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Where End Times Saddest Songs

The base map will be small. If I run out of room, I'll submit a second map. Go ahead and sign me up.

Also, is anything going on with the music? Sort of important. I didn't see anything about that.

Where End Times Saddest Songs

I'll make a map, but I need a little more room than 30x30 to pull off a gimmick.

Is that okay? The actual forest area will be small. I just need room to duplicate.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Just played the latest and greatest in bad games: Way of the Samurai 4.

Just as bad as I expected it to be. Loved it.

Games & Devs

Your link for Lorelai is broken.

It should be

Van Helsing Badaptation

Honestly, I think the movie was made in 5 hours, too.

Gonna try this.


It was better than the movie. Why? This game did not waste 2 hours of my time.

Red Dragon Request (RPGM VX)


Played the game. Loved it.


Where's the music from? I've never used Ace or VX for that matter, so I wouldn't know if it was custom or just the RTP stuff.

Blackmoon Prophecy Randomizer

I'm fully expecting the Blackmoon Identity, Blackmoon Supremacy, Blackmoon Ultimatum...


A warrior never sleeps.

TV Studio Camera

I gave it a try:

Feel free to use/edit as you like.

You're my hero. =)

You'll get credit, of course. And I'll make the cameraman your avatar.


Here it is...

Gave her the business attire, though. No jumpsuit. =P

Thanks again!