[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

That's actually really cool.
There is PicturesInBattle which lets you handle pictures in battle. You could probably pre-include that, and insert a custom cutout with just the monster area animated or something.

Dunno if that could work but unless PicsInBattle fully works for DynRPG it wouldn't work anyway... (Unfortunately PicsInBattle only partly works with DynRPG - all pictures are shown below the battle animations - at least thats what I experienced)
Anyway if there's already a working plugin I can probably get rid of all the work I had by using this way... I just wondered about the saidtoexist error of your edited dragonheartman plugin bulmabriefs ^^

Great workaround. :) I did something similar in another canceled project of mine.
Which is the reason it was cancelled? ;)

I implemented attack poses a while back. Unfortunately I'm not using DynRPG or supporting my plugins anymore.

I see... ^^; well poor dynrpg world to have lost you... poor me... I was still hoping to get the health bar plugin ;_;

[Poll] Why some people think FF8 was the best FF ever?

I played FF 6,7,8,9,10,12 and I too think FF8 was the best of them...

The battle system was fun, the story and music were great, characters were great, great graphics, unique places and it had different scenes which you always remember, like stuff about friendship, love, dramatic scenes, scenes with tension and so on...
If I think about it I remember the train scene, the garden battle scene, the space scene, the parade, the ending and so on... every scene greatly made...

My opinion:
FF6 comes second place also with great music, story, characters, battle system and love in every detail..
FF7 dunno didn't like it... played it some years ago and cannot remember anything at all.. music wasn't good either... except for some pieces... also I don't remember clearly but the battle system could also have been boring... didn't feel a thing when aeris died...
FF9 dunno was kinda boring... nothing special... didn't like some characters... can't remember any good music in it...
FF10 comes third place... had scenes to remember... music was ok, good characters, story and battle system... unique places...
FF12 ... wait... did I really play that game... oh right... it was boring and dull... but hey I can remember more of it than of FF7 oO;;

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

hi there
I already said how great this plugin is and all so straight to the point ^^
Dunno how the plugin works but it seems like the attacking animation is quite hard
to do...
Now during the times when there was no DynRPG I came up with my own way for making monsters have a battle animation... well and I wonder if it would make this problem more easy to solve if you were to try it this way...
The way I did it is to add a part of the battle background to monsters battle animation file (in either the Battle or Battle2 folder (2k3))...
Now if I put together (animate) the animation of an enemy I would put the background part behind the monsters battle animation...
With this if the monster attacks in battle I would show the battle animation above the monster and the background tile would cover the original static sprite of the monster with the animated sprite above...
Of course this solution has a lot of problems... you have to choose on what to show the battle animation... either the player or the monster... if it was the monsters then it cannot attack a specific hero and if its a hero on which the monster attack animation is shown it wouldn't work because then the animation would be placed differently for each hero and would no longer cover the original monsters static sprite...
Furthermore the background part of the battle animation could also cover different monsters which resulted in my idea only being useful for boss monsters...
Here's a video to it:

Now here's my question/idea...
If there are different "layers" in battle (and I dunno if there are) which specify which monster is above which monster and if there's a way to cut parts of the background graphics and somehow store them as a new picture (or if there's a way to access the battle animation file) wouldn't it be possible to do the same thing I did just more flexible by showing it a specific "layer" (thus make it work for more enemies), making it work for different backgrounds and make it work for attacking a specific hero...
Well thats it... just wanted to give you ideas... and I bet this would be terrible costly to code...

PS: Btw I could still need a on/off switch for the plugin ^^;

The Folkland Case

Eff, this is goooood!!! <3

Thanks! ^^ Hopefully you still like it after playing xD The game turned out to be very difficult!
I already wrote a german walkthrough... if I find the time I'll translate it into english too!
Well and due to the little interest this game's on a hiatus (maybe even cancelled)! I'm continuing my main project Legend of the Silverstone which I'm already translating into english...
At least everyone can use the edited Theodore Ressources of this game (animated trees and stuff...)

The Folkland Case

After a long time there's an update :)
Have fun with the demo of my game!

Bugfix needed

More information needed ;)
-Spritesheet of the animation
-Normal (96x96parts) or Large (128x128parts) Battleanimation?
-Screenshot of the animation in the maker (first frame)

Want to edit your game's entire text all at once? Simple + Easy -- DreaMaker (RM2k/3/XP Text extractor tool)

But I'm sure if someone else reads this, knows what I am talking about, and has it... It would totally be helpful for anyone still using '2k3.

That's right ;) I guess you could be thinking of DreaMaker

I hope it works for you, I tested it once and after one hour of work I tried reimporting the text file and it wouldn't work...
I am also doing a translation of my project and I think translating a game in the maker isn't that much more work... well nevermind... just give it a try ^^

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

Sure I can do that!

Thanks ^^ I would really appreciate that!

Also I hope you don't mind if I have another suggestion... (probably the last one after testing your plugin for some time now)
If you have enough time... it might even come in handy for you too... though it is for very specific cases (not critizing here at all, just want to make your wonderful plugin even better!... and I could need it for myself of course ¬.¬;)

Well if you think it isn't that important or not easy to change just forget about this request ^^

The suggestion is that in your plugin you take the animation pictures from the folder with the name the monster owns in the monster database. However if you want to have boss monsters which have different forms but should have the same name their forms will automatically have the same graphics (unless you change it to "bossmonstername - form1" or so)

Also if you have monsters with unknown name like "???" you cannot do this, because you cannot create a folder called ???

If there is a way I would suggest the plugin to take the filename of the sprite of the monster in the database and open the folder with it :) (you could also make two different versions of the plugin...if that would mean that you need to change names of files in your project)

Again it's very specific so if it is a problem just forget about it ^^ The plugin is great as it is!

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

Bump because I fixed the issue cherry brought up. (Memory leak.)
As a bonus the code also looks much nicer.
Links are auto-updated with the latest code. Feel free to re-download.

I have another suggestion for this great plugin of yours...don't know if it is possible...
that is, if you have a monster without poses and you don't want this plugin to be used with it, you could check if the folder for the monster exists and if so make that is doesn't try to use the pictures which they don't exist...
--> in short I suggest to allow using enemies in the common way of the rpg maker

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

Hey! Great work with your animated monsters plugin! I hope you still work on it! (like what cherry mentioned) :)
Wonder if you're having trouble to animate monster attacks, because if you have, I have a way to do so in a simple way without DynRPG....
Maybe this way might be easily accomplished in DynRPG with your skills! (I have no idea oO;)