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Penance Review

I'm glad you enjoyed Penance and from what you've said I think the game achieved its purpose. I will take your words into account when making my next game. Thanks for this useful review ^^

P.S. playing the "chaos" mode is like playing a different game. Maybe you should try it out as well. It's not going to change anything, just add a little more to the story.

I'll definitely give that a go when I've some free time then :D I'm just glad that my review was well received. I do look forward to seeing if you expand on the Crystalline mechanic because I very much enjoyed the freedom of stat growth. Reminded me of Legionwood and it's free-form stat growth and I'm always a fan of those.

Now, I didn't address it but the magic in the game - is it supposed to feel underpowered outside of Mana Burst? I found myself not using any of Isabelles magic outside of her OP healing one and Mana Burst.

What are you thinking about right now?

To lose a brother...I moved on my own where I live now.I adopted a couple of knuckle heads I called brothers. One of them died young. Every movie, every beer, every love interest, and every friend he preached about. So passionate for all he loved; yet so diverse in all he delt with.

He died. This leaves a ghost above my head every day. There's jokes I can tell to nobody: except I look up and thell them to his ghost.

He haunts me but sits across from me. I tell him shit like "what do you want to do other than this job?" I asked him that and will continue for the unforsseable future...But somehow I know he lived his 30 yrs to the fullest and he lives on in me and others whom he touched during his ever fun-loving mortality.

Man, I wish my brother had as much passion as that but he was a jaded guy from the hand he was dealt in life. Lost eighty percent of his hearing on side of his head from a young age, then he developed this cluster on his brain (the same cluster that erupted and caused his death) and went from being generally a lanky white boy with a semi-decent social life to being a shut in.

And in his own way I think he tried to advise me to just be smart about my choices. He enjoyed hearing me talk about things in my life - like my time in Germany? I was stoked to sit down, show him the pictures, talk about all that I saw and did and...well, can't now. I mean I can talk to him. And will be going to visit his grave tomorrow...

And I'm not even close to ready.

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oh dang.

sorry for your loss

Thank ya, Kent <3

Sorry to hear about your brother's passing, man *hugs* that's gotta be rough... hope next year is better for you!!

Thank ya, my dude. It has been rough. Moms been cleaning up and fixing up his place (not in disrepair, but he became somewhat of a recluse) and its been messing with her. Can't say I don't know how it feels.

Had to go down there to take a bath (plumbing problems at the parents) and...it was weird.

My brother was a weird guy but he always meant well. Whenever I would stay over and go for a bath, he'd always call out "Got everything ya need bud?"

I sat in that bath tub waiting on that and it just..tore me up inside. Even walked out and said "Hey!"...to an empty house.

But yeah. *hugs* I hope the next year is better for me too. This year has broken me down a bit.

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Hey, Punk! Welcome back!

So sorry to hear about your brother :( I hope for brighter days to come for you and yours.

Hey, thanks man. It came so suddenly and we're all still devastated by it. My mom suffered the worst from this and me...I've been an emotional wreck and been feel hollowed out from his sudden departure.

Just trying to reclaim life one day at a time so I can feel normal again.

I missed you lot while I was gone.

What are you thinking about right now?

Been awhile since I posted. My year has not turned out like I hoped. My attempt at moving failed, my laptop was destroyed in said attempt, and then my brother passed away this month...I inherited his beast of a computer, but using it feels bittersweet knowing he's gone and I can't speak to him.

Anyway...I hope to rekindle my presence and try to be here if anyone needs a tester. Hope you guys are doing well, or at least managing.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II Review

I've had to re-read this review a time or two considering I'm currently playing through it myself, and while some of the points made are valid, there are numerous others that are just...petty.

But, on to the points I agree on - The one note characters and Zeph's inconsistent behavior are two points I see fully. Zeph seems to bounce between reluctant tag-along to voice of reason to doofus in nearly a single hour of play and it's a sort of character whiplash that's exhausting at times. Hautley is the same way but I admit I find his grandpa-ish behavior amusing at times.

Reiner and Carina...that came out of nowhere. It caught me off guard. His behavior was so intense and uncalled for that it seemed almost...cartoony? I get it - brooding soldier type but there was no nuance to him or Carina kow-towing to him and suddenly dumping exposition on him. Could've been done better but its passable considering how Celes and Locke did nearly the same thing and no one said a word it seems.

Combat difficult is a bit low, but seeing as I grind for the best gear I can afford, that makes it worse lol Still, being that i just got past the part where Carina joins, I'm sitting through it to see how it continues.

Backtracking - eh, I guess we'll agree to disagree. The backtracking hasn't hindered my time with the game. It's not Suikoden III or V levels of backtracking - now those are chores, and I adore those games lmao

It does feel like the story could've been tightened up in places, and the characters expanded a bit but, as stated, I'm nowhere close to being done and most of the characters seem more enjoyable than in the first game.

It is a bit off-putting for you to score it so low and not even make it halfway. It may not be your cup of tea but this review seems like it would've been better off a comment on the page. But that's likely an opinion only some might share.

Still - like Little Wing Guy said; the criticisms may be carried into future games the person makes.

P6 Blog #23 Requesting testers, any volunteers?

Great! I'll send you a PM in a bit!

Sweetness! :D

P6 Blog #23 Requesting testers, any volunteers?

Yo, I'll help out! :D

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I don't know how I completed a game while working. Game development seems to get even harder these days.

Through stubborn determination! :P Either that or long nights fueled by either coffee, copious amounts of tea or energy drinks. lol

What are you thinking about right now?

Too, I'm looking forward to using my supplementary income from one job to help out some people I follow :P
This is my dream, honestly. Having enough income to support internet people who are important to me and also live comfortably sounds LOVELY~

Yush! Honestly, though the strain will be a bit hard at first, there's a number of artists and indie devs that I've followed from here and other sites that I'd love to help. I'm a dude of ideas and of writing, but as far as creating visual and interactive art? I'm a klutz with no patience. lmfao

If I could help others make their dreams of art/game make a reality, then that's my goal ^_^