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A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Bug Reports

I just left Koen, after getting the amulet from the tower to the west, and my airship has disappeared! I would assume that I had downloaded the latest version, so I'm not sure what's going on? Thanks!

edit: downloaded a new file, and it seems to be fine now. Whew!

Ahh, yeah that was an older bug. I'm glad a newer version fixed it for you!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

where is the Genji Glove at??

There's 2 chances to get Genji Gloves directly. The first is to beat Kaayu in the first fight in the manor. The second is to steal a set from her the second time you fight her. Otherwise, you can bet the Gauntlet in the Colosseum to get a pair. You get a Gauntlet if you lose the first fight with Kaayu. A second can be stolen from the Dullahan in the Library.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

do you have plans to add a newgame+?

i definitely enjoyed the hell out of this game. game clock is at 55 hours but ive been playing it at double speed. though it's probably accurate in terms of total game time considering all the resets and gameovers lol.

playing the whole thing on hard is so damn good. that first fight against kaayu was so satisfying to beat.

this is definitely a 10/10 game. up until
that shitty cliffhanger ending, anyway. fuck i hate cliffhanger bullshit endings

New game + was something I was considering, but it looked like it might cause a lot of issues with a lot of things. I'll take another look at it for the upcoming patch, I'll need to decide how to implement it as well (keep everything ala Chrono Trigger, or just keep items/equipment).

gj playing through the game on hard! Not a lot of people seem to know you can win that fight, even on normal, so good job!

I'm glad you enjoyed the game so much and got so much playtime out of it, until the ending.

Unfortunately, the ending is open-ended because it was meant to bridge into FFXIV ARR. Are you referring to that, or the fate of a certain character? If it's the latter, a friend actually recently alerted me to a problem with the ending where a conditional scene was actually skipped under some circumstances. In said scene, if you did certain things during the game, that character would have a different fate. It will be fixed in the next patch (or I may just upload it as its own patch since it's a serious issue).)


is there somethin special about the hermes buckler im not seeing?

almost everybody can equip the hermes shield and it gives more stats than the buckler

That was actually a mistake on my part when I was redoing some items, it will be fixed in the next patch to provide different stats. For now though, I'd suggest just getting the shield.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I really enjoyed playing this game. I completed all known quests and got the best equipment for every character. I wish more games were made like this. I love having a hunter's guild where you get the best quests. This was a really enjoyable game for me any ways. Just thought I would let you know how much I liked it...

I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the game so much that you did everything there is to do! Thanks so much for letting us know. =)

Let's Play Legend of Balance Parts 1-5

Thank you so much for LPing our game! I am sure Ashiee and I will be following along! =)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hello I noticed not a lot has been posted lately but wondering if we will ever get that sidequest guide? A blue magic list would be excellent as well want to make sure I don't miss anything. By that I mean location of the monster.

The FAQ section covers a lot of the side content (check the character specific weapons and frequently missed items sections), but I probably could do a write up of non-guild/hunt sidequests, since those are pretty self explanatory. The Blue Magic guide was started but Ashiee never had the time to finish it, as it actually proved to be a pretty big undertaking. I'll try and get that done at some point, right now I am working on hard mode rebalancing for the patch that is going to be released soon.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Have you tried the Google Drive mirror? It's not quite up to date but you can just get the most recent patch and patch it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

How do I run from a battle?? I am using a keyboard

Press and hold Q and E~

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hello RydiaMist. I am a friend of URPC and did a LP of his Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy. I am going to LP your game next :). I love FF and the fan games :D

Hi! UPRC is a great guy and his games are an inspiration. Thank you, it's always an honor when someone decides to LP our game! I will most definitely be checking it out! =)

One thing though, I'm not sure when you're planning to start, but I will have a patch coming out in probably the next week or two that will address a few remaining bugs and will also feature a bit of rebalancing, mostly for hard mode, along with some other surprises. Totally up to you if you'd like to wait for that!

@Sphere: You flatter me, your game is great too! Thanks for always having such kind words and being so supportive!