Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

I must say I love the amount of work that's been put into this game. It's a real joy to play. :3

Thank you very much for your feedback and appreciation sir! :)
Be sure to install and download the latest patch btw.

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

25.07.2017: Added another bugfix patch to the public profile! (Patch 3 - including Patch 1-3)
@Mods: Is it ok to post Patch-Updates as replies? I guess there might be a maximum of two patches coming later on...

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

18.07.2017: Added a bugfix patch to the public profile!

Need help...

I don't know if you still need any help, but I would be able to help with the grammar.

Thanks for your offer! I always appreciate help ^^ Just play the game and write down any bugs and grammar mistakes you find and send them to me :)
I can only offer you a credits entry though.. ^^;

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

I know. I had to stop testplaying when I got softlocked in the mountain range each second step. At least MarcL put me back to the beginning of the area - so I could test it further if I want.

did you try the latest demo again with your save state? while testing the beta-beta you played I only encountered one soft-lock which should be gone by now ^^;

You will be doing the jobcentre quest next. Be careful about the villa (the best) or the mushroom quest (one of the lesser ones) - they could be still bugged.

^^ Unfortunately the villa job center quest is no longer in the game ^^° that too was only in the beta-beta demo :)

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

whoops sorry... The password for unpacking the download-archive is


Sorry for the inconveniance xD Have fun playing...

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

I totally dig this, subbed. Wish I could beta-test... but no time, sorry :(. Good luck with this!

Thanks ^^ Hope to end the beta-test soon but it will surely take a while.. I guess about two months... hopefully earlier...

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

Alright! >:) High quality, oldschool-vibe RM2k3. Sign me up.
It's going to be completed soon, right?

errr... well.... it just took 14 years for the 4th demo with 20-40hours of gameplay... the complete game however should have about 80hours ^^; so I guess I won't make it in my life-time without a lot of help... that's the reason the demo will be version 0.45 like in 45% done xD

you can help me with the beta test though ^^ was your "sign me up" ment for the beta test or just for playing? ^^ if you want to test just pm me :)


Those aren't the best portraits. They're awfully grainy and Cless just downright has a different art style and palette scheme.

Might be the color reduction of the gif ^^ well dunno about cless's artstyle though ^^ I changed his face a little bit anyway... didn't care about this one up til now :) I'll put it on my list of things to do ^^


It was indeed a paint in the *** but somehow it worked out... I guess I already have a more fluid way to do it by now but if it works it works, why change it xD

btw. there's some terrible error in that gif which is still in the game but it's hardly noticable so I kept it the way it is ^^ can you find it?