anything.

Just practice, practice, practice.

Breath of Fire II is actually pretty good. Never appreciated the characters before (though some are clearly better than others)


why couldn't we grab that guy ;.;

[RM2K3] Marvel rpg game spriters help needed

What engine, what particular characters...

Put a bit of effort in! You're asking people to do work for you, at least work at asking for it. >.<;