nature of men

I am looking foward to playing this! Seems quite awesome, at least the mapping. Howeverm I strongly believe you should be more introductive (is this the right word?) so people download it and actually get interested. (c'mon, there's not even a dialogue screen.)
well it is a sad game with only (max) 10 minutes of play time ^^ I guess there arent many people who would play it even if it were introductive :P thanks for the comment though ^^ but I guess it is alright as it is...
(plus there are really no dialogs as written in the introduction XD)

A lotta people, myself included probably won't try it if you don't give any insight at all into the game. Story? How it plays? Something.
Yeah I guess so ^^ but well as I have written it is only a very short game... it is just if you have time and wonder what that could be you might play it ^^; thats alright with me

Egh, is there an ending to the game? Or is the part where the sad music kicks in while you wander more the whole point?
yep there is an ending as you seem to have found out in your later comment...

This game looks rather, um, dark! And not in a good way!
XD well whatever... er... I mean why?

Actually the game isn't really that dark when you play it. That isn't even the problem with this game. You basically walk through a 300 tile map, avoid explosions that give you rpg maker game overs (meaning you have to walk through the 300 tile map AGAIN) and then get the ending. Could have made the same point with a 50 tile map and a more forgiving "dodge the explosions" minigame (a checkpoint would have been nice).
Well you may have overlooked the big large moving ball at the very start of each of those dangerous screens (in a safe area) where you can save the game...


This animated in game?

Yes ^^ but it's just a mini-game where you can change where you drive to left/middle/right to dodge "things" ;)


I must ask how you achieved such smooth lighting effects. If only RM2k3 could support alpha channels. :(

Well o_O I don't know... I thought mine didn't really look so smooth... but now that you say it... I guess it's because there aren't too many colors in these lighting effects... (P.S. I use PaintShopPro 7 if you wanna know...)
btw. I'd love to have alpha channels too ;) and I even read of this Patch that would give you... unfortunately I use PowerMode2003 so even if there were a Patch I couldn't use it T^T
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