hey there ^^ The rain is only this way on a part of the dungeon/map while it's more transparent for the other part ^^
Curious why? Why not become a beta tester for my project? Just PN me ;) (You can tell me if its good the way it is then and if you would still change it...)

Ara Fell Greenlight Campaign

Wait a moment! How is it possible to release it to Steam if you are using Refmap Ressources?
Unless you have the approval of the Refmap creator to use these ressources in a commercial game you are bound to get a lawsuit aren't you?
Someone on RPG Atelier tried several ways to contact the Refmap creator Mackie7 (with several email-adresses) but didn't get an answer...
(in this thread)

[RM2K3] pathfinder plugin problem

Hmmm I think I had the same problem but now I think I'm using the newest version of dynrpg (v0.20) and that plugin without problems... Maybe the syntax changed?
Care to share your code?
(for example: @FindPathOrNearestSpot 528, 99, 117, 5, 8, 50 )

[DynRPG Plugin] DynModeSeven

I tried that but it seems that the minimum values
make the graphics stay too much far away
I wanna see something like this, with few mode7 effect.

lol I tried that one too ^^ well but I guess these might be about all useful modes for now:

^^° even though I dunno if I'll use it... I've got few time and redoing all the worldmap sprites is something I'd only do, if I'm totally bored :P

HELP: RM2k3 executes battle command that was cancelled.

Cherry made a fix for that be sure to thank him ;) (only vor 2k3 v1.08)

There you goooo!

The Folkland Case

i see,but the owner of the thread should have a option to mark this as canceled so people know tho or is that a admin that does that?

marked it ;)

even still the way the gameplay is not even being able to open a door without picking a option is just slow and unlikeable for me
i dont mind games that take time but i felt they went a bit overboard on that

that'd be me ;) and I agree those doors are badly made...
the problem's with the gameplay without it being a point'n click adventure...
the options for opening a door are because there are riddles tied to those doors and if you wouldn't have the option window there'd be no way to tie those two things together... (expect one way which I came up with but it's cancelled anyway... that'd be to open the door and then giving the option to still open the options at the door)

Lakria Legends

I think this project deserves some feedback ;) Don't understand how it still has these few comments... (hopefully you cleaned that error... Still can't start it without the maker even with the new exe... must be because I still have the non-working audio files? It stops when the window is called "active movie window")

Your use of the rpg maker 2003 is actually very good! However from what I've seen up until now you could replay your demo and do some fine-tuning :)
-Enemies a little too hard for the beginning of the game (It might only be me but I also miss the Auto Battle Command for the battles in which you only use the attack command anyway...)
-Some minor bugs on Events who move the hero on prone ground or on earthplatforms in water where you jump over; In the cave the background doesn't fit to the battlers position thus he's standing in the wall ^^
-For me the running script had problems after some time playing where I lagged...
-I didn't like the save points... It takes way too long until you can finally save... just take out the first animation and take out the dialog at save points where you can only save ;) (my opinion)

Lakria Legends

edit: I seem to have the same problem as the person above... your patch wont help ^^ don't think the back file tells the exe anything... it's just a backup file...
Well at least I don't have a problem when I open the project in rpg2003 ^^;
I had similar problems once... you should test different patching orders... or get cherry's help ;)

The Folkland Case

Well and due to the little interest this game's on a hiatus (maybe even cancelled)!
0.o This game looks absolutely majestic. Please don't cancel it.

:/ sorry... for now it's almost 95% sure that it's cancelled... maybe in a distant future... that's also because I continued working on my main project.. ^^° also noone seemed to have liked the game so it doesn't seem worth continuing... (and your comment tells me that you havent at the point you wrote your comment xD) maybe it was just too hard... (and that even thought the main part of the game hasn't even started yet... noone seemed to even be able to get the Folkland file in the demo... or was interested to get it)

i could not even get by the tutorial nothing works lol...
the crowbar, the remember topics, looking at stuff with both characters, i give up lol

Well I know the game's really hard and it doesn't make any differences if you write why you had theses problems since the projects cancelled... but you could have written it ;) maybe next time... (unfortunately there's only a german walkthrough for the demo... and btw. you don't have to play the tutorial xD)

nature of men

Ummm... I know there hasn't been much activity on this page in a while, but the download link doesn't work anymore. Just thought I'd point that out.

You're right ^^ Fortunately I still found it somewhere on my pc :)
--> updated the downloadlink if you really want to play this said to be frustrating "game" o_O;;