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I love the look of this title. It looks rather charming! Can't wait to try it out.


This is one of the few RPGs on the site I'm patiently waiting to see finished. It just looks like it's going to be amazing! :D

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My wife drew mine...>_> It's a character of mine.

What are your opinions on the recent Pewdiepie Contryversy?

Something I've considered since this media shit-storm over out-of-context reporting is this: Could it be that PDP is actively trying to sabotage his career to an extent?

If you look back at some of his videos over the course of the last two years, he seems...worn out. Bored, even, or just discontent. He's addressed that himself in how he said he won't play a game just for views if he didn't enjoy the game because he was tired of faking his enjoyment.

And it's possible that he is exhausted and wanting to take a break, but when you have fifty-three million subscribers and rising, one does not simply take an extended break.

Granted, I didn't find his jokes offensive because it's hard for anyone's humor to offend me unless it's outright moronic and cringe-inducing, and I refuse to be offended for other people because honestly, that's not who I am. But I could see where his humor -would- offend some, and why Disney would drop him from Maker.

From a business perspective, and as a few of you pointed out, Disney has to look out for themselves. Can't risk a high-profile company over one man. It'd be senseless.

As for possibly being anti-Semitic? Hah, I highly doubt it.

Honestly, the whole thing is an overblown, sensationalized piece of poorly researched garbage. Hell, anyone with a working brain and Google can do a quick hour research into PDP and find plenty of evidence against the claims made against him.

But then that wouldn't get dem clicks and those page visits for this virtual news pages.

I don't see this derailing his channel one bit, though, so...time will tell what'll come out of it.

What are you thinking about right now?

I came in here with something witty to spew forth, but now I'm hungry thanks to pics of food.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

The Berseria demo doesn't do the actual game any justice. I had doubts going into the main game (even though I preordered it before I played the demo), and going in with reservations readied me for all-out judgement.

But within the ten+ hours I've sunk into it, the game seems to reward the daring; grouping enemy groups together for more Gald and EXP; weapon and armor skills are learned by Grade earned during fights, combat is fast and frantic but without a ton of effects popping every which way and that.

With the combat - it seems like they want to encourage players to play on higher difficulties AND fight enemy groups. Average fight nets me, at the moment, right under 100 exp, but if I group enemies, it goes to nearly 400, and enemies drop more items this way, too.

Mystic arts are easier to use than I remember - holding L2 when in combo (or in this case, doing two attacks top can set it off) makes obliterating enemies too easy. Suppose that's why they encourage group fights and harder difficulty then? -shrugs-

But I have to complain about character designs - not so much for the males, or hell, even Velvet herself (I gave that a pass cuz...meh?)

No, it's Magilou's character and her damn mascot character. -_- Just...what is with that outfit of hers?

All in all - you're not playing as what I'd call 'the good guys' this time around, and it seems like a "Tales of One Piece" game; minus all the rubber, prostrating about and declaring oneself "King of the Pirates!" over and over, but kept all the action. lol

And the cast is...surprisingly likable. A step above Zesteria, but not quite sure where I'd rank it overall in terms of Tales protag groups.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm loving Tales of Berseria. Combat feels balanced, more over than Zesteria. The story is a bit more captivating as the characters aren't all do-gooder types like I've seen in recent Tales titles.

And customizable combo strands? Oooh yeah.

I take breaks from this to play Warframe with friends.


I hope you get to feeling better!


^_^ Awesome job, everyone.

if all you're gonna say to describe a screenshot is "nice atmosphere," dig a little deeper into your well of feedback and criticism

I know from commenting on a few images people have put up, I feel that I'm under-qualified to make remarks on how a map looks, or how an image looks, because I'm not privy to all the things concerning game make.

Because I've been known in the past to be hyper critical, and I'm never quite sure if that's what people want is someone to look at the image and find a flaw in it and point it out, or if the image is basically the 'finished' image.

>_> Pretty sure I overthink my posts and then simplify it at the end. lol