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Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Just press enter and it should take you back to the world map.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry to bother you once again - I have beaten every side quest including Memoria - I cannot access bonus dungeon - maybe not sure how to import cleared data file ? Thanks for any help again !!!

Did you beat the game, and then at the The End screen saved your data when prompted? If so, you can just load that data and it should be available.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I must say -- Great Game !!! But, how do I get to play the bonus dungeon - must have missed something ?? Thanks !!

To access the bonus dungeon you have to load a clear data, and also have to have finished the sidequest in Memoria.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry - not sure what that means - Just like now I'm suppose to go to Memoria but first I stopped and cheched and Plate and Mag were where they were suppose to be before ?? Do I have the wrong version game - I'm sure I downloaded the correct one ??

Some people for the town won't appear until you've either finished the previous phase of the town or have progressed some in the story. If Odion is the only person you're missing and you have the black chocobo, he should be appearing. If you'd like you can send me your save file and I can take a look.

Bug Reports

Hi, I just discovered this absolute gem of a game and I love it! I have ran into a fairly major bug about 4-5 times (I'm probably 75% through the game). There's also a second very minor issue I saw with items that may or may not be intentional but it would be nice to see it fixed.

Bug #1: when I (regular) attack in battle sometimes my character will go into a loop where he keeps stepping forward and attacking until they scroll off the screen on the left. No matter how much damage is done the monster never dies and I have to kill the game to stop it. I haven't found any correlation with what enemy/character/weapon or anything else except MAYBE the Genji gloves being used. The first couple of times I wasn't paying much attention so it may have happened without using the Genji gloves.

Bug #2: The Genji gloves cannot be used at all with Brigand's glove. I'm guessing you don't want a double steal attempt but is there no way to make it work but only attempt to steal once? If not, why not make the two gloves mutually exclusive like you do with Genji Gloves and Gauntlet?

Thanks again for this amazing game, I have loved every second of the story and it makes me wish I had played FFXI/FFXIV with you guys!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy to hear you're liking the game and sorry you're having issues!

#1: That should not be happening... you should have the latest version of the game if you just found it recently. I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing that bug and almost everyone uses the Genji Glove, so I'll need to ask a couple of questions. You said it does it regardless of character/weapon, so you've tested different weapons in both hands? Have you tried with no other relics equipped? This is oddly specific but in the battles where the bug happened, did you use any Summons or multi-hit attacks (like Karina's Heaven's Gate, Ashiee's Raging Rush, Elysia's Quick Nock, etc) prior to the bug happening? If you are using Elysia Quick Nock has caused a few problems before. Just trying to figure out what could be happening since I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing this issue.

#2: This is actually an issue with the engine rather than an intentional choice. Usually in rpgmaker, Dual Wield works by just adding together the attack power of each weapon and making 2 equal attacks. In order to make dual wielding function like it does in Final Fantasy (where each weapon makes an attack on its own and retains all its special properties), I had to do some trickery with scripting involving multiple different attacks in one action and attack substitution. Unfortunately, that same trickery with attack substitution is what was used to make the Brigand's Glove function. Because of that, the two can't stack. I tried but it caused numerous issues and would break one or both items. :/

And thank you again! Most people who play this aren't actually FFXI/FFXIV players oddly enough, so it's nice to hear from someone who is and gets all of the references and stuff!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I restarted the game - I'm now at the point where I have the black chocobo but I never found Odion and now I cannot find Dimensional void or Kutan. any help Cannot complete Ashieeton cause I'm missing Odion ??

Sorry, I was mistaken, Odion is in the chocobo forest just to the northwest of Rosalia. The dimensional rift is on an island south of the snowy continent.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Just a couple questions - I'm following the walkthrough and I cannot find a person named Odion at a chocobo forest ( eastern continent) and also I cannot find a Lake Arumashi ! Thanks for any help on these !! Oh - I delivered all the mail but the quest is still there ?? Thanks for any help !!

Odion should be in the Chocobo forest on the western continent, near the Undead Castle and Kokkol's Forge.

Lake Arumashi is on an island in the south next to Jipang, east of the far southern continent with Koen.

Bug Reports

When I click the game icon it shows this message:

Script 'inputEX' line 703: RuntimeError occurred.

LoadLibrary ximput1_3

How can I solve this problem?


Just download and install this~

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry for late responses, I built a new PC and got logged out here and stopped getting notifications! For the patch issue, you should just need to extract it the way it's set up yep!

As for Karina's legs, I believe Ashiee tried to fix that at one point and it caused some weird problem with the sprite? I'll have to ask her about it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Oh yep, what ending you get doesn't affect your ability to do the bonus dungeon after the credits.