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[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

Visuals and presentation are what make a person want to play an RPG.

Gameplay is what makes a person want to keep playing an RPG.

Storyline and music are what will make a person want to remember an RPG.

I remembered this quote from a few years ago. Think it applies pretty well to this discussion.

[Poll] Judging whether to download a game? What do you look for?

For me, time invested in playing is a bigger issue than money spent... so when I want to play games with great graphics, I go for commercial stuff. Free indie games just can't compete in that department.

Therefore, when I peruse RM games... I don't really care much for graphics. I'm more interested in people's game ideas. Concepts, gameplay features, etc.

I originally would have said 'writing,' but the level of writing on here is laughably bad. The very best of the bunch, as in the handful of projects touted primarily for its writing, is only about as well written as a morning soap opera script or a weekly webcomic... impressive for an amateur... but still not worth my time. A sad revelation for me, since the very first game that I tried here was well written.

So um... I guess description and screens to see what type of game it is, or what sort of setting is being constructed.


Part 1 was mostly an introduction of those two main characters. We're gonna throw the rest of the ensemble cast at you in Part 2.

This is my personal favorite villain, Haste.

Post an insane lie about the person above you

Wildwes' real name is William Henry McCarthy, Jr. He was once an outlaw on the wild west better known as Billy the Kid, until his supposed demise at the hands of Pat Garrett. The truth is Wildwes survived the encounter, and now terrorizes the modern wild west known as RMN.


Is Sledge actually carrying a sledge hammer on his shoulder?

Sure. Did you expect him to be holding a knife?

Post an insane lie about the person above you

Neither Le Marc nor Danny Ocean's crew beat Baron Francois Toulour AKA the Night Fox to the Imperial Coronation Egg.

It was stolen first by Nightowl.