Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



It's a-me, Mario (Mario's vacation)

It's my first good-sounding song in SunVox (feeling chippy? wasn't so great after reconsidering some things):


It's original work, although it uses fragment of the water level theme.

Sunvox - great music tracker

Yeah, SunVox is really great. It mixes best things of Jeskola Buzz (modular structure, you load modules which stands for real musical hardware in studio, then connects it to amplifer (speakers) via "wires"), classic tracker (it's really easy to put notes here, easier than in JB where often you don't know if the column where is cursor is for note, parameter or something else - I've even saw several non-drum generators which don't have column for note and in JB it's pretty hard to play with samples), and eJay like software (you put patterns on Timeline in similar way than you do it in eJay, although here you have virtually unlimited amount of tracks where in eJ it's limited to 16/32 tracks in newer versions).

Also there are almost none flaws of these software (and if there are some they're that small that you can live with it) - you have complete control over you song (which is not so obvious in eJay case - eJay is a lego set, you have some bricks but with them some things are impossible to do while SunVox is basically lego factory - you can build "bricks" (patterns) to match your needs entirely), you don't have to look for samples if you know how to do it with generators which limits result filesize (with classic trackers you may spend hours at looking for samples and even then you may not find what you need) and "machines" ("modules" according to SunVox dictionary) are easy to use (which is one of flaws of Jeskola Buzz - I've mentioned about lack of note column in some of generators which makes them extremely hard to use)

Sunvox - great music tracker

Yeah, generator is wonderful.

I saw a triangle, then heard noise near tiny rect and after that I've realised that it was dirty sin. :-)

On serious note I think that someday SV may beat even Renoise considering two facts:
- It's free
- Even now it's very powerful software.

Sunvox - great music tracker

Yesterday I found great tracker, absolutely by accident. It is great mix between classic tracker, Jeskola Buzz and eJay-likesoftware (which you can see even by looking at screenshots). The best thing about it is that is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux - iPhone/iPad version is paid one, but even I as declared pirate know that it is worth to buy it (and there is very limited amount of software I can say that about. To that moment these was mostly Zylom games so it's mean something).The best proof of greatness of this software is that even such music-making invalid like me literally in few minutes made good sounding, maybe not song, because it's to short, but jingle without even looking to documentation or tutorials: http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/22999027/file.html. Think what can accomplish someone really gifted at music!

My jingle's SunVox project file: http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/65439744/file.html

And most important - link to SunVox website: http://www.warmplace.ru/soft/sunvox/

RPG 20XX Engine

Though having to recode the map system for rm2k might be a bit of a problem as it's closed source.
I'm recoding everything since this is a project from scratch. I'm building, this isn't a crack or a patch.

WC, could you prepare demo game for 20XX (you must have one which you use for tests since you have screenshots)?

This game currently has no downloads.
I'd like demo with download since I want to test if it would run under wine (even tough you said that you don't support it)

Please help me with animation for 8-bit styled flash game

Oh, that was done for laugh. I am atheist so I don't believe in such things (but like to laugh at it). Anyway, it is no longer valid, since I got almost perfect spritesheet on one of other forums.

Please help me with animation for 8-bit styled flash game

6,66x enlargement of sprite if someone have any doubts for it.

Also please help me with that one. I really need your help, because this is *****very***** important to me

Please help me with animation for 8-bit styled flash game

Yes, yes yes. Coding/formatting is for me easy - I run a webcomic, so I need to know several things about making graphics. For coding - engine I use (flixel) have already implemented this so this is also out of my mind.

Basically I am great with making static sprites but really suck at animation, especially for non-human characters, like this one. So if someone can help me out, I'd be grateful.

Please help me with animation for 8-bit styled flash game

As many of you already know I suck at animation. So I need you help. I need help with guy at end of post so he'll have following animations:

- walking
- breathing fire/acid/etc. (without actual fire or something else, I'll do it as separate actors)
- crouching
- jumping & falling
- climbing

Framecount per animation isn't limited by any technical (on my engine side) meanings, but I prefer to have 3-6 for walking for crouching 2 so player will go down smooth and for jumping, climbing & falling 3 frames/animation.

And this is guy in need of animation:

Are there any Bakugan fan games out there?

As in topic. When I typed Bakugan fan games into Google I got only links to episodes on YT, articles about DS Bakugan games (also for other consoles and no, there weren't homebrew) or sites where you can buy Bakugan-related toys. And I watched most of episodes, don't have DS or other console and don't have money for toys (and seriously, even if I had, I don't like Bakugan that much).

So I'd like to ask you if you know about any Bakugan fan-made games, preferably in RM2k(3).