The Reconstruction

With the great lizard's blessing I am posting my ideas for The Reconstruction tabletop RPG. I hope you guys have some comments.

Originally, I was simply porting the combat mechanics, but that didn't really work, so I decided to make some changes.
First, as much as I love the Body/Mind/Soul system, it always felt kinda unbalanced, because it always felt like Body=Physical and Mind/Soul=Magical. That's why I decided to expand the system by adding another category, Speed. This splits the current Body type character into "sturdy" (like Lani and Zargos) and "swift" (like Sirush and Kidra), adding even more fun.
Second, as much as I like multiple health pools, it's doesn't work that well in a tabletop format, so I found a middle ground. Body, Speed, Mind and Soul will represent 4 separate energy pools that fuel your abilities. This energy will recover every round. As long as you have enough energy of a particular type, half of the damage is done to your energy pool and only half is dealt to your HP. So, if you have 5 Mind energy and the enemy inflicts 10 Mind damage you lose 5 Mind points and 5 HP. This also adds another layer of strategy, since you can drain your enemy's energy with your attacks.
Third, the stats work a little differently. Each type (Body/Speed/Mind/Soul) has an offensive and defensive stat. This are used to calculate your Accuracy, Evasion, Power and Defense.
Accuracy-3d6+Offensive Stat
Evasion-10+Defensive Stat
Power-Base power(based on the ability)+Offensive Stat*2
Defense-Offensive stat+Defensive stat
Fourth, I am adding buffs and debuffs. I am happy with the ailments (DOT, Initiative damage and Seal-also known as Disable), but the game could really benefit from having buffs and debuffs that affect secondary stats. It will add so much variety.
Fifth, every defensive stat has a secondary purpose.
Stamina gives you extra HP.
Agility(Speed) makes your turn came faster.
Wisdom affects your debuffs.
Willpower affects you buffs.
Sixth, initiative system is something I made for another tabletop, inspired by this game. Every round you get 12+Agility initiative points. Once you have 40 initiative points you can spend them to perform one action. This system rewards those with high Agility, but it doesn't carry such a harsh penalty for those with low Agility. No, Agility is no longer a god.

I hope someone likes this...

Everything looks pretty interesting! However, I'm a bit worried about the initiative section. Having to keep track of a new number every round for your own initiative seems to be a lot of paperwork for players to deal with. Have you tried it out with the other game you mentioned? If so, I'm curious about how it worked out for you.

I Miss the Sunrise

I also beat it on my first try but also only barely. A few people died before I realized that I had to rely on the back-row for restoration, since no boss before that point had enough health for me to need to use it before that point. It was a bit awkward with the secret boss being the only time I feel it's required to use that feature.

Once I started using the back-row, though, I fell into a fairly easy rhythm of alternating people.

Trivia + Other Stuff

What was that about spoiling the mysterious rare objects outright for us? :) Please do.

(Updated: 1.21) Version 1.2 is Live!

I also have to agree about the favor. Even though you do quick save between floors, I didn't use that to cheat except on the hardcore character, and that was really just to be able to finish so I could beta test everything, and since hardcore rogue-likes aren't my cup of tea.

I typically BARELY got enough favor to get back down to where I was every time I died. There were some cases where that didn't happen and I got plenty of favor, but even then spells or cores got expensive quick like argh said and it got used up fast. Besides, cores really aren't THAT crazy strong or useful all things considered compared to leveling. Just one stat point when a level has every stat up by one. The most I ever bought in a game was 4 by level 30, which isn't even a full level.

Favor seemed very balanced in that from my experience. The only reason I see here to change it is to punish people who cheat by copying over the quick save files. But to punish every other player because that's possible seems wrong.

The Drop

This game is more focused on gameplay - any story for the characters is just their own intro dialog, interactions in the starting area, and an ending. Custom characters do get an ending as well, but it's generic for all of them.

So yeah, you're getting less story, but it's not really a huge deal. It's all optional and mostly for those who played the other games. Just whichever you prefer. The only real 'main' story comes with the final secret character, which you can unlock through any combination of custom, original or legacy characters by using one character of each race.

The Drop

...hmm...I'm wondering if the bonus growth rate with no items is indeed overpowered then. He probably didn't expect such high growth rates.

