Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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Could someone make chiptune music for my game?

I know that there are sites with modules, where I probably would find what I need, but I don't know of any of batch music converters that can convert xm/it/s3m->OGG (VX Ace format).

Other thing is, that I'd like to have something original. I'm going to use rtp for graphics anyway, but I want that at least music and soundfx were original. I'd like something like in old RPGs on SNES. Nice chiptune vibe.

So anyone is up for task? Of course I guarantee credits in game. For now I need those three:
- Titlescreen (something happy with lots of bleeps).
- Generic battle theme (no specific preferences about that, but of course has to be chiptune).
- Town theme (something happy, but slow. I think about 100-110BPM).


@Darken: Actually I've used Aseprite (or Allegro sprite editor) for this. And I know shading sucks.


You made me. Now be sorry while watching this obviously awful pixelart:

I can draw, I guess...

So I have tablet, and from time to time I go and post my images on my dA account. They may not be best in the world, but I'm pretty proud of them, so please if you critique, don't say things like "ur images sux", but rather tell me what's wrong and how I can improve my skills.

This is my newest (actually uploaded few moments ago) creation: http://darkhogdarkhogini.deviantart.com/art/Big-chibi-dragon-with-deformed-hand-and-318224909

And of course my dA site is: http://darkhogdarkhogini.deviantart.com/

"Other" engine category

Just so you know, this is ridiculous. It's 'Custom'. Deal wit' it B)

Custom means written from scratch without using game making software or even level editors like Ogmo or Tiled (unless you write your own). No fancy label will change that. Deal with it & find dictionary with definition of word Custom.

"Other" engine category

Are you color blind? It's clearly orange ;). And yeah, I think such icon describes pretty well this category.

"Other" engine category

Well, I think if such field would be introduced, automatically adding engine to list we can choose from is a no-go, as soon list would be spammed with items like "SuperUberEngine 6.66" or "Insert engine name here v3.0". So perhaps for informational purposes only and it would show instead of "Custom" text (or aside to it). Then maybe most popular engines that aren't on the list would be added manually.

"Other" engine category

^ And THAT was original idea.

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Then maybe you could try out my old game made with Stencyl? Depending on your review I may actually get to finish it: http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/3679

//edit: PM me with link if/when it'll be done and uploaded. I rarely have time to check forums, just had some free days, so this is exception.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Do you take requests for non-rpg maker games?