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What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been jumping all over the place. I've been working on:

Tengai Makyou Zero AND Horai Gauken no Boken on emulator (part of my 'translation project back catalog)

Trying to decide which RMN game to review next (undecided - Theia left me exhausted and most of what I have are lengthy RPGs. Country of Snow is a demo I'm going to try soon, though.)

Messing around with some indies on the Switch - Children of Morta and Dead Cell.

So yeah. I'm all over the joint xD But when job hunting and stuff in this economy, what else is a dude to do?

Aremen's Prophecy - Community Game Sign up!

Meanwhile I just wanna punch things for team 2k. LEMME SMASH OUR ENEMIES....OR..ya know....go down trying like the beautiful glass cannon I am xD

Aremen's Prophecy - Community Game Sign up!

Name: Kricket
Portrait: C7
Personality: Cocky, Stubborn and Impulsive
Team: 2K
Class: Nothing, I use my body
- Strength: 7/10
- Intelligence: 2/10
- Vitality: 4/10
- Agility: 7/10


KO Cupid

I'll be checking this out in the coming week if you'd like more feedback, Craze. Just...I can go overboard with my feedback xD

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II Review

The boss you mentioned, Materia Keeper, only responds with certain attacks if you try to cheese him with magic/status conditions since he innately eats magic. I'll admit that having an NPC mention "this thing eats magic, so don't cast any spells on it!" probably would have helped.

Zephyr was always intended to not seem one-dimensional, able to bounce between serious and silly at the drop of a hat, like any person would in real life. Your critique on him isn't as harsh as others, but the fact that you mentioned it as well definitely tells me that I goofed up somewhere in trying to convey him the way I wanted.

Cid's all over the place because he was the first Augurer. Like Kefka in Final Fantasy VI, he was experimented on and came out kind of... weird from it. This comes up a few times, namely when Trigger comments on how bizarre and strange Cid is compared to when they used to hang out in the past. Unlike Kefka, Cid kept his good heart and isn't out for world domination. The man's just borderline insane at times. Good thing he's (supposed to be) good at his job.

Don't worry about not having screenshots, this review was still a great read! Truthfully I was expecting a 3.5 or 4, so a 4.5 warms my little heart. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game!

If you dare to tackle the original after this, remember that it's much more primitive in terms of balance, operation and overall narrative (though the writing gets better towards the end, the original took 10 years of work off and on to make and latter half of the game is from those final 2-3 years).

I remember running into the NPC that told me about Materia Keeper, so I went in not using magic but all it did to me was spam X-Death xD I don't know if this was because I was kitted out to have full elemental protection or what, but that's all it did to me.

I don't think you goofed up with Zephyr - I put that there because I noticed there was criticism of his character and when I was playing, I could see some of the points but then I had to tell myself that Zephyr, as the story goes, doesn't like combat - it claimed the life of someone important to him and that was hard to grapple with. And being someone that handles hurt and pain with humor, it's why I said that the further you go, the more he makes sense retroactively. It's rough to write that sometimes so I think, in that regard, you did well. It was more a point to tell future players that he may SEEM a bit off, but keep playing and it'll all make sense.

I did warm up to Cid close to the end once I looked back on the journey as a whole. I do think, upon rereading my review, that I might've been a little too mean to the guy. I think I'll enjoy him more on a second play-through.

I often forget to take screenshots cuz I'm not used to thinking about them, even when I have the software for them open. But I can tell that you've improved with time because I remember playing up until coming across a wrecked village with enemy encounters in BP1 and then getting swamped hard by random encounters but then BPII had moments of struggle but it was better paced; and overall I think the experiences from making two giant fan-games, and the improvements between, speak for themselves.

And I hope people will be as excited as I am for the third game - because I've faith that you'll rope us in for more.


xD And to think, I pitched that just cuz I love Evil Dead lmao

For real tho...Groovy Lullaby could be a period based horror game :P

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

Not sure if reported but - In Berona Estate, enemies still appear after the boss fight in that location.

Also - Returner's Jacket reads, "Slowly generates LP?" - is that a typo for LG?


Lullaby: 2 - The Dark Chronicles of Narnyeeeeee!!
Lullaby: Nyan Cat's Revenge

Lullaby: The Siren Song of Ash Willaims and His Magnificent Chin aka The Groovy Lullaby, Baby