Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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Need help naming a robot

Ogg looping?

OGG looping == when it finishes play, it starts again. Like in Winamp when repeat single file is selected. There is no "intro" thing, unless you use midis in which case you tag it as in previous makers or some script for making two-part BGM (one file for "intro", rest for loop).

Want to edit your game's entire text all at once? Simple + Easy -- DreaMaker (RM2k/3/XP Text extractor tool)

I hope someone will write such tool for VX Ace.

Averting level grinding

I don't have time to read whole page, but how about making enemies visible on map, that after defeat despawns forever (ie. selfswitch/switch if you are on 2k3 and next page without events that engage you in battle)?

Easter eggs

I'm rather thinking of "unlockable" easter eggs - those who are well-hidden and require doing things that you probably wouldn't do in normal game (like entering konami code at one map, or talking to specific book shelf in library).

Executing common event on game over? (VX Ace)

Can someone write little script that would call common event specified by user on game over? Note that gameover and stuff should still be shown, it just should execute common event before game over happen (for whatever reason, including dead in battle, called Show Game Over event command and dying on map from damage floor)?

DirectItemMenu Patch for RM2k/RM2k3

Oh, I see... Anyway, thanks.

Want to edit your game's entire text all at once? Simple + Easy -- DreaMaker (RM2k/3/XP Text extractor tool)

Too bad that there's no such tool for VX Ace. Sounds very useful, and if it sounds useful, that's probably because it is.

Faceset help

Too dinosaur-like, but thanks for trying. Also you can do just one color. I can recolor them easily, as I did with charset.