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Straw Poll Regarding World Map Performance

I've 2.20GHz and it's laggy, but most of the time I'm grinding in dungeons and not really using the world map for grinding, so my time on it is very limited but it -is- very laggy. The recent patchwork helped stabilize it a little but it still lags a bit. Not so much while on Winter, but while on foot.

Lakria Legends

I want to just say that:

A. I'm enjoying your game. I'm hoping that work will lighten up enough where I can crank out a review for this lil gem.

B. It's teeming with life in all corners of the game. Seriously. The attention to detail and environment and nature is RE-FACKING-FRESHING to see.

C. Bosses that are a challenge without being rage-inducing!? Thank you.

D. And lastly, something that focuses on the elemental, the spirits, AND the mind!? Hell yeah.

Only minor nitpick is the dialogue could be tightened up in places but lemme just say that it's -not- detracting from my enjoyment of the story or understanding it. Just some early dialogue being kinda stuff and odd, but that's really it.

Seriously though - WORTH THE WAIT.

supernatural Games

Prom Dreams is one I've played myself that has supernatural elements that I could recommend, if that's what you're looking for. I'm not privy to the supernatural/horror type genre myself but that's one I can suggest either way.

Final Fantasy Discovery

You know...I check on this page from time to time and I have to say that the work you're pouring into this is not only insane, but it shows major dedication to the craft of game make. You've my respect for that. I'm not keen to the technical aspects of game making, but from a player perspective? I'm looking forward to this and Blackmoon Prophecy II.

Keep on keepin' on, man. :)

New screenshots of the English translation

"What? you don't have a white mage in your party? What, are you suicidal?" - Best NPC line I've read in a little while. lmao

The future of Titans of Illumia

Options 1 and 3 are always a welcome update. Never a bad idea to give characters more development and add clearer context to story. Tightens up the narrative. Put a minor focus on option 3 and 4 unless it's a huge deal to players.

Also, extra content as far as more marks, side-quests, etc? Could be good so long as it doesn't feel like you're padding the game out to be too stuffed, you know?

Ultimately, though, 1 and 3 and the little blurb above is my input. As for should you keep working on Titans of Illumia...

Question I ask to you - do you want to keep working on it, or do you have something new and different brewing in the works? If you do...I say focus on that and shift the ideas mentioned here into expanding the works related to a new project, were there to be one.

But - that's muh input, my friend. :)

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

what I said
What you said

I'm on chapter three and there's still a decent bit I'm not understanding - such as the 'idea' levels and how to gain more points, although I don't think we're meant to gain points like crazy cuz the cap looks to be level 10 on any given 'idea'. Or how the Blades are made out of the ideas of the Driver...it's all vague so far but I'm just winging it at this point.

And yeaaaah, I've been one-shot by a few high level mobs so far and I just stare at the screen when it happens. I've been used to it since the first Xenoblade but it was way worse in Xenoblade X where local wild-life almost always viewed you as a snack, and were unafraid to smack you around. I lost a few Skells that way when filling out the map.

Combat is a bit tighter than I expected, which is good, but the characters don't feel like they need to move as much as the last two games. In XCX, position and movement were key. Xenoblade Chronicles was more about buffs/debuffs and setting up your characters to be the best they could be (spike damage from your tanks = cheap victories late game). But this one is allowing for more team composition, and I'm loving it. Beats what XBX did with locking characters into class types and then making them either really good or just so-so.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has captured my attention. I'm still a bit iffy on the visual change to the character designs but it's growing on me the more I play. Seems like they might've down-scaled the environments a bit compared to Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade X, but it's not a -horrible- thing. They're still plenty big but now the wild life feels a bit more...natural?...in how they're spaced out and grouped.

Neo Jado

Boy..lemme tell you. I'm going to play this all the way through, but...all the corn references are killing me. LOL.

It's so bizarre...it's just the right amount of odd and serious for me to wanna finish it.

Just reached chapter 1 and in the area with the vicious goats it starts lagging to the point where I'm missing attacks/defense prompts. Not sure if it's the game or my potato of a laptop

Knights of Gaia

@Stranga - It's all good! I figured it might be something to do with it being a demo, but it didn't diminish the enjoyment from checking it out. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this one. :)