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Knights of Gaia

I checked it out and found it charming right off the bat from the art style. Only thing I found a bit off putting was that when I unpacked everything from the download, the game worked but no music played, plus the chicken kept repeating the 'check your equipment' line going in and out of the village...other than that? Solid stuff!

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Ya know, if people could be patient and wait for the dev to finish the game and release it, that'd be great. Let them work on it and finish it at their pace. Would rather the final product be fleshed out and finished than an unfinished mess.
All i did was politely ask if the game would be out this year.

Aye, mate. I understand. But just be patient. It'll be worth the wait. :)

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Ya know, if people could be patient and wait for the dev to finish the game and release it, that'd be great. Let them work on it and finish it at their pace. Would rather the final product be fleshed out and finished than an unfinished mess.

Linus: The Forgotten Days

I sat on this demo for awhile because I have an aversion to playing them...but I caved in and decided to and I have to say that I am MOST DEFINITELY looking forward to seeing this game completed. That prologue?


That was a work of art that had me invested in an rpgmaker game like never before. And I had a major episode at the end of it because I hoped for a better outcome but what I was served instead was bittersweet, and I loved it all the more. It's cinematic, well-paced (to me anyway) and contained the right amounts of aspects I love in an darker rpg story.

Progress may be slow, but damn - if the remainder of this game is gonna be akin to what I just witnessed...then take your time, man. I will wait patiently.

10/10 would die on the inside again.


i just started this game, and it seems really pretty and interesting. if you want any help with english, i would be happy to proofread stuff or do anything like that that could help you ^-^

^this! I'd love to see the game completed and in English because it's stacking up to be beautiful and quirky. I hope it's still being worked on. :D I'm loving the demo.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been mucking about with powersaves on some 3DS titles I've beaten as a post-game sort of thing - one of those "done everything the hard way, now let's toy with stuff!" outings.

Otherwise - been plunging back into some old PS1 games of mine: Alundra and the Arc the Lad trilogy.

Music Preview: Path of Glory (Battle Theme)

It reminds me of early Wild Arms, if I had to be honest. And that's not a bad thing - Wild Arms had some straight up good tunes, albeit it's about the same length as some of the tracks from WA2. Also, there are moments the music shifts into vague Breath of Fire vibes, so if you were going for anime/rpg vibe, I think you nailed it.
SHIT MAN I NEED TO FINISH THE FIRST WILD ARMS ONE DAY... I was given the remake as a gift but I heard it was glitchy to hell and back so I never played it :T

Also would you believe Touhou was a big inspiration for this track? The trumpets, dude. The trumpets.

:P I got the Touhou vibes, but I'm never sure who's heard or played those games, but I know their soundtracks reaaaaally well. And yeah, man, Alter Code F was...just...it had cool moments like getting extra team mates but it was tiring to play through. And the 'remixed' soundtrack was meh. lol

Music Preview: Main Theme

Such a somber tune, man. I can't describe how much I like it enough because it's invoking the sounds of rpgs I played way back in the day.
I'm glad you get that vibe because I was trying for exactly those flavors - somber and fantasy-like. It's a traditional JRPG, yes, but it definitely will not be a fun filled romp through sunshine and roses if you can't already tell. ;D

I'm glad, man. I don't mind the usual romps but I like a game that dares to stray from the traditional outing. The more twists, the better. :P

Music Preview: The Merchant Girl, Ami (Ami's Theme)

I'm getting this mischievous vibe from this one. :P And given your first game, it makes me wonder a bit about Ami but I'm digging it, though. Very pleasing to listen to.
Thanks! And I guess you'll have to wait to see what that cutie's deal is then, hmmm~? 8)

XD I've no choooooice. lol

Music Preview: Sigurd's Dulcimer

Even after listening to the other tracks, I keep coming back to this and it might be because I'm a love-struck fool for instruments like a dulcimer. It's just...it's calming. Which I can only hope plays into parts of the story. :)
It's to lead you into a false sense of security before the suffering starts 8)

Actually though this will play during one of the optional "conversation areas" where party members can talk to one another to effect certain story elements, kind of like Fire Emblem's support conversations. :D


I do like suffering. :P It's that sadist in me. lol

I like that idea though - the conversation spots for the characters.