Even newspapers have those nowadays.
In business there is no room for friendship. Competitors have to be eliminated at any cost. Fortunately for you, I'm not businessman. I'm a spy.




Great game. Though it hung in rouge camp, right after "Show yourself if you want to life". But story is great.

One thing though. Could you point me to script you used for saving and level upping?

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Well, you can always hack editor with resource hacker to allow more than 7 digits.

VX Ace autotile breaker?

Is there a software that would break VX Ace autotiles into single tiles? I need to use some of autotile graphics for events and as you probably might know, we can't use tileset A for event graphics, only B-E.

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

No, I'm thinking rather along the way that most XP/VX?VXAce side view battlesystem with animated monsters are doing: Monster image, the very same image you are setting in Monster tab in DB IS spritesheet conatining all animations/frames.

Faceset help

Well, my game is centered around dragons... and whatever dragons are doing ;) (don't want to spoil it just yet), so I've edited Monster2.png to have more dragons in it:

Unfortunately, there are no corresponding faceset, so I wonder if someone could make one. Also if you could do flying version of dragons, I'd be grateful.

Looking for music artists and art. (RPGMVXAce Project)

Need help naming a robot

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Can anyone do script that allows to use icons (16x16 png images) for messages/items/etc.? Pretty much like icons in VX.

I mean, there are lots of things you can do with EXFONT, but it still is 1-bit and doesn't always look good. Icons would be invoked by \i and will be stored in PROJECTDIR/Icons. Extension would be not needed as it would be using pngs anyway.

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

I know exactly what I can do with EXFONT. Still, not as powerful as fullcolor icons.
Also what about my suggestion (using spritesheet instead of single graphics)? Advantages would be:
- Being able to fetch frames directly from Monster's image. No chances of leaks or need to search for additional images on disk.
- You see entire spritesheet in db when setting monster group (for positioning, origin would be of top-left frame, so monster will be shown where top-left frame is in db)
... and more.

[Plug-in] [rm2k3] Animated Monsters Plugin

Could someone write plugin that let you use 16x16 color icons for items/skills/messages/etc.? I know that there's EXFONT, but:
- It's limited
- It's 1-bit, which means no colors, not even shades of gray.

The icons would be invoked using /i escape character and icon would be loaded from either pictures folder or new icon folder.

Also suggestion for this plugin: Could you make use of spritesheets for monsters, pretty much like ones for characters and battlechara?