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I'm also a whole idiot just enjoying life with my opinions and music.



What are you thinking about right now?

After last year being an utter bust, this year has been rather nice to me.

Firstly, I'm divorced. After things not improving over a 9 year total, 2 year married streak, I just decided that it wasn't worth it...still friends with my ex-wife, and she and I parted on good terms.

Secondly, gotta new love interest after all that was said and done, and they came from here of all places. lol

And lastly - I have not one but two jobs, and am planning on relocating sometime in the future once I save up enough (likely to where the woman I met lives, over in Germany)

Too, I'm looking forward to using my supplementary income from one job to help out some people I follow :P

All Quiet on the Western Blog

Well now! I'm excited to see where this mesh of ideas will lead, especially given the inspirations behind them!


-Stat % bonuses aren't shown in your statline, are they? When I equipped a luck +10% item, I had 24 luck. It went up to 25 with the item's innate +1 Luck. But it did not go up by +2 from the 10%.
Which item is that? I'll have a look. As far as I know, they should all be showing correctly, but there might be an issue with Yanfly's Extra Param Formulas.

-Are enemies only supposed to do one damage for testing purposes? Nothing in the forest can threaten me, even with crits, and that's before leveling up.

They're pretty low-leveled. What do you have equipped? I had them stronger originally and a couple of my beta testers suggested making them a bit weaker, so maybe I went a bit overkill. I didn't want to make a difficult first dungeon, because that can be off-putting.

-There's no indication of what you're supposed to do in the cave puzzle. It tells you that the objects can be moved, and how, but gives no suggestion for what you're supposed to do with them. I tried pushing them together, I tried placing them on the tile in the leftmost corner, nothing.

It didn't work even when you placed the pillar on the tile? I thought that was relatively obvious because they're the same colour.

-Slow walk speed + high encounter rate + slow boulder pushing speed + slow in-combat mana recovery options + available weapons do not work against certain types of enemies = really slow gameplay. I'm glad mana recovery from guarding increases as you level, but I typically end up spending five or six turns every combat just guarding to get my mana back up. I haven't at any point been in danger of running low (or even towards the middle of the bar) on hp, and I haven't met a single enemy in the forest where I couldn't just guard my way back to full hp if I wanted to. I can just chug mana potions if I want to speed things up slightly, but because money is so scarce (which is good!) and combat where magic is required so abundant, I would quickly run out.

In the Roe Forest, the only enemy you can't attack with your weapon is the Forest Basilisk. Are you encountering heaps of them?

Bug report - In Morrowmere I received a "Unable to find file: Audio/BGS/tm2_river002" when I approach the weapon shop. Not sure why.

Aside from that, the only other bug or mishap is with graphics. Is the water supposed to have any effects because they aren't moving for me.

Oooops, sorry dude. I'll update the demo file when I can.

You're the second person that's mentioned that about the graphics, but I can't see any issue on my computer? I mean, some of the water animation is pretty subtle, so I'll look into beefing it up, but it takes a bit of work (because it's all parallaxed) and may not get done for a while.

No problem! Have to say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the presentation! I'm somewhat a snob when it comes to mapping and, man...I love the way you've laid out the towns and nature. It's really well done! As are the tutorials and mechanics being explained simply, but in depth.


Bug report - In Morrowmere I received a "Unable to find file: Audio/BGS/tm2_river002" when I approach the weapon shop. Not sure why.

Aside from that, the only other bug or mishap is with graphics. Is the water supposed to have any effects because they aren't moving for me.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Will be trying to throw an update together in the next few days.

Going to quash the belief that there could be another Blackmoon Prophecy though, this is the end. I want to finish an original game for once, so I've gone back to work on Shattered Wings (the game I cancelled to focus on this Blackmoon Prophecy II).

I can respect that. Honestly, don't misunderstand - I love and appreciate the hard work and constant dedication to FFBP1+2 but...I'm stoked to see what sort of original narrative you develop.

Got goals? (2018)

-Weight loss and fitness
-Back to college to become a tutor
-Learn German
-Learn French
-Move out of Georgia
-Steadily survive with minimal stress
-Finally obtain a vehicle of my own

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

So...I've been enjoying the game but took a break, but I wanted to drop a quick line and thank you for the hard work post-release. I know it can be disheartening to have so much spring up after so much work. Keep it up! <3

Want Your Name To Be In My Game?

I uh, wouldn't mind being an npc, if that's okay? I'm a dude, and really, any kind of punk/ruffian or roguish warrior type of npc would work.

Quote: "I'd like to juxtapose my fist into your face! C'mere!" (dunno mate, it's late and it's all I got in my head for the moment)

Straw Poll Regarding World Map Performance

My specs, if it helps:

Intel core i3-2328M
CPU 2.20GHz
Ram: 4G (with 3.88 usable)
64-Bit Operating System and x64 based processor

Computer's only a few years old, and it's likely poorly optimized because of my laziness. What's odd is this is the first time I've had world map lag on any RPGmaker game, and I've a good amount on my computer. Granted, the lag doesn't really break the enjoyment as I tend to only travel on it but grind in dungeons, so...but it's not as laggy when on Winter, which I still can't figure out.

What is RMN even GOOD FOR?

I recommend this site to people that're burnt out on the modern gaming industry and miss the days where there was a real passion behind game development.

Too, I'm not as active as I want to be because all I can offer is observation and a keen eye for detail because I'm not privy to how any of the RPGmaker kits work, mechanically.

Still. One major factor that brings me back is seeing the community interaction and seeing you lot put forth more and more challenges on yourselves to make your games better, and that constant drive to improve your craft/hobby is enough to keep me here. I just wish I wasn't such a shy git or I'd talk more.

But yeah. That's what RMN is to me - passion and heart for game creation and seeing you lot strive to do better and being a quirky rag-tag site full of personality.