That's similar to my test run but I'd figured it had been fixed when he updated the exp gain. I should have checked on that more. Maybe the bonus growth is getting counted toward multiplying experience gained and the chance of an extra level? Either way yeah that's an INSANELY strong character for just floor 30 holy crap. Even the OP final secret character I had wasn't anywhere near that level of power. Heck, even my own no items run character partly before the update wasn't close to that my gosh, how'd you do that? Must be that extra +0.2 growth that I missed out on. o.O

With those crazy stats, though, I can safely say that it's not that the game is too easy, just that you exploited a build that was't tested enough that got you crazy stats. Because seriously that's crazy. If you want to be confident that the game will feel more balanced, try a pre-made character. Or just don't get bonus growth rates. xD

How much grinding did you do, though? I wonder if that helped out a bit since I typically went down as fast as possible since I was trying to go through as many characters in the time frame.

The Drop

I had a fairly easy time in my no item run as well...although I attributed that to being before he increased the difficulty and using the extra backstab and attack traits for my Fihjik.

I wonder if the growth bonus is much more of a help than the lack of items penalty. Although by level six most all of my runs didn't have tons of danger anyway since many enemies are passive. As you go deeper down the difficulty should increase.

The Reconstruction

...just shows how good my memory is today. I knew that. *facepalm*

...I still don't remember him being difficult.

The Reconstruction

....Captain Yat? That's odd, I don't ever remember it being difficult for me, just a nice level of challenge without being horrible. I think. It's been a while.

The worst difficulty option I did for the game was a 7/10 value, though, so maybe that was it? Did you have it a max difficulty or something?

Call for Testers, and a Status Update!

Pain from a wild-borne Shra disappeared the turn it affected me.

Two companions in a row getting in your way is seriously starting to annoying me now. I'm seeing more and more locations where they could have messed me up. Of course, it's always possible to just attack them and kill them so it can't break your game or something but still.

Inspecting by using the shortcut with the X button is not working - Note a companion is directly in-front and behind me. (Or to my right and left if I face up) All other shortcuts by pressing X work fine, though.

Do spells from behind do more damage? I know a basic attack does, but it seems the spells aren't doing as much - I'll have to test this more to be sure, but I wanted to check if it was even supposed to..

When you talk to your opposed element Shra to buy something, they normally say you can't because of your opposed element. However, if you don't have enough Favor, they do the text that says you need more favor, even though getting more favor for that Shra won't do anything. I feel like the description for not buying because of your opposed element should stay in those cases to be more clear.

_ X

T (enemy) was running into the wall while the D (Dog) was constantly attacking it. The enemy was 'going after me' despite never attacking the dog back. Easy kill :D It did eventually use a special attack on me, But I just got out of the way a bit more and my dog kept on attacking and was then fine, not getting hurt by the enemy who was facing me like so.

D _ _
_ X _

There was a wall between us, and the dog killed the enemy while I patiently waited. This has the potential to be abused if exploited.

Also it takes forever to go through turns when you have a companion on each side of an enemy. And the enemy's healthbar doesn't update until the end of the turn, even though they die at the right time. This doesn't really...affect anything and fixing it would probably slow things down more but I thought it was worth mentioning.

...what does TRUST CHARISMA mean? The guy didn't follow me like the like charisma or like human property.

There's a great deal of lag when disoriented.

I could only throw the trembling fern item one square forward. No status affects were currently on me, although I recently couldn't see clearly because of a curative.

My biggest issue, though, is the fact that you can only save when on the top floor. The fact that going back down costs so much will mean eventually it's not really possible to go back down since each time you pay for all the floors you passed through. Unless the favor you get starts increasing a good deal, by floor 10 and especially 20 if you're going up every now and then you'll be paying more and more favor but not getting enough back to make it worth it.

Now maybe this is an intentional game design choice but right now it's the only way to save! You absolutely need a way to do a quick-save that will delete itself once you start the game back up. I don't want to have to travel back to the top to stop playing, especially if I just recently spent all my favor doing that and would have to go through all the floors again just because I can't continue playing at the moment.

...unless this has been possible the whole time and I've just missed it. In that case I'd feel rather silly.