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Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Hi, when i try to open the game it tells me: script InputEx line 703: RuntimeError occurred. loadlibrary: xinput1_3. I spent all my mobile data to download this ç_ç please help!

EDIT, too: as the guy before!

Sorry for the trouble! Got it figured out?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

A few simple questions:

1. can you really NOT run away from random encounters??? because i can't figure it out.

2. how do you open the world map? it's been a long time since i played.

1. To run away, just hold the Q and E buttons on the keyboard. If you're using a controller, it's L1/R1 or LB/RB just like in FF.

2. To open the world map, just press Tab once you have it. It should be select/back or start on controller depending on which kind you are using.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I just finished playing through this for a second time and wanted to once again say how amazing this game turned out. The humorous dialogue with all of the references to various final fantasy games is just so much fun to read.

Thanks again!

I'll also chime in and agree with the previous posters that yeah, Karina with ultima weapon and some buffs like Valor is just laughably overpowered. It seems like ultima weapon ignores the "multi hit" penalty of Offering, so you get 4 full powered attacks when using ultima weapon. I think in the original FF6 ultima weapon worked the same way, so maybe it's intentional.

You get the weapon so late in the game anyway that it's not really a balance problem, but it kind of overshadowed everyone else in the roster while clearing the postgame dungeon. I ran Karina with 3 supports (Divinus, Elysra, Cassie) and they just buffed up Karina and let her tear down every optional boss in like four rounds by herself.

Great to hear you liked the game enough to do a second playthrough! =)

As far as Ultima Weapon goes, yeah it's a bit broken. Yeah it was meant to emulate the original Ultima Weapon but I think it could do with some scaling down. That said, almost any sword user can be broken with it, just that most people are likely to have given Karina more STR ups and such. Orophin can use it well too with his high base HP, 99 is the fastest character and is a good choice for it, and even Dag can be made into a massive melee powerhouse because he can cast Quick on himself.

As mentioned, Abelia can be really great as well. I don't see many people mentioning him but Aeth with Flare Blade cast on his weapon, an Offering, and pumped up stats does a ton of damage also. Ashiee can made into a crazy damage counter attacker. Actually any of the characters will be pretty crazy if you pump their stats up.

Straw Poll Regarding World Map Performance

So I had a look at the scripts. I checked for any errant undisposed objects or cache issues that could be causing slowdown and didn't find any. I also looked for any scripts that might be calling updates more than they needed to, and didn't find anything there either. So that means the problem with the world map is probably purely size and number of events.

So with that in mind, I went in and reconfigured the anti-lag script a bit and fixed a few things like that infinite looping mini-map popup that Housekeeping found. I can't really test the effect because my CPU is pretty high end, but I think lag should be reduced quite a bit now. I didn't notice anything misbehaving, but I'm not very far in the game so others will probably have to give their input. If people still lag, you might still have room to get a bit more aggressive with anti-lag, but I am worried that too much more might cause stuff to start breaking.

Here's the updated Scripts file:

Straw Poll Regarding World Map Performance

3.5Ghz here and runs as smooth as butter for me. What I'm curious about is that the first commenter said that their world map is running fine so far on 2.4Ghz, yet Punk_Kricket is running at 2.20Ghz and it's very laggy for them. I wonder if a difference in whether a computer has AMD or Intel might be at work here? Or if a machine needs to have at least a quad-core processor to have no lag? Just throwing out some suggestions, because a difference of .4Ghz doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot.

To get a good idea of the cutoff for map lag, you'd probably need to ask people exactly what CPU they have. Just as an example, a person with a 2.4ghz CPU could be using a laptop made within the past few years with an i5, and a 2.2ghz person could be rocking a 14 year old Pentium 4. Obviously there's gonna be a huge difference in the performance of CPUs made 10 years apart. Number of cores doesn't matter too much for RM as it only really uses 1 thread anyway.

I have found in my own experience that a lot of people who play RM games are using very old computers. Not everyone of course, but I've had a lot of people who messaged me or posted on my game's page about it running poorly, and the problem was ultimately that they were using PCs from the early to mid 2000s that could run simple games well, but start having problems with games with a lot of events, complex battle systems, and so on. I tried my best to reduce lag and streamline stuff but there's only so much you can do without starting to strip the game of features. This isn't a slam against people with old computers, if you can't afford a newer PC you gotta make due with what you have. Just sucks to have people who want to play but just flat out can't run your game well no matter what you do. =(

All that said, it sounds like UPRC has a handle on things, but I'd be happy to take a look and see if I could help out any as well (I was about to suggest Theo's Anti-lag, it's great, but it looks like it's going to be coming in the next version).

As for myself, I haven't played too much yet but everything's smooth for me on both my main and secondary PCs. My main is an overclocked 8700k so of course it's gonna run well, but my secondary is an 8 year old Phenom II x4 @ 4ghz, and it runs great on that.


Update: This system has been removed from the game, in favor of a flat bonus to certain stats when equipping an Esper. Stronger Espers will offer higher bonuses to stats than weaker Espers.

Probably a good change, a lot of people who played through my game just left Spirit boosting magicites on whoever they used as a healer for the entire game. By the end they ended up practically immune to magic damage due to the stat being insanely high, breaking the game pretty well, haha.


I wanted to add this to a list of bugs. In the Hallway of Doom I have saved between two boulders the northern one is in the black space stopped and the south really fast one is spending most of the time in the black space and a little into the area I can actually walk in. I went and stepped on a spike and took me almost back to the beginning the first boulder is stopped far left hand of the screen and the same as the third. The second boulder goes into the right black area and a little into my area I can walk in.

Really great game. I haven't found the missing blue magic yet almost completed the list of what I could though.

Hmm, I will probably just disable saving in there, it was an oversight that it isn't. All that stuff is event based so I see why that would just break it completely.


I always appreciate your very quick responses with the loss of Patch Tower is there another place for gargoyles, chimeras or their blue magic Saline Coat and Blank Gaze? Thanks.

No problem, we try to respond as fast as we can! I am almost certain those spells are obtainable elsewhere but I couldn't tell you offhand exactly where. If you are unable to find them I'll have a look through the enemies and see.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Does anyone know how to get the Excalibur 2? Is it similar to FF9, timer-wise?

You just need the Excalibur in your inventory (not equipped). Then go bet it in the arena.


Question, how does one get the Excalibur II? Is it related to game time, like in FF9? I'm guessing get to Gilgamesh within a time limit?

Nah, no time limit involved, you just need to have the regular Excalibur and bet it in the arena. Excalibur II is good but not quite as overpowered as in FF9, haha.