DreaMaker for VX?

Is there anything like DreaMaker for VX? Basically something that can rip all the text from a game, and put it all back in later.

New resources from Enterbrain!


They cost $30, the facesets clash with the rtp, (x_x) and the entire pack is feudal Japan, but I'm actually tempted to get this for its many (admittedly uninspiring) enemies. Hell, I might make a game set in Japan for fun if I do pick it up.

So, who might buy it, who doesn't want it, who's just going to steal it from someone's resource folder?

Pokemaniac Let's Tries!

Pokemaniac Let's Tries!

Hey guys! Like with every craze, here I am, a few months after it has passed, ready to join in. I don't really know why, except that I actually have a mic now, but here I am, ready to show your game getting torn up to the masses on YouTube.

Stuff you should know

-I do take requests, in fact, I will probably only be taking requests. Please, however, only request your own games, and make sure you're actually going to watch them! You don't want me going all YDS, do you?

-I will, as a rule, mostly do RPGs, Point 'n' Clicks, etc. This is because I'm pretty shitty at anything else, and I don't really have any mastery of those genres from an actual making standpoint, so I'd having nothing to really contribute. Oh, and I don't do Dating Sims either. Sorry. ;(

-I will not hold back in nitpicking your game to death, and I will be brutal. If you're not ready for the criticism, and if you're not ready to do anything about it, don't waste both of our time requesting your game.

-I don't swear very often, but that certainly doesn't mean I won't. If you wish to keep your ears away from such filth, then this is your entire warning. Run now.

Let's Tries in Progress
The Journey by ninjaalamode and Ekhazar
Ep 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGtEZQyGYuk
Ep 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K3qdUEx6sA

"The Queue"
-Tales from Zilmurik by Corfaisus
-Legend of Denadel by Deckiller
-Dungeon Crawl by Liberty
-Vindication by LockeZ

Get requesting!

VXP Chain Game

Okay, so a good portion of our community use RPG Maker VX or XP, but unfortunately even more people use 2k3, so when it comes to Befuddle Quests and chain games and whatever else, the people that decided to actually make their games legally get left out. So basically what I'm thinking is from now on, us VXP people should have our own version of whatever cool things the 2k3 people are doing, instead of using 2k3 or just whining(which was what I was planning on doing before I decided on this). Hopefully this'll set some kind of trend for the future.

So, there are some things we'd have to decide on for this. Which of the two makers do we use? Unfortunately, one of the makers still has to be left out(unless someone runs a third clone event x_x), so I think we need to find which one has the most interested users. I personally have both, and while overall I think I prefer XP, they're both fine for me really.

Next, how do we manage switches/encounters? If this is a chain game then I guess if worst comes to worst we can use a database breaker to get more slots.

Do we even want to do a chain game at all? We could finally have our own Befuddle Quest-esque event, or something different again!

What graphics would we use? I'd tend towards RTP, since it means we're all familiar with what we're working with, but I know a lot of people think differently. If we end up using VX, as well, how do we manage the limited tiles?

So, is there any interest in this kind of event?

Spammed my Submissions

Hey, well, I was working on a gamepage last night, and when I hit Submit, I got an error page. (The site was down at the time.) Anyway, I tried submitting it lots of times, then I tried once every so often... and apparently they went through. Now my submissions are flooded with a page+ of the one thing. -_-

Now the delete button doesn't work obviously. So can someone get rid of all but the first one for me? It would be greatly appreciated.


Basically I need a full list of members of said brigade. * Please conform so everyone can stay happy.

* I am not BLACK_CAPE and I have no plans to assassinate you all.

.gifs and Game Profiles

Hey guys,

I tried to upload a .gif to my gamepage, but it came up with an error message. Apparently I can only have .png's and .jpeg's.

Now that's all well and good, but is there a way to have animated pictures in game profiles? I swear I've seen them before, and I've already made a whole set of .gif's for this page. I wouldn't want them to go to waste!

Thanks in advance!

Ace Attorney Games

Okay, so Ace Attorney Investigations - Miles Edgeworth came out fairly recently, and it didn't seem to get its own thread.

What do you all think of the Ace Attorney series? Which games have you played? I'm a big fan of the series. It's a very unusual concept but I don't think I've met a person that has actually played an Ace Attorney game and hasn't liked it.

Uh, so, yeah, discuss!

Gamepage Confusion

Alright, so my gamepage gets approved. Some stuff doesn't seem to be working, so I give it a day to correct itself. It hasn't and I've looked on 2 computers with different web browsers. So, here are my problems;

-The gamepage won't appear under the Games tab of the site. A search for it yields no results, but a direct link to it still works.

-The "Notices" tab keeps glowing, even after I follow it through. This is annoying and confusing.

-This is a minor problem, but confusing none the less. I did a review and got 20MS. I put up a game page and got 2 MS(Which was confusing enough). My Maker Score is 26. Now I'm not so great at maths but that doesn't add up.

If anyone can explain what's going on, or fix it if it's an actual problem and not me missing something, that would be appreciated.

Hey guys!

I've been registered for... probably weeks now but I've only started posting today so I'm as good as new.

I'm Pokemaniac. I'm 13, I'm from Australia. I'm making a game. I use RMXP.(Which surprisingly doen't seem to be as popular as 2k3 here =O) I'm a huge Pokemon nerd. (I've actually been to America for the Pokemon TCG World Championships XD)

This site seems cool enough and it finally got me to stop being lazy and finally download Firefox since it wouldn't display right in IE. =P
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