Even newspapers have those nowadays.
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FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Fine, if you can give me alternative RPG Maker for 10 PLN (Polish Zloty, appr. 1/3 of USD), which is ammount of money that I have after buying food, paying bills, etc. then show me your gear.

Otherwise, just shut up, ok?

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

So, somebody else can help me with that?

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Which one - RS or WolfRPG?

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Radnen, yes I look for "something multi-platform preferably on Linux", but I am realist. It can also be app which works perfectly in Wine (like RPG Maker 2003). It don't have to be open-source, but it must be free (even as in beer). Too bad that WolfRPGEditor is in Japanese, if you have translation I'd be grateful. And for RPG Studio I don't think it is still alive (forum link points to sedodomainparking-like page), besides I don't look for MMO tool right now.

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Yes, that's tru, but only when you use normal wine. When RECOMPILING your app via winelib, you need to forgot about it, because when you run recompiled version (with Winelib) there's no wine prefix, so can't use other libraries, except DLLs you'll provide with you app. And including DX (any version, even 3.0) into such software is very hard process, although possible.

Winelib provides just basic functions like WinAPI window creating routines, DLL loading routines, etc. There's no WineDX included.

//but this is offtopic. Please back to the main thread, ok?

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

WolfCoder, it is called winelib and it isn't repackage, but recompile. It basically normal Linux executable with only basic parts of Wine. Therefore, you'll need linux headers for FMOD and you'll need to forgot about DirectX. There is possibility to add DX to winelib-compiled software, but it is very hard.

And, yeah. MMF and Construct work good with wine, but that's not the point. MMF is commercial, Construct is open-source, but both are also general gamemaking software and I looking for software optimalized for making RPGs. For all the rest Stencyl is fine to me. BTW Stencyl's public beta launchs in January, february at the latest.

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Yeah, checked that out, but this project is also in too early stage for normal use (even earlier than TURBU, I think)

FREE alternatives to RPG Maker

Hello, I looking for free alternatives to RPG Maker which runs on Linux or are at least wine-compatible. From my research there are few programs but none of them fits my needs.

Open RPG Maker

This program probably would fit my needs, but unfortunately it seems to be dead.


Unfortunately project is in too early stage. Also it has chipset limitations similar to RPG Maker 2003 and I haven't succeed to run it under Wine (program itself ran good, but crashed at random).


Well, this is most certain NOT what I need. It seems to be DIY software, where you need to program almost everything (although it is easier than building from scratch). Therefore IKA and RPGds also are out.

Engine 001

This is good software and editor runs pretty well on Wine, but there are some troubles with engine (although not as big as with RMXP/vX engines).

RPG Toolkit

It might be good but as RT's FAQ says it is heavy directx and WinAPI dependent and also had no success to run it under wine.

Do you know any other RM alternatives which I will be able to use under Linux? It need to be as easy as RM (but may differ - basically I want point&click tool, because I am not a programmer) and have native Linux port or at least be in very good relations with Wine. Currently I am forced to use RM2003, because newer versions of RM are both laggy and don't run too well with Wine. And 2k3 is very limited for me, especially if it comes to graphics.

The Portal of Destiny (Version 1.8)

Is this game Wine-compatible (if it uses MP3 or movies it is not)?