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Logical Dungeons in RPGs

Stereotypical jrpgs didn't feature logical dungeons and relevant enemies.

Underground dungeons beneath the enemy castle shouldn't have mechanized traps. Roads between towns shouldn't be infested with monsters. Fancy swords shouldn't be lying around in random caves.

In fact, stereotypical jrpg stories/settings aren't particularly conducive to logical dungeons and relevant enemies that include elements that you want to include.

How would you spin Lufia 2's puzzles in order to make them sensible at all those locations?

Keeping the plot focused

I think they're rare in tradition jrpgs. Games like Lufia, Wild Arms, FF... you're often doing stuff that has nothing to do with the major conflict.

But the early Suikodens did keep you on topic most of the time, I think? You were fighting soldiers most of the time and really only encountered RANDOM monsters in the open world. Everything you're doing works towards the war effort. It's a superior setup imo.