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Antagonist Review

Hahaha, we were juggling the contest between school assignments, and rushed work on the contest within 1-2 weeks. We barely finished what we could of the game, I couldn't even get rid of all the bugs (Karmic Retribution's crash bug, learning 2 skills at once and Ralph being controllable at the end were a few to name). I was really dejected once I found out.

The fact that you guys could find things to like about it at all was really heartening. This was our first game that we completed. Once we're more free, we'll try again, maybe with a much longer game without limits :D

Nivlacart rolls into the scene!

Haha, thanks!

By the way, is there any way to change my username?
I forgot to put a capital letter in it DDDDD:

Antagonist Review

Thanks for the review, Kylaila!
There's a lot of good points, I gotta take note XD
The reason for all the parody characters was because we were trying to build the image that the acting was happening in even famous games that we know.
I guess it didn't come across as we expected ^^;

I'll try to kick up the writing a notch next time. Thanks again!

Antagonist Review

Thanks for the review, Novalux!
The game was made for Indie Game Contest 2014, which had a one hour time limit, so the content ended up kinda cramped in, hahaha ^^;

Nivlacart rolls into the scene!

Hi everyone! I'm Nivlacart from Singapore!
I started using RPG Maker VX since 5 years ago, I think.

I love designing games!

I hadn't done anything grand yet, until the recent Indie Game Contest 2014 came around, so I gathered some friends and together we made the game Antagonist, which also led to me signing up for an account here on Archeia's behest XD

I'm studying Game Art and Design in school now, and Game Design and Character Art are my specialities. I really should've joined here a lot sooner though, it seems like such a great tight-knit community!

Eventually, I intend to try to contribute to the community with my art. I hope I can be of service!

Nice to meet you all!


Awesome did you draw this?