Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.



Some videos about rm game running on iphone and ipad

I can't upload them to youtube because this to slow to accessing youtube from China over proxy

Then why use proxy? Unless you are doing something illegal (you do like government, don't you?), it is perfectly safe to live without proxy.

Anyway, I think this project is great, but I recall this being already done (lookup EasyRPG).

[RMVX Ace] Shadows over things

[RMVX Ace] Shadows over things

If you don't want to contribute anything worth to the topic, there is thing called Private Messages... welp.

[RMVX Ace] Shadows over things

Since probably no one understood me properly, here updated picture:

At the left it is as it is now, at the right it is as I want it to be (changed in GIMP, so light levels between normal tiles and shadowed ones and my character may be off).


He's in caves on this one. Deal with it.

[RMVX Ace] Shadows over things

Everyone knows how shadows in RMVX and Ace are rendered:

That's right, they're rendered under characters/events/other tiles than from A section. It feels kinda unnatural for me. Can someone write the script, that would draw them over things?

Note that I don't want full blown shadow solution - if I did, I'd probably would make picture sized to match map with alpha channel and put it on map. I want my game to retain VX feel, which, among others, mean crappy shadows. I just want them over characters.

The script, of course, should feature optional switch for events that would make them being drawn over shadows, for things like fire, etc. Maybe $ as first character of event's name (for example $Fireplace will be drawn over shadow and Bookcase will be drawn under shadow).

Could you help me, please?

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

I'll try, especially I already making a comic

//edit: I'd like to take place number 1.

[Photoshop Elements] First Image Ever - Advice Please

Nice Minnie. And it's looking good, so go for it.

Sunvox - great music tracker

well, it does have .wav output...

...And then you can convert it to .ogg or mp3 via audacity.

Also Alex Zolotov, author of this program has given out all things needed to make player of .sunvox files. In his album Back to the Sources ( http://www.warmplace.ru/music/btts/btts.zip ). By downloading this file you get chipdisk with songs from this album (all songs are in .sunvox format) along with sources of player which you can use to make library or fmod plugin for sunvox files playback.

Sunvox - great music tracker

SunVox has it's own format, just like Jeskola Buzz. If you're worried that you won't be able to listen to sunvox songs in winamp, I have to assure that there is winamp plugin and even xmms (linux equivalent of winamp) one. Also on the site is available mod/xm->sunvox converter. For full happiness there is only lack of it converter.

Anyway I don't think xm/it/mod/whatever-you-mean-by-tracker-format export is technically possible, because SunVox have several features that aren't supported by classic tracker formats.