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How to check if a key is being held down?

You need to end processing the Attack event and turn the "Attacking Enabled" switch off, under the branch where you press RIGHT. This is assuming you only want to attack once per roll win.

Otherwise after the 0.5 seconds of wait in that conditional branch, it'll restart again, causing the picture 8 in the release counter branch, rps_talmit01, to appear. I'm assuming that's your idle stance.

Or if you happen to be holding down RIGHT, every 0.5 seconds, it'll do the attack animation again and again, and quickly revert to idle when you let it ago.

That's my best guess. I didn't look thoroughly, though.

Why your name?

From my college lacrosse team upperclassmen.


Teriyaki Sauce.


Logical Dungeons in RPGs

You mean like how Legend of Legaia had the mist as the reason for the mutated monsters you're fighting?

Not particularly realistic, but at least addressed?

Logical Dungeons in RPGs

Cortana - "This cave is not a natural formation."

Dom Santiago- "I think it's safe to say that's not a natural cave formation."

Who needs realism? Even physics are overrated.

How to check if a key is being held down?

I can't see from here, but as a quick troubleshoot, is the key input option "wait until pressed" checked on? It needs to be OFF, or unchecked.

(I don't want to insult you in case you already know this, but I want to clarify that if you check the "wait until pressed" the event will stop right there. Unchecked, the event keeps going and identifies whether the key is being held when the key input process line occurs. This is the version you need for your game, so it cycles continually. They're basically two totally different types of input.)

Also put the wait 0.0 outside the conditional, by itself at the end.

Another possible trouble area would be the pictures itself.
Like A) the picture 7 you're showing isn't working
Or B) there's something elsewhere that's overwriting the picture 7 with it's own show picture

How to check if a key is being held down?

I honestly don't see the point in that. You could make it spin a hundred more times, in the end it's still going to choose 1 2 or 3. There are three choices. Making it spin once or twice more is not randomizing, it's just visual appeal.

This is why:

i hope you figure a way to make that look more randomized. it looks pretty boring when most of the time the same rolls are side by side.

As in make it LOOK more randomized. Vary the spinning visuals. Obviously there's only 3 possibles results. When I make a minigame with a succeed/fail, I usually put in several different versions of the success and the fail, so you don't see the same thing over and over again, despite the fact that the result is the same.

I mean, you asked this yourself:

I don't know, you tell me. How can I make it look more randomized then Rm2k3 picking a random number between 1 and 3? I realize the same rolls are often side-by-side, but how can I fix that, it's completely random. Pure coincedence.

Say you roll paper and the enemy rolls paper. If you have variations, they won't spin identically like each other. They'll end up both as paper, but while you're staring at the spinning dice, you won't know until they stop.

Anyway, the more important part is getting the thing to work.

How to check if a key is being held down?


For visual purposes, I would dramatically speed up the roll and maybe have the dice spin in opposite directions. You could also have 2k3 pick random between more scenarios than 3. Say 1-9, where 1-3 makes it spin around once before stopping on R,P,S, 4-6 makes it spin twice, etc, etc. I mean personally, I'd probably spend some effort to randomize it 20+ variations.

You really need to separate the Defending part from the rolling the dice part. At a glance, your defense code isn't getting cycled during the "LOSS" phase. It's a one time event that if you didn't have the key held down when it comes up, it won't activate afterwards.

If the rolling the dice coding is working, just remove the key input defend code from the "LOSS" branch. Instead, put it in a separate parallel process and include Cherry's cycle fail safe.

If you only want to be ALLOWED to defend when you lose a roll, have the "LOSS" branch of the main event activate a switch which turns on the defense process. And turn that switch off before the next roll.

Or if you really want it all to be in one event, then you're going to have to throw in some labels to have this stuff cycle like Link said. It's honestly not too much stuff for one event at all. I'd only separate for ease of use.

I know starting over would be a pain, but honestly if your stuff isn't working, you just have to rethink it. Your game doesn't look particularly complicated, and separating elements might even give you room to add more features or twists to the RPS.

How to check if a key is being held down?

But how would you be sure that the key is really released if it reaches 3?

If you're asking what Cherry just said...

Have a separate check for whether the key is STILL being held

Parallel Process
If Variable(release counter) >= 3
- Set Variable (release counter) = 0
- call whatever code for stop defending

Set V(Defend) = 0

Key Input Process V(Defend)

If V(Defend) = 2
- Set V(release counter) = 0
- Add V(release counter) +1

Wait 0.0

So every time through, if you're not holding LEFT, +1 to the counter for releasing defense. After 3 cycles, which is near instant, you'll release defense.

I'm pretty sure that's what Cherry meant. Correct me, if I'm wrong, please.

I just looked at your code, and I don't really see where you're having the defend turn off at all. It looks like you have a problem getting the defend to turn off at all, and not having problems with the holdkey registering your input/lack of input.

You need to have Set Variable 0005 = 0 before the Key Input Proc(0005:Defend).

Your opinions on the DmC reboot?

most of the hate comes from having a char and universe we already were familiar with changed a lot.

That's very important.

What MGS4 did with Snake's personality was a travesty, too.


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