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now you have to add +10 to all your enemies' parameters.
Subterranean Starfield
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~




I planned more but they didn't make it because it was getting complex with the AI :<


...because it's not done :C


Yes... bugs ._. (sorry!)


1st issue:
Intentional! Loke's equipment isn't changeable despite the game telling you it's changeable. I was careless and forgot to disable it.

2nd issue: Noted!

3rd issue:
My current copy doesn't do that, but just in case, download this file and replace it in the Data folder.

Princess Princess

CSS ~magic~ (Fun fact: IE users don't see it)

Princess Princess

author=Deacon Batista
That's exactly what I wanted to say... the new features of Ace are quite... disappointing.

Customizable Damage Algorithms
16 save slots by default
Skill and Item categorization by default
Autoshadow Editor
Character/Face Maker
Show Map name in Game
Large Party (4+)
TP (Rage/Overdrive by default)
Layered Battlebacks
There's more, but I can't be arsed to write all the new features.

And the RTP is nicer >:|

Princess Princess

I'm verr jealous of your css.

Thank you :D

Star Stealing Prince

Ronnie :D It's a delightful surprise to see this up!


QA time~

Collision detection was really bad. I'm guessing that's a tileset issue and is probably unavoidable due to the engine.
Yes it is :< I'm trying my best to make the tileset more fitting with the grid.

Some bullets did 0 damage to the player character.
Oh boy you'll love the next update...

- Music is too loud in proportion to sound effects. Maybe allow the player to adjust that?
Music has been changed :3

- When interacting with a lever and reading relevant text, enemies can be hurting you
Interacting with objects in hazard zones now provide information via the neat little box that pops up to tell you stuff. This includes item pickups, levers and switches, buttons, object examination text, and warnings.

- I kept running out of ammo. Maybe adopt the convention of having enemies drop ammo? It could be that I wasn't experienced enough with the game to effectively plan for how much ammo I should buy at the store, so take that suggestion for whatever its worth.
That is a good idea~

I was too lazy to check if it has been mentioned before, but I find it weird the interface is being hid by the character positioning, while you could just fix it with map design, by giving more room to the areas un-accessible to the players.

I-I didn't think of that! D: Now I feel like the hard work with the interface autohide is easily avoided.

As a short update, I played with the CSS a bit (maybe a little overboard with the small caps), and the Game progress is halted at the moment because me and Lusty can't talk to each other at the moment. Once me and Lusty gets into contact with each other it will resume! So hang tight~ (there newblack are you happy now :<)

edit: clarification of an answer!


Sorry :< we've been busy