Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

hmmm... Have you tried changing your monitor brightness or your gamma settings? maybe it's just too dark for you to see the that after going up you can go left? ^^

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

i'm on the ship now and i'm stuck. how can i get past through this area?

(this is the area just after you got the bow and arrow)

Open all the small rooms. One should contain a treasure with a key to unlock the south-western door on that map :)
If you mean the special battle in that room you...
have to defend several times after you killed that creature on Taka ^^

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

the game "lags" a lot in mine. i can't even get past the first mushroom enemy in the intro. the readme said to delete this file: LotS\DynPlugins\xbox_controller.dll if i don't use xbox controller, but i can't find it so i assume that's not the problem. is there anything i miss? my processor is i5 so i'm sure i pass the minimum requirement..

EDIT: got through it by luck. it seems that i can't advance after the brother comes to the main character's room though. there is no people in the living room.

hmhm the lag issue gone now? my cpu is much worse than ur i5 so it shouldn't be the case... maybe you have too many programms running in the background? I guess the intro is the most ressource-intensive scene...
The problem with the empty living room is addressed above...
edit: Uploaded a bugfixed version including the old bugfixes!

also, i think i'm stuck in the exam dungeon. how can i get pass the area with the dragon statue that has "...Persistently he returned the look of the dragon and broke the dragons spell..."

you have to stand on the platform while facing up and wait for about 10-15 seconds, if that doesn't work that platform is broken for some reason, I heard of that problem before, for some reason that platform doesn't work for 1 of ten players ^^;

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

This is a very sad day
Why? Because of the hiatus? Don't tell you me actually played my game? xD I thought noone gave a shit :P

Legend of the Silverstone [2k3][DynRPG][25h]

Hmm. I'm stuck in Taka's house.
He just woke up, went downstairs, and I can't seem to advance anything. I can do the bathroom event a bunch of times, with a not-present Misato commenting on how disgusting I'm being, but nothing seems to work. Am I supposed to be able to leave through the front door yet?

Unfortunately theres a bug directly in the beginning after waking up in your bedroom... if you started the game in english it also sets the switch for german gameplay making you unable to progress the game... maybe setting your language in the menu again can help if the menu is already allowed... if not theres only the option to change switches in testmode... or wait til I find the time to create a bugfix...

[Review Request]

Name: Legend of the Silverstone
Status: Demo (4th demo, 14 years of development), Hiatus until 300 downloads...
Genre: Classic Fantasy JRPG
Estimated length: Approximately 25 hrs
Small description: A mixture of my favorite jrpgs like Final Fantasy 6 and 8 and Grandia 2. Story is about a soldier trainee named Taka who findes a mysterious silvery stone which makes him encounter strange and lifechanging events...
Special requests: Be kind :)


Thanks for the comments :)

Nice sense of elevation here. Is this a secret area?

Yep I guess you could say so ^^ An easy to find one :)

Interesting how there's a hole right infront of the entrance to the top right. I wonder how that'll come into play.

Just test it out ;)

Uploading a completed game and the download button

I believe the cap for files to be stored on RMN's servers is about 450MB? My memory is a tad fuzzy on this, though.
Oh, it's in the Sumbmission Rules!
Game downloads below 20 MB are accepted so long as it follows the Terms of Service. Games greater than that are up to RMN staff discretion (most are accepted). Games greated than 450MB cannot be accepted.

I see.. thanks! ^^;
I guess I should have read the submission rules after all... xD

Uploading a completed game and the download button

huh? I thought I edited my post... delete me please...

Uploading a completed game and the download button

Hello there!

I wonder if there's a maximum size for game uploads with the "submit game" form?
It would be really nice if I could host my game directly on but unfortunatley the 500mb of my game seem to be causing errors when I try to upload it... Thus up until now I can only host it externally which I don't think many people like ^^;

I guess the database behind the site doesn't support such large files?

thanks in advance ^^