Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



Is evolution ruining our lives?

Also, MP4 is a container for audio and/or video data and MP3 is an audio encoding format. Neither can be handled in the same way as the other physical items you described. Please understand what you're talking about before you use it in putting forth an argument.



@Topic: I don't think so it'll ruin our lives. It'll just make it different. Besides at some point you'll become bored of all that tech stuff and will want to go out.

Howto: Setup wine easily to play rm2k and rm2k3 games

Haynes, cut off that poor excuse of SoundFont that you using for enabling midi. Instead of this put in the installmidi script:

wget http://www.ntonyx.com/soft/32MbGMStereo.sf2

and adjust config files that you using for timidity. This soundfont has GREAT quality and I use it (it has 32MB, but it is worth downloading). And I'll try winetricks allcodecs, thanks!

Howto: Setup wine easily to play rm2k and rm2k3 games

Sorry, I couldn't use installmp3support.sh (other 2 I have already set up). I ran the script, but after it finished executing when I tried to run game with mp3 file I still getting the (in)famous OLE ERROR 800xxxxxx (I don't remeber exact code so I replaced this with x-es).

Howto: Setup wine easily to play rm2k and rm2k3 games

About setting-up midi in wine I wrote more complex article which explains almost everything - where get good samples, how to set all properly, etc. Unfortunately it is in Polish. I'll translate it, but first of all I need to find it.

Moved to the Dragon World - my webcomic

I'd like to present you my webcomic called Moved to the Dragon world. It's about dragons, friendship, and... some bad English or good Engrish (in some parts, depends on point of view). I'd appreciate comments on comic site, not in this thread, because RMN forums doesn't have this nice "send me e-mail on reply" feature. But from time to time I'll check also this thread.

The comic address is: http://mtdw.smackjeeves.com

P.S.: This comic is signed by my other nick - Darkhog. I basically use it for non-RM things. This site couldn't take my RM name (Rave), so I decided to go with Rave2010 (from year of registration).

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Yeah, it'll translate SITE, but not program itself ;).

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

So anyone know anything? I found one that might be good for me, but it's in Japanese and I can't use it. it's called WolfRPG Editor (but I don't think that WolfCoder have something to do with that). If someone can read Japanese, maybe she/he could translate it via ResHack?


Battle system idea

You just described battle system from Megaman Battle Network (but with some differences which proves that you came to that on your own).

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Except Emptybrain's? I don't think so.

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Sorry, I am really sorry. I had *very* bad day when I wrote this post and now I regret. I bet you would be pissed off too if you would be called to talk about new job, third time in week and, as usual, heard "We contact you, erm... later".

And I know that RM isn't free (besides xp and vx have hard time with wine, abstinents maybe? ;) and 2k3 limitations sometime drive me to the edge), so I looking for solution which is free also for commercial use (but this isn't necessary), compatible with wine (of course better would be if there was linux native version but as I said, I am realist - the only good game maker for Linux is Stencyl and it has slightly different target than RM), easy to use and free (may be closed-source, but of course if there is such tool with GPL, then...